Egypt Arrests Al-Qa'ida Infiltrators Seeking To Revive Activities There

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I remind the kind viewer that Minister of Foreign Affairs Ismail Fahmi and Muhammad Riyad [as published, he was Mahmud Riyad], the minister of state for foreign affairs had resigned from their positions due to the Sadat declaration to visit the Knesset. Muhammad Ibrahim Kamil followed suit after he had traveled with Sadat to Camp David. He could not bear that situation and resigned from his position at Camp David. The only remaining Egyptian official with Sadat then was Butrus Ghali, the minister of state for foreign affairs, who was described by Muhammad Hasanain Haykal as a person who had nothing to lose. The remaining leftover team accompanied Sadat in his fall. Among that team was Nabil al-Arabi. As a member of that Camp David school, Al-Arabi lately told Al-Shuruq newspaper that the peace treaty with Israel should continue. As a result, that man is in agreement with the policy of the military council, which has gained the approval of Obama and Mullen.

Thus, is this the man who would run Egyptian political affairs in the mindset of Camp David, the peace treaty, and normalization of relations with Israel?

I wonder and every free and honorable person also wonders with me about the stand of that man towards the Common Arab Defense agreement? That agreement was literally killed by the peace treaty with Israel, which dictated its priority over other agreements.

That man was the Egyptian Ambassador to the United Nations. In other words, he represented the foreign policy of Mubarak, which includes the participation of Egypt in the war against Islam in the name of a War on Terror, and the policy of normalization of relations with Israel. That policy even acknowledges the seizing of Palestine by Israel and suspends the right of return to the Palestinian refugees, as per the Arab initiative. That policy even commits Egypt to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Israel is not committed.

His statements on the illegality of the Gaza blockade based on its violation of international law will go through a tough test. He participated in a government that actually besieges Gaza, despite pleas from the government of Hamas to Husayn Tantawi to lift up the siege.

Three years ago, that man was one of the leading consultants in the law office of Zaki Hashim, who was a minister during the reign of Sadat. That office had mutual relations as a subsidiary affiliate with a US company called Patton Boggs, which practiced law and legal counsel in New York and Washington. That company represented Mubarak and his family in arms, investment deals, and in any subsequent problems that resulted from them.

As for Minister of Justice Muhammad Abd-al-Aziz al-Gindi, he was attorney general in the early nineties. That time was characterized by intense abuses by the State Security Agency against prisoners in general and particularly against the Islamists. However, he kept his ears deaf to complaints by lawyers and families of those prisoners as they poured like a stream down on his office.

It is known among the majority that the Mubarak's regime had politicized a huge part of the legal system, making the attorney general office a legal front for the State Security Agency as it hunted down opposition groups and then repressed them.

As a result, the military council has formed a ministry comprised of members who belonged to the old employees club of Hosni Mubarak.

We are now witnessing a public revolution transformed into a military coup against the old regime with encouragement from the United States. The United States succeeded to transfer the reign of Egypt from one agent to another in order to guarantee a controlled change in Egypt that does not pose threats such as an Islamic rule, an annulment of the peace treaty or relations with Israel, and a challenge to the subservient intelligence, military and economic relations with the United States.

The United States does not care about who should rule Egypt after Mubarak, whether it is a military or civilian government, a democratic or oppressive regime. All it cares about is the proper transfer of authority in a controlled manner by a government that follows the same path of Mubarak of fighting Islamic forces, protecting Israel, besieging Gaza, and serving US interests. The US interests are intertwined with the interests of Mubarak and his military establishment.

The special envoy of the US President Frank Wisner used to work for two years as a consultant for legal affairs at Patton Boggs in New York and Washington. That company, which I mentioned negatively earlier when I spoke about Nabil al-Arabi, is the same company representing Mubarak and his family in arms and investment deals and their subsequent legal issues. In other words, Obama sent Wisner, the agent of his company, to arrange matters in a way that does not conflict with the common interests.

The relation of Wisner with Patton Bogs is not a secret, but rather well-known. Patton Bogs admitted publicly that it "represents some of the financially powerful Egyptian families and their companies," and that it "was representing them in oil, gas and communications infrastructure projects." One of the partners of Patton Boggs was the chairman of the Egyptian US Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, that company used to settle conflicts among dealers of arms, which the Egyptian Army receives in the form of a military aid reaching $1.3 billion annually.

Moreover, Patton Boggs has declared openly that it consulted with the Egyptian Army, the Egyptian Economic Development Agency, and the three branches of the Egyptian Government, on legal conflicts between Egypt and the United States.

As a result, we are facing a web of intertwined interests that continues in power in Egypt until today.

Therefore, we should never overlook the dimensions of the real conflict, and not imagine that our problems would go away with the change of Mubarak or his regime. There is another enemy that is more dangerous, lurking for us and still interfering in our business.

I call on every Muslim and every free and honorable person in Egypt to demand and try to change completely the situation in Egypt. We are now witnessing a regime that is falling apart. We should replace it with a good regime. This is a rare historic opportunity that we should not let get away.

The aspired total change has three aspects: Legislative, political and social reform.

The legislative reform should affirm the domination of the Shari'ah, i.e. it should be the ruling regime not subject to other laws. Therefore the laws branching out of that principle should affirm the right of the Islamic ummah to choose its leaders and to hold them accountable.

Islamic scholars and supporters of Islam in Egypt should call for a popular campaign demanding that the Shari'ah be the source of all laws, and that the Shari'ah should rule without becoming subject to other laws. They should not be fooled by article two of the constitution, which states that the Shari'ah laws are the principle source for other laws.

Every free and honorable worker for Islam should seek that. I call on all those Islamic workers to augment their efforts in order to raise awareness among the people and to entice them to demand this. They should rise above their organizational affiliations, unite, cooperate, and support each other for the sake of this noble objective. They should lead a wide campaign to pressure the ruling military regime, which does not listen to any demands unless pressured to implement them.

I warn those who seek or try to erase the Islamic identity of Egypt. Those are trying to harvest in the sea. They are trying to spark a blind sedition. When Gamal Abdel Nasser tried to do that, he ended with the biggest defeat in the contemporary history of Egypt. Then, Sadat tried to do that and he was killed. Hosni Mubarak repeated the same attempt in various ugly methods and now he has ended up in the trash bin of history.

Egypt was never and will never be of the military rule of Bonaparte. Egypt will never be the Egypt of Mu'alim Ya'kub, the Egypt of Salamah Musa, the Egypt of Farag Fudah, or the Egypt of Faruq Hosni. Instead, Egypt was and will always remain - by the will and support of God - the Egypt of Amr Bin-al-As [early Muslim commander who invaded Egypt] - may God bless him - and the Egypt of Imam Al-Shafi'i [an early Muslim scholar], the Egypt of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, the Egypt of Al-Izz bin-Abdul Salam, the Egypt of Sayf-al-Din Qutuz, the Egypt of Rukn-al-Din Baybars, the Egypt of Ibn-Taymiyah [an early Muslim scholar], the Egypt of Umar Makram, the Egypt of Sulayman al-Halabi, the Egypt of Shaykh Ulaysh, Shaykh Hassan al-Adawi, Hassan al-Banna, Izz-al-Din al-Qassam, Abd-al-Qader Udah, Sayyid Qutb, Abdallah Azzam, the Egypt of Khalid al-Islambulli, Isam al-Qimri, Sulayman Khatir, the Egypt of Ali Abd-al-Fattah, Abi-Ubaydah al-Banshiri, Abi-Hafs al-Masri, and Muhammad Ata - may God bless them all.

Those who are trying to cover up Egypt's Islamic affiliation, and the distinguished role of Egypt amongst Muslims, as well as the leadership of Egypt in the Islamic world for centuries, have not only given up the principles of Islamic belief and the fundamentals of ruling in Islam, but have also ignored in gross blindness the facts of history, geography and sociology.

I am warning those who are trying to establish in Egypt a regime of authority, which is alien to its religion. I warn that they are sparking a never-ending sedition for which they cannot blame anybody but themselves. You have to know that some biased sides will try to put my words in the context of posing threats with some bombs and clashes. However, any rational and wise person knows and agrees with me that I am talking about a pervasive long-term historic, political, and social disequilibrium that breeds extreme anger, if any of the dwarfs try to cover up the truth about the Islamic affiliation of Egypt.

I beg those people not to try to mix up issues claiming that ruling Egypt by the Shari'ah, and restoring the leadership of Egypt to the Islamic and Arabic worlds and for the defense of injustices imposed on its ummah against its enemies led by the United States and Israel, is in opposition with forgiveness and peaceful coexistence with Christians and non-Muslims who are still part of Egypt. Such mix up of issues is unacceptable, biased and made up. We have lived with non-Muslims in the Abode of Islam. We still live with them and will continue to do so until the time that God desires. Any problem that they face can still be resolved with wisdom, kindness and fairness, as long as the relationship is based on mutual peacefulness and loyalty. God says: "Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just," [Koranic verse, Al-Mumtahinah, 60:8].

My Muslim brothers in Cairo, Baghdad, Mecca, Medina, Algeria, Istanbul and the rest of the great centers of Islam, the Western scheme, which brought down the caliphate, has been trying to divide us into fifty torn pieces. Each of those pieces is preoccupied with itself, calling for nationalism that separates it further from its sisters. They [the West] then attempts to further divide the torn pieces. Therefore, the call for secularism, national state, and pushing Shari'ah out of the scene is dangerous. It has massive negative political, economic, and military effects. It is a call to divide us into fragile and weakened entities that can be taken advantage of by the United States and its allies.

This is a call to push Islam away from influencing its societies and ummah until the Muslims lose the strength of their vigorous faith that has transformed them from lost tribes in the desert of its peninsula to world leaders, scholars of monotheism, values and morals. Rab'i Bin-Amir - may God bless him - summed up the issue to Rustum, the commander of the Persians when he said: "God sent us to deliver those He wished from the worship of man to the worship of God, and from the narrowness of the world to its expanses, and from the tyranny of religions to the justice of Islam."

This references the legislative reform aspect. As for implementing political reform, most importantly it has an international requirement of Egypt to return to its leading role within its Islamic ummah, its Arab world, and throughout the Third World. This can be done by annulling the peace treaty with Israel and its subsequent secret and stated commitments, as well as by severing diplomatic ties with Israel and kicking the Israeli ambassador out of Cairo, besides immediately lifting up the siege of Gaza and supporting all the issues of the Islamic ummah, as well as the downtrodden and the oppressed people in this life.

One of the most important domestic requirements for the ummah is to liberate it from the chains of oppression and fear, so that the ummah can practice its role in propagating virtue and preventing vice. That demands the lifting up of the state of emergency, stopping military courts for civilians and annulling all their judgments, as well as eliminating the state security agencies that are established on oppressing the people, crushing them, humiliating them, and treating them like insects. It is not enough to eliminate the State Security Agency. Other security services still practice the same policies. Therefore, it is important to establish a new agency for the security apparatus based on respecting the legal rights of the people. Those rights were emphasized by the Caliph Umar Bin-al-Khattab - God bless him - when he said: "How could you enslave the people when they were born free by their mothers."

The State Security Agency fell at the hands of the free heroic sons of Egypt. Now we have to tear down the fear from that agency and the government's oppression from our hearts. Therefore, I call upon my brothers, who were victims of retraction by the State Security Agency through means of blackmail, compromise, threats, and rewards, to realize that the State Security Agency idol has already fallen apart. They have to rise to serve their faith. The criminals, who arrested them, haggled with them, tortured them, and raped their sanctities and bodies, have now been defeated. They must return to their role - which every dedicated person has been anticipating - in order for them to serve Islam, grant it victory, warn the ummah, and galvanize it around the issues of reforming the regime, primarily judicial reform by making the Shari'ah the supreme law so that it becomes above all laws and not subject to any positive laws.

As for the social reform, its most important aspect is to stop the corruption, relieve the burdens imposed on the poor people, fairly distribute the wealth, and subsidize the commodities and services offered to the people such as education, health, and housing. Most Egyptians suffer from serious problems, like multiple families living in one apartment, most rural residents not having access to plumbing, the spread of slum areas, children living on the streets, the problem of old unmarried women, and drug addiction. In Egypt today there are seven million hashish addicts.

[ 00:54:16 to 00:54:33: Video cuts to speaker indentified by onscreen text as "Dr Husam Aql, education professor in Ayn Shams University, who says: [Dr] Ahmad Ukashah cited statistics. He says we have in Egypt today seven million Hashish addicts, and there are 20,000 more drug addicts in Egypt every year. There are 20,000 more drug addicts in Egypt every year.]

[ 00:54:34 to 00:54:45: Al-Zawahiri:]

Social reform requires a government that is good in both its conduct and performance, one that upholds morals and values and ends the propagation of vice and decadence.

[ 00:54:46 to 00:56:04: Video cuts to Dr Husam Aql, who cites a study by a Cairo University professor that says that "Forty-six percent of Egyptians do not watch satellite channels at all." The study, he said, added that "there are more than 112 Arabic-language satellite channels that air sexual material." These channels, he said, have harmed the "morals of the youth."]

[ 00:56:05 to 01:01:44: Al-Zawahiri:]

O people of Egypt,

Those who want to keep the Shari'ah out of power in order to please the United States will propagate among you usury, sin, alcohol consumption, moral decay, the breakup of families, and all manner and forms of crime that the positive law has only served to increase and further propagate. I have experienced the prisons, and I have lived in them. I know the evils they wreak on the human soul and human nature. The positive laws turn the people in prison into monsters that fight over three things: Homosexuality, drugs, and gambling. These are the fruits of the positive law.

O people of Egypt, those who seek to keep the Shari'ah out of power in order to please the United States have deceived themselves before they even try to deceive others.

The same United States that bombarded the offices of Al-Jazirah in Kabul and Baghdad is the one that is feigning concern for the wellbeing of journalists in Egypt. The same United States whose forces fire live ammunition on demonstrators in Afghanistan and Iraq is the one that is feigning concern for demonstrators in Egypt.

The same United States signed anti-torture agreements is the one that practices torture in Guantanamo, Bagram, and Abu-Ghurayb; inside its secret prisons in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Poland; and on its ships and airplanes; all while feigning tears over the victims of torture in Egypt.

The United States, which signed the Geneva Convention treaty for the treatment of prisoners, is not applying these accords on the Al-Qa'ida and Taliban prisoners.

The United States, which pressures Umar al-Bashir and Al-Qadhafi and threatens them with the International Criminal Court, refuses to apply that treaty on its citizens abroad.

The United States, which declares [Israeli] settlements illegal, vetoed in the Security Council the resolution presented by the Arab countries to condemn the settlements in the land of occupied Palestine.

What is more, the United States, which takes pride in the fact that its President Wilson established the concept of self-determination for the people, is now acting as if it forgot that completely when it comes to the Palestinian people, who were expelled from their land to have it occupied by a people from a faraway lands, and it rejects that the Palestinian owners of the land should return to it.

This is the truth of international law, which the army leadership rushed to recognize, along with its resolutions and treaties. It is the law of the arrogant great powers' dominion over the downtrodden.

The United States, which feigns tears for democracy, does not recognize HAMAS government in Gaza or the West Bank.

The United States is the last one that can talk about democracy and human rights.

This is the truth of democracy: It permits everything, no matter how sordid or contradicting, so long as it garners the support of the majority.

In reality, democracy is a vote-counting game, with no moral or religious framework. This is a fundamental difference between the shura that relies on the Shari'ah framework, and democracy, which has no framework.

It is not possible in shura, for instance, for a Muslim country to adhere to prisoner treatment or anti-torture treaties, and then violate those treaties because the majority of the shura saw it fit to do so.

In shura, for example, the poor cannot be deprived their defined rights, such as their share of alms and spoils or their rights to public assistance, because the shura saw fit to do so.

I hereby call on the people of Egypt who are in need of and deserve charity to call on the Egyptian Government to rule by the Shari'ah, which grants them the right to charity. The companions, may God be pleased with them, fought under the leadership of [Abu-Bakr] al-Siddiq, may God be pleased with him, against the apostates to protect the pillar of alms-giving. Fight then, O people of Egypt, for your rights if your calls get no response.

In shura, for instance, license cannot be granted to alcohol factories, places of sin and immorality, and dissolute and depraved media outlets, which together constitute a state of corruption, even if the majority in the Shura Council approve of it.

In shura, for example, Israel's appropriation of Palestine could not be approved, and the international resolutions, peace treaties, and Arab initiatives that approve of and recognize this cannot be given recognition, even if the shura council approved it.

Shura is the practice of freedom, participation in political decision-making, and holding the government and ruler accountable in the framework of Shari'ah and its sovereignty [Al-Hakimiyah].

The Third Section; the events in the pioneering Tunisia:

I implore our dear ummah in Tunisia to continue its fight and jihad until it achieves victory, for the path remains long, and the calls for reform must continue until Tunisia is once again a citadel of Islam, encampment, and jihad, and a beacon in the Maghreb of Islam.

The Fourth Section; I will address several messages as follows:

The first message is an appeal to the Muslim ummah in the Arabian Peninsula, in Yemen and in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques [Saudi Arabia], to rise up against the unjust tyrants who turned the cradle of Islam and its source of support into bases for the Crusader campaign on Islam and Muslims.

[ 01:01:45 to 01:07:50: Excerpts from Anwar al-Awlaki video statement titled "To make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it," processed by OSC as GMP20101108208006: These guardians, from kings, to Amirs, to presidents, are not fit to guide the nation. They are not fit to guide a herd of sheep, let alone a billion Muslims. They are not qualified to chair a company, let alone be entrusted with the resources of a nation. They are not capable of managing contracting company, let alone managing the affairs of a kingdom that spreads from China to Morocco, a kingdom that controls strategic lines, global trade, and the most vital straits in the world. O scholars of the ummah, Islam says to obey the leaders for the sake of preserving Islam. How can that be if the leader is the one who fights Islam? Is it conceivable that Islam says to obey the one who diligently seeks to fight religion? Islam says to obey the leader in order to protect and defend Muslims, and preserve their selves, honor, and riches. How can that be if the leader is the one who fights his people for the interests of the enemy? Islam says to obey the leader and to conceal the secrets of Muslims that the enemy is diligently striving to view. How can that be if the leader is the one who spies on the Muslims for the benefit of the enemy? How can that be if the leader is the one who works as spy for the United States? What kind of leaders are these, who stole billions from Muslims under the pretext of building the army? Then, when the army is mobilized to perform its duty to defend the country, the leader says that the army is incapable of doing so, and that it is necessary to seek the help of the United States. If this leader is incapable of defending Muslims, he should abandon his position so that the country may be ruled by people who are more capable than he is. Those who are more able to guard, protect, and revive the nation after decades of Western extortion and collaborating governance are the mujahidin, who have become experienced through war and groomed through battle. Our brothers in the Mujahidin Youth Movement in Somalia have proven their competence in managing the affairs of the country according to Islamic Shari'ah. The Taliban in Afghanistan are teaching the strongest army in the world, upon which the rulers depend for their defense, about resistance and maneuvers. Every time the United States comes up with a plan, the men of Taliban foil it. Muslims today are passing through a critical point and a fateful phase of history, and only the people endowed with trustworthiness, bravery, self-sacrifice, political cunning, and military experience are fit to lead it. These attributes do not exist in those who are in power today. These leaders who are untrustworthy, cowardly towards the West, brave against their own people, who are the last to sacrifice, and whose political cunning does not exceed the arts of treachery and collaboration. They do not have any military experience and are not qualified to fight. They are a people who belong to palaces and pleasures. Certain things must be done. First: Demonstrate the true juridical description of the leaders of the Islamic world. Their treason regarding the confidence that has been entrusted to them must be revealed. It must be demonstrated that they are leading the nation to the abyss, that they are not upholding the interest of anybody except their own and that of their US masters, and that they are dragging us into the swamp of US control. None but the mujahidin remain. They are the hope and the last rope for salvation. If it is severed, the US-Zionist plan to completely occupy the Muslim nation will be accomplished. In this campaign of theirs, they are not attacking a country, but the entire ummah. Either we support the mujahidin and gain everything, or we forsake them and lose everything. The rulers fell a long time ago. They never stood on the side of the ummah to begin with fo r us to say that they have fallen. They were agents ever since their attainment of power and are still up to this day. Many of the scholars, to whom people turn during crisis, seem to have chosen the safe approach. But the mujahidin are seek out the sound approach, and not the approach of safety. They raised the slogan: "Either Shari'ah or martyrdom." In conclusion, the role of a fatwa is to protect Islam, not the United States. The role of the fatwa is to protect Shari'ah rulings, not government rulings. The role of a scholar is to declare the truth, not to cover for the rulers and search for a way out for them whenever they fall into disaster. If a scholar is incapable of declaring the truth under the pretext of duress, we call on Muslims to follow scholars who do not fear the reproaches of anyone. As for those scholars who consider the ruler to be correct in everything and the mujahidin wrong in everything: They are the scholars of the sultan, so be wary of them.]

[ 01:07:50 to 01:10:12: Al-Zawahiri:]

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