Egypt Arrests Al-Qa'ida Infiltrators Seeking To Revive Activities There

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[ 00:10:59 to 00:21:22: Al-Zawahiri:]

Likewise, I would like to alert my Muslim brothers in Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and the rest of the lands of Islam that if the United States and the NATO forces interfere in Libya, it will be necessary for their neighbors in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and the rest of the Muslims to go forth to fight all the mercenaries of Al-Qadhafi and the Crusaders of NATO.

Al-Qadhafi has stated repeatedly that the continuation of his regime is a guarantee to the stability of the West, including his statement on the ninth of March that the stability of Libya - and by this he means the stability of his regime in Libya - is a guarantee to the stability of the West, Europe, and the so-called Israel, as he put it.

Likewise, I call upon our people in Libya to be patient and to take up their fight, until their goal is achieved by establishing a Muslim state in Libya that is governed by the Shari'ah, instituting the shura, spreading justice, supporting the oppressed, and striving to liberate Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and every occupied inch of the lands of Islam.

O freeborn and honorable people of Libya,

Your descendants fought in the cause of God to achieve the following: "There prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether," [partial Koranic verse, Al-Anfal, 8:39]. Thus, march upon their path, follow in their footsteps, and be the best descendants to the best ancestors.

I warn our people in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and everywhere against the crocodile tears that the United States sheds today for the tragedies of the Libyans, for the United States is the last with the right to talk about freedom, human rights, justice, and protection of civilians.

Why did the United States not move against Al-Qadhafi before the uprising of the Libyan people?

Was it not the United States that turned over detainees to Al-Qadhafi in its war against Islam in the name of a War on Terror, so that they could be tortured, maltreated, and killed? Among them was the martyr, as we consider him to be, the Shaykh Ibn-al-Shaykh al-Libi, and among them were the leaders of the Libyan [Islamic] Fighting Group.

Why were the United States and the West silent about the Abu Salim Prison massacre, wherein over 1,200 people were martyred? Why were the accounts and investments of Al-Qadhafi and his family not frozen before?

The United States that accuses Al-Qadhafi of killing civilians has killed civilians everywhere, from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Iraq and Afghanistan. Among its latest incidents was the killing of sixty civilians, including women and children in February in the village of Ghaziabad, Kunar Province. And even uglier than their killing is the statement of the spokesperson of [Us General] Petraeus that the people of the village were the ones who burned the corpses and severed their limbs. Then, after this incident by around a week, US planes killed nine children in Kunar as well, and Petraeus and Obama offered apologies to Karzai, an absurd farce by foxes and wolves.

The United States, which accuses Al-Qadhafi of using mercenaries, has employed tens of thousands of mercenaries of the likes of Blackwater and its sisters in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The United States, which accuses Al-Qadhafi of torturing his people, has tortured thousands of detainees in Abu-Ghurayb, and continues to torture them in Guantanamo, Bagram, and its secret prisons.

The Second Section; the events in the uprising Egypt:

I repeat my salute to the people's uprising in Egypt, who rose up against oppression and the oppressors, and I congratulate the Egyptian people and all the Arab and Muslim peoples, indeed, all the freeborn peoples of the world for the departure of the arrogant and haughty tyrant Husni Mubarak. I ask God to reward well the honorable and freeborn people, who have been zealous about their religion, their ummah, and their sanctities in the beloved land of the quiver [Egypt]; to have mercy on their martyrs; to heal their wounded; and to hasten the release of their prisoners.

The Egyptian people's revolution has succeeded in overthrowing the tyrant. Then what? This is the critical question and the great challenge.

O our people and our brothers in Egypt,

There are many peoples, who have revolted throughout history, but many of their revolutions have also ended not in accordance with the desires of those peoples, and sometimes in the opposite ways of what they wanted.

Revolutions are often stolen and transformed into brutal and despotic regimes. Napoleon transformed the French revolution into an empire, and the Russian revolution was appropriated by the Bolsheviks after the German Government arranged the entrance of Lenin to Russia on a German train so that he might seize control of the country in return for withdrawing from World War I. Then Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe were deceived at his hands and at the hands of his allies for a period among the worst periods of oppression in the history of humanity.

The coup of 1952, in which the Muslim Brotherhood participated and the people supported it and rejoiced about it, was transformed into a despotic and oppressive regime that humiliated the people for a period of sixty years.

Likewise, we must not look at the conditions in Egypt with a narrow-minded view. Rather, we must look at them with a wide view that encompasses the regional and international reality. Egypt, in its critical location, cannot be separated from what is happening around it in the world. Thus, we cannot understand the events happening in Egypt as far from the position of the West and the United States toward the Islamic world, for there is a modern Crusader war launched against our ummah, and the term Crusader war was not invented by Al-Qa'ida but rather confirmed by many analysts, writers, and philosophers. Sa'd al-Din al-Shadhili, for example, called the war on Iraq - before Al-Qa'ida - the 8th Crusader War, and Sa'd al-Din al-Shadhili was not for a day a member of Al-Qa'ida, nor did he have any connection with it whatsoever.

The United States, the leader of the modern Crusader war, has directed, until today, a controlled change in Egypt attempting to absorb the uprising of the honorable Egyptian people against oppression, to bring about gradually the concessions of the demands of the people, and to protect the US interests and the Israeli security at the same time.

The United States, as it is known, does not care about the form or nature of the regime in Egypt or elsewhere. The United States does not care if the regime in Egypt is democratic or despotic, a monarchy or a republic, governed by an individual or a group, presidential or parliamentary. Indeed, the United States has no objection if the regime is Islamic in its claim, if in the way of Al Sa'ud or the Amir of the Believers in Morocco or the kingdom descended from the prophet (may the prayers and peace of God be upon him) in Jordan, as long as it achieves its interests. One of the funny things in this regards, or you can call them things that make you laugh and cry at the same time is what is told about General Schwarzkopf when he was at a news conference during the Gulf War. He was sitting next to Khalid Bin-Sultan when one of the journalists asked him about the military operations during Ramadan, Schwarzkopf pointed to Khalid Bin-Sultan and said [in English]: "We shall get a fatwa," [to justify waging war in the holy month of Ramadan].

What the United States cannot possibly accept is for Egypt, or any others like it to have a regime that is described as extremist, and the translation of this US label very briefly is: Any Islamic shura-based regime where the leaders gain their powers form the ummah and are held accountable by it, or that rejects the invasion of Muslim homes or the blunder of their wealth, and is in opposition to the Israeli ambitions.

Thus, the United States wants a regime that only gives the people some rights, and I stress the word some, but one that does not threaten its interests nor Israel's safety.

What has happened in Egypt until today can simply be described as a people's revolution that ended up as a military coup. The tyrant Husni Mubarak has handed over the power to his men in the armed forces.

We have to see the truths as they are, and not be led by emotions. The current ruling military council [the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, which is currently ruling Egypt] is not worthy of trust, because of its history as well as its behavior.

Muhammad Husayn Tantawi is 76 years old, which means he has passed the age of retirement by 16 years. Regardless of this fact, Mubarak kept him in his position for close to 20 years, because he is his man, whom he trusts to control the armed forces. Thus, what is the quality that Muhammad Husain Tantawi has, and that no one else within the Egyptian Armed Forces had, which made Husni Mubarak keep him and not allow anyone else from among the other military leaders to be promoted into the same position for 20 years?

The first thing that the council was careful to announce was its intention to remain committed to all international and regional agreements, which includes the peace treaty with Israel and the [Gaza] crossings agreement, by which the Gaza strip is under siege. No one in Egypt asked him to do this, and he could have used the excuse that this is the job of the upcoming people's parliament. However he was careful to hurry and announce his allegiance to the world order, which is chaired by the United States. The United States gives Egypt financial assistance in the amount of 3 billion dollars a year, including 1.3 billion dollars goes to the Egyptian Army. This assistance was called by the United States the price for peace with Israel. Thus, it is the price for selling Palestine and besieging Gaza.

This is why Obama and Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have decided to support the leadership of the Egyptian Army.

With the council's commitment to honor the international and regional agreements, it did not mention one word about the siege of Gaza or about the selling of gas to Israel, which the Egyptian Judicial system has decided to revoke it.

[ 00:21:23 to 00:21:47: Footage of Al-Jazirah News Network in Arabic for an interview with Shaykh Hafiz Salamah talking about how Egypt is selling its gas to Israel at very cheap prices, much less than what the gas is worth saying: "we have sold the barrel for 75 cents, when it is worth 12 dollars"]

[ 00:21:48 to 00:32:03: Al-Zawahiri:]

BOTh I and the freeborn and honest people ask the following:

What is the military council's position on the Egyptian Army's participation with the Crusader coalition forces that occupy Afghanistan?

And what is the military council's position on the passage of Crusader coalition's naval armadas, which occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, through the Suez Canal?

And what is the military council's position on the military and intelligence cooperation with the United States?

And what is the military council's position on opening Egypt as an international torture station for the United States in its war against Islam under the guise of War on Terror?

And what is the military council's position on the siege of Gaza, which members of its government have personally requested from Muhammad Husayn Tantawi [Field Marshal Tantawi, the head of the military junta in Egypt] to lift the siege?

And what is the military council's position on the prohibition of the niqab [full head cover for women] in universities and university campuses?

And what is its position on the existence of university [government] security guards? Such guards were prohibited by the judicial system from entering university grounds, as they had disrespected female and male students by beating and cursing them.

And what is the military council's position on the thousands of prisoners, who are the victims of the military courts, and others who are victims of the emergency laws, and the exceptional courts? What is its position on all those imprisoned and have served their sentences that were given by the military and exceptional courts and yet they are still held in prison based on the emergency law? This law was used by the regime as a tool against those imprisoned to change their principles. It had a clear message, all those who would not abandon their principles and agree to Mubarak's law and regime would not leave the jail, and the majority of those who did abandon their principles had served much more prison time than their original prison sentences. They are the victims of the tyranny, oppression, and abuse by Mubarak and the emergency law. This tyranny and oppression was celebrated by Mubarak's media under the name of retractions, which is a US policy that was implemented by Mubarak's regime, and were both welcomed by the United Nations.

The leadership of the Egyptian Armed Forces, during Mubarak's rule, is directly accountable for the pain that many of the political prisoners experienced. They were sentenced to prison and to death by the military courts. It is now also accountable for the pain of the entire political prisoners in the post-Mubarak era.

The few victims of the military and exceptional courts, who were released by the military council, are not enough by any means. They only represent a few among thousands of unjustly imprisoned people in the prisons of the regime. These must be released immediately, because the continuation of this is only a continuation of Mubarak's tyranny and oppression against the Egyptian people.

It is not enough that the military council issues a pardon for the political prisoners, but it is the military council that must seek forgiveness from them for whatever crimes the military courts had committed against these people and their families.

In this regard, I do congratulate my brethren, who were imprisoned and recently released, and I ask God to accept their sacrifices. I ask God to benefit them so that their release is a benefit for Islam and a support for the Muslims and all the others downtrodden and oppressed people. A special congratulation goes to the noble and virtuous brothers, the virtuous Shaykh Abbud al-Zumur, the virtuous Shaykh Tariq al-Zumur, and the virtuous Shaykh Muhammad al-Zawahiri. I ask God to be with them and for their release to be a beginning of a campaign of da'wah and provocation to awaken the ummah and mobilize it behind the demand for Islamic Shari'ah so that it will be the ruling body of law and not subject to other laws. I also ask them not to forget their brethren, who are still in jail, and not to stop working toward their release. I ask them to be always, by God's help, as each of them wishes, leaders and pioneers in the defense of the rights of the Islamic ummah in Egypt and in all the Muslim homelands, to help all those who are oppressed, both Muslims and others.

The leadership of the armed forces is not only responsible for the pain of the thousand imprisoned in Egypt, but they are also responsible for the pain experienced by the thousands of Egyptians, who fled Egypt due to Mubarak's tyranny and oppression. These people have the right to return to their homeland, and for injustice against them to cease.

It is their right to return to their families, friends and homes, and for the unjust prison sentences set against them by the military and exceptional courts to be dropped. Also the Egyptian regime must stop playing the role of a policeman that chases them on behalf of the United States.

The military council must demand from the US Government the return of the patient Scholar and jihadist Shaykh Umar Abd-al-Rahman to his homeland after all these persecutions that he faced, and all these difficulties that he experienced. The regime of Husni Mubarak was in collusion with the US Government to persecute the virtuous Shaykh Umar Abd-al-Rahman, and the military council is responsible today to work on returning him to his homeland, family, friends, loved ones, and students.

The military council must also clearly and honestly announce that the Egyptian security apparatus will cease to assist the United States in its war against Islam under the guise of War on Terror, and to cease immediately the use of Egypt as an international torture station. They must also immediately reveal the US use of Egyptian prisons as a part of a chain of prisons used for torture for the sake of the United States.

Unfortunately the military council has not yet released the majority of those imprisoned, the victims of the military and exceptional courts, but actually they have extended the state of emergency law for six more months, so that the United States can organize the current situation and the council can imprison whomever they wish without a charge or a trial.

The military council has not made any move until now, except under pressure from people's rage, and this colossal rage must continue until Egypt is cleansed form any signs of the defunct regime.

I hereby must give a special greeting to the honorable freemen, who destroyed the idol of the State Security Agency and invaded its headquarters, as well as forced the military council to declare it frozen, sending many of its officials to be interrogated, and placing its leadership under house arrest. This victory, like many of the victories of the Egyptian revolution, did not happen except under the pressure of the people's rage, which must continue until Egypt is cleansed from the corruption of Mubarak's era. Such rage must establish a regime that is righteous and good to return Egypt, as it was once before, a leader of the Arab and Islamic world, and a supporter of those who are oppressed and downtrodden.

The assault on the headquarters of the State Security Agency is a heroic act, and will be remembered with pride in Egypt's history. This heroism must continue until the oppressed political prisoners are released. It is the responsibility of all the families of those imprisoned and those released to move these demonstrations to the Al-Tahrir [Liberation] Square and in front of the Armed Forces Headquarters as well as in front of the prisons to release the political prisoners held in them.

We must pursue the executioners in Egypt, those officers from the State Security Agency and their leadership whether they are still in leadership positions or retired like [General] Fu'ad Allam, or those who participated in the parliament like Muhammad Abd al-Fatah Umar, or those who were transferred to other security positions like Muhsin Hifzi and their ilk.

I call upon every honest and free lawyer, journalist, and all those who have any details regarding the corruption of the security agencies to publish them and use them to pursue those criminals.

The establishing a National Security Sector within the ministry of interior is not enough, the people must be informed on who is in charge of it, and whether any of the previous executioners are part of it, from among those who worked in the leadership positions of the [former] State Security Agency.

What is meant by the saying that this sector is responsible for counter terrorism? What is this terrorism? Is it terrorism according to the US-Israeli definition, which was the prevailing definition during the defunct era, and thus the participation in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was regarded as counter terrorism? Is the creation of secret prisons in Egypt and turning them into international torture stations regarded as counter terrorism? Is chasing the mujahidin in Gaza and torturing them to extract information on the whereabouts of their leaders, their posts, and their supply tunnels, reporting it all to Israel regarded as counter terrorism? Is being committed to all the security agreements with the United States regarded as counter terrorism? Was the protection of the business of Israeli lewdness in Sinai, whose profits went directly to the leaders of the defunct [Egyptian] regime, regarded as counter terrorism? Was punishing the people of Sinai to protect Israel and to stop them from aiding their brothers in Gaza, regarded as counter terrorism? Was the arrest of whoever tried to participate in the jihad in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Gaza; or those who provided them with financial backing, regarded as counter terrorism? What is this terrorism? Let us know so this deception can stop, and the executioners cannot return in different forms.

My free and honorable brothers in the revolting Egypt, many of the past regime's institutions still exist as follows:

The presidential institution, which is the strongest institution in the previous regime, is still the same as it was. Umar Sulayman [former Egyptian Vice President appointed by Mubarak during the uprising] and Zakaria Azmi are still controlling it from the presidential headquarters.

Husni Mubarak and his aides are plotting their conspiracies form their location in Sharm al-Shaykh.

[ 00:32:04 to 00:35:08: the video cuts to Al-Jazirah news network in Arabic for a continuation of the interview with Shaykh Hafiz Salamah, in which he says that the revolution in Egypt didn't accomplish any real change, and that Husni Mubarak has not yet answered for his crimes. He later continues to say that the people want to feel that there was a change and that there is a government that works for their interest]

[ 00:35:09 to 00:36:49: Al-Zawahiri:]

The governors [of governorates] and their security directors are still as they were before.

The regime's media and newspapers are still run by the same individuals, who had been praising the previous regime.

The military institution is still as it was before. This institution was the main pillar of the defunct regime. Its leaders were handpicked by Mubarak and it is now running the country.

The attorney general office remains as it is. Attorney General Abdul Magid Mahmud was a member of the defunct ruling gang. He is part of the school of Raga al-Arabi, the attorney general of the state security office, who became the former deputy attorney general. This is the gang that used to collaborate with the investigative body of the State Security Agency by leaking investigations to it in order to repeat the torture of those arrested until they confess to what the government wants to hear.

Attorney General Abdel Magid Mahmud did not attempt to investigate the ministers of interior, tourism, and housing, as well as Ahmad Izz, until Hosni Mubarak had sacrificed them in a last ditch effort to save himself. Otherwise, what has that attorney general been doing about their corruption over the past thirty years?

Who should prosecute who? Who should investigate who? Should the gang member investigate his colleagues?

As to the cabinet of Isam Sharaf:

He was a minister in the cabinet of Amad Nazif [Nazif means clean in Arabic] for more than a year between 2004 and 2005. It is known that a ministry is responsible in a collaborative manner. Isam Sharaf is considered responsible for everything the government has committed in the year he spent working at that ministry.

[ 00:36:50 to 00:37:45: Al-Zawahiri video cuts to an interview with the jihadist Shaykh Hafez Salamah on Al-Jazirah, who says: As to the Ministry of Ahmad Nazif - and he was not clean - everybody who was part of that ministry and those around them stole the wealth of Egypt. As a result, we now see such and such a person had stolen millions. They took thousands of acres without any right and at no cost to them. Where we are in the Gulf of Suez, some of those people had taken millions of meters of land for token prices, five Egyptian pounds per one meter, which is already being sold for thousands of pounds for foreign companies.]

[ 00:37:46 to 00:54:15: Al-Zawahiri:]

Was Hosni Mubarak a righteous saint at that time and suddenly he became a cursed devil in 2011? As to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil al-Arabi, he became polluted in the swamp of Camp David. He was among the delegates involved in the negotiations with Anwar al-Sadat. Then, this man is a member of the Camp David school. This is not just a secular school that has surrendered to the United States and is subordinate to Israel. This is also a school that holds contempt for the rights, feelings, emotions, and hopes of the Arab and Muslim people. It signed the Camp David Accords and then the peace treaty with Israel betraying the Islamic ummah and Palestine. It passed that treaty in an openly rigged referendum.

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