Egypt Arrests Al-Qa'ida Infiltrators Seeking To Revive Activities There

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The Al-Maqrizi Center has learned that the release decision covers two groups; the first group consists of those who revised their stance [toward jihad], and they are all from the Layman Turah prison. Whereas the other group, which consists of those whose stance remains unchanged by the grace of God, they are among those who rejected the revisions; they are three from the Istiqbal [Reception] Turah prison, praise be to God.

Names of the released detainees from the Layman Turah prison:

1. Nabil Na'im Abd-al-Fattah, a prominent leader who fiercely defended the revisions

2. Isam Nasr-al-Din Ghazlani

3. Muhammad Nasr-al-Din Ghazlani; the brother of the aforementioned

4. Yusuf Riyad

5. Abd-al-Ghafur Shumays

6. Ali al-Fiqi

7. Sa'id Salamah

Names of the released detainees from the Istiqbal [Reception] Turah prison:

8. Muhammad Sa'id Faraj

9. Usamah Ibrahim Kari

10. Atif al-Shahhat al-Jindi

Based on the above, the Al-Maqrizi Center rejoices for lifting the injustice off those innocent Muslims, some among whom have spent half of their lives in the prisons of the ousted tyrant. It was the same criminal regime that practiced favoritism with the detainees, made distinctions among them, and triggered blind sedition that almost annihilated those who have solid faith; imposing siege, starvation, displacement, torture, oppression, and murder while they are holding on with patience, praise be to God alone.

So, we advise the brothers, who have revised their stance toward jihad because of their fear of the state security, saying: God has taken fear away from you, and He has freed you. So return to your God and sincerely repent to Him. Do not think that revising your stance and concluding a truce with the tyrant's subordinates are what got you out of prison. If this was the case, some of those whose faith remains solid and who reject your revisions would not have gotten out. As a matter of fact, following the Egyptian people's revolution, many detainees were released before those who revised their stance toward jihad. It was God alone who has bestowed His blessings upon you and has lifted the sorrow, depression, and sadness off you; He has relieved you of your agony.

We also call upon all human rights organizations and the merciful people to apply pressure on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to release all detainees, against which verdicts from military courts are issued. Topping the list are Shaykh Nabil Abd-al-Majid al-Maghrabi, Shaykh Abbud al-Zumur, Dr Tariq al-Zumur, Shaykh Majdi Salim, Shaykh Muhammad al-Zawahiri, Shaykh Murjan Salim, and others.

Al-Maqrizi Center for Historical Studies

29 Rabi al-Awwal 1432, [Corresponding to] 4 March 2011

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[Description of Source: Ansar Dawlat al-Iraq al-Islamiyah in Arabic -- A minor Salafi-jihadist forum that re-posts Al-Qa'ida and affiliate media productions; first observed online in June 2010, the site features productions and discussion focused on the Al-Qa'ida-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq, as well as global jihad in general; URL:]

Egypt: Tariq al-Zumur Interviewed on Elections, Future Plans of Islamist Groups

GMP20110315013002 Cairo Al-Jumhuriyah in Arabic 15 Mar 11 p 5

[Interview with Tariq al-Zumur conducted in Cairo by Muhammad al-Manayli and Ra'fat Hassuna: "Tariq al-Zumur Tells Al-Jumhuriyah after his Release: 'The Constitutional Amendments are the best Solution for the Present Stage. The Parliamentary System Supports Democracy and does not allow a Dictatorial President'"]

Dr Tariq al-Zumur is one of the oldest political prisoners in Egypt. He was incarcerated following the assassination of former president Anwar al-Sadat in 1981 when he was 22 years old and a student of the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University. He had to change his studies to join a theoretical college, the Law Faculty, and was able to pursue his studies till he acquired a Ph.D. in Constitutional Law, also marrying and fathering two children.

Al-Jumhuriyah interviewed Dr Tariq al-Zumur to get to know from him his vision for the future and how he saw what lies ahead.

[Interviewers] What is your program for the coming period?

[Al-Zumur] After 30 years of imprisonment there must be a period of convalescence and rest. This will be followed by studying the situation properly and the new developments, and what happened in Egypt after the January 25 revolution, especially as the political arena has opened an unprecedented area for political and da'wa [religious advocacy] work.

[Interviewers] Is it possible to form alliances with any political force?

[Al-Zumur] Yes, it is possible on condition that our objectives concur, whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim objectives. Of course if that be the Muslim Brotherhood, then they have the priority.

[Interviewers] Do you intend to establish a party?

[Al-Zumur] The idea is relevant, but as of now we have not decided on that. We shall wait to see how dealings with the Islamic forces will be like following the restrictions and the oppression of the Mubarak era.

[Interviewers] Abbud al-Zumur submitted his papers in 2005 as candidate for presidency of the republic. Are you still of the same mind?

[Al-Zumur] Abbud al-Zumur's nomination was for purposes of confrontation with the regime of former president Husni Mubarak, as an affirmation of the political participation, whereas today the matter is different from the former times. So the idea is on the table for assessment.

[Interviewers] Do you approve of the referendum on the constitutional amendments?

[Al-Zumur] Yes I approve, given that I am a holder of a Ph.D. in Constitutional Law and especially as it is a transitional phase. This is the best solution at present following the partial amendment of the Constitution. I welcome the change of the Constitution in its entirety after matters become stable. But seeking a new Constitution now would lead to anarchy for a long period, something which Egypt cannot endure, especially as those who made the amendment proposals are known for experience and efficiency.

[Interviewers] Dr ElBaradei also is calling for change of the Constitution and for the formulation of a new Constitution. What is your opinion?

[Al-Zumur] I differ with him in his opinion. If he wishes to run for the presidency, he has to wait for the coming round after changing of the Constitution because those measures are not enough at this stage.


[Interviewers] What is your visualization for the role of the Islamic groups in the coming period?

[Al-Zumur] First there has to be a realignment of ranks following the attrition of the previous period, then on this basis we can build a structure for [Islamic] propagations that takes charge of the [Islamic] grouping's tasks including cultural, social and educational issues, with the political part to be postponed until decision has been taken on the issue of forming an independent party.

The parliamentary system is better

[Interviewers] Which do you prefer, the presidential or the parliamentary system?

[Al-Zumur] I prefer the parliamentary system, at least for the coming 20 years, so as to provide the widest area of freedoms and political rivalry, especially as we have lived 60 years of total containment.

[ Interviewers] Which is better, to conduct elections for the People's Assembly first or for the presidency?

[Al-Zumur] I see that holding elections for the People's Assembly first would be better, so that no dictatorial president emerges again under a Constitution that accords him many prerogatives.

[Interviewers] Were there any attempts for your release under the former regime?

[Al-Zumur] Yes, in fact there were several attempts in 2003, but we refused because this was tied to bargaining with the regime. When we refused, they told us there are two sentences that you have to serve. We do not know what they are. This problem was not solved until the Supreme Military Council acted.

Special elections

[Interviewers] Do you see that the last People's Assembly elections were a reason for the collapse of the regime, or were there other accumulations?

[Al-Zumur] There were accumulations. But the elections were the straw that broke the camel's back and Ahmad Iz was the last nail in the coffin of the former regime.

[Interviewers] What is your view of the role of the State Security Investigations [SSI] apparatus in the coming period?

[Al-Zumur] I think that the apparatus should join Habib al-Adli, the former interior minister, in prison because it corrupted all aspects of life whether political or social to keep Husni Mubarak in power, without any concern for the homeland's interests. I do not only call for its dissolution but for a trial for its men. It is possible that a new body could be established to defend the country against terrorism, whether internal or external.

Energetic action

[Interviewers] In your view, how can sedition between the Muslims and the Copts be extinguished?

[Al-Zumur] There should be energetic, quick and flexible action by all the Muslim movements so that they control the situation. I urge that the paper of sedition should be abandoned and that it must not be adopted in political action.

[Interviewers] Do you agree to amending Article Two of the Constitution?

[Al-Zumur] Article Two cannot be changed. But if there is another opinion, then the referendum ballot box is the referee.

[Interviewers] You entered jail at a young age and were not yet married. When did the marriage take place?

[Al-Zumur] I did not think of marriage till after 13 years passed in jail. But when change and improvement took place in prisons in 1993 I decided on marriage, and I fathered a girl, who is now in the second year of Preparatory school, and a boy who is two and a half years of age. His name is Abbud. I devoted myself to studies after acquiring a Bachelor's degree in law, and then I acquired a Diploma in Islamic Shari'a [jurisprudence] and another in Public Law, along with a diploma in International Law and another in International Relations, then a Ph.D. in Constitutional Law.

[Description of Source: Cairo Al-Jumhuriyah in Arabic  Website of state-controlled daily whose editorial line strongly defends regime policy.]

Freed Islamist says 25 Jan revolution opened 'doors of freedoms' in Egypt

GMP20110315950058 Cairo Dream 2 Satellite Television Channel in Arabic 2000 GMT 15 Mar 11

Egyptian Islamist Abbud al-Zumur has said that his "release is one of the outcomes of the glorified 25 January revolution that opened the doors of freedoms in front of the Egyptian people".

Al-Zumur, who was recently released after spending 30 years in prison in the case of assassinating former President Anawr al-Sadat, told Egyptian private Dream 2 TV channel's programme "10 pm" on 14 March that he "should have been released 10 years ago, but the regime refused to release him after serving his time in jail".

Asked "if his decision to participate in the planning to assassinate Al-Sadat was due to religious or political reasons", he said: "Both", adding that "our scholars at that time gave us the reasons to assassinate Al-Sadat".

"At the time, resorting to violence seemed the logical option for us," he said, adding that "we wanted to relieve the Egyptian people from an oppressive ruler".

He urged the Egyptian society to "secure the existence of a legal and constitutional mechanism to hold any coming president or any official accountable for their actions".

He reaffirmed his "adherence to the no-violence initiative", noting that "violence never succeeded in achieving any goals in the 90's and it was used as a way to attack Islam". Asked if his "rejection of violence is a tactic change, rather than a real change", he said: "I believe in what I am saying, and I believe that violence leads to counter violence".

Al-Zumur also said that the "inhumane treatment, torture and injustice inflicted upon Islamists by the regime is beyond anyone's imagination".

Al-Sahab Releases Ayman Al-Zawahiri Video Message to People in Egypt, Part 5

GMP20110415836002 Ansar al-Mujahidin Network in Arabic 15 Apr 11

[Corrected version: removing extra space from the text; video statement attributed to Ayman al-Zawahiri, produced by the Al-Sahab Establishment for Media Production and disseminated by the Al-Fajr Media Center; place and date not given: "The Fifth Episode: Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in Egypt" -- "Mufakkirat Ansar al-Mujahidin," user number 24, posted the message with links to download the one-hour 10-minute 12-second video; for a copy of the video, contact or the OSC Customer Center at (800) 205-8615. Selected video also available at]

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,

The Al-Sahab Establishment for Media Production,


The Fifth Episode,

"Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in Egypt"

By Jihadist Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri, May God Protect Him

To download the video statement, use the following links:

The password to the video file follows:

[A password is provided here.]

[Links to download the video are provided here.]

Remark: We apologize for the minor malfunction at the end of the video.

Supplicate to God for your mujahidin brothers.

Your brothers at:

Al-Sahab Establishment for Media Production,

Source: Al-Fajr Media Center.

[A translation/description of the video follows:]

[The video starts with an onscreen text that reads: "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Warning: No Music Is Permitted in Our Productions. The Al-Sahab Establishment for Media Production, 1432 (corresponding to 2011)"]

[The Al-Sahab Establishment for Media Production logo appears onscreen, accompanied by jihadist chants in the background, followed by an onscreen text that reads: "Message of hope and Glad Tidings to Our people in Egypt by Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri, may God protect him, Rabi al-Thani 1432 (corresponding to March/April 2011)"]

[Another onscreen text appears and reads: "The Fifth Episode"]

[Video begins]

[ 00:00:48 to 00:08:56: Footage of Al-Zawahiri speaking]

In the name of God, praise be to God. May the prayers and peace of God be upon the Messenger of God, his household, his companions, and those who supported him.

O Muslim brothers everywhere,

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you,


This is the fifth episode of "Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in Egypt."

In the third and fourth episodes, I dealt with the valiant and honorable popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia; I saluted the honorable peoples in Tunisia and Egypt who got rid of the two corrupt tyrants Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and Husni Mubarak; and I asked the freeborn and honorable Egyptians to make victorious their creed and their ummah [the community of Muslims worldwide], with awareness of the attempts to derail their march or to steal its fruit, and to continue the fight, struggle, jihad, and determination upon the elimination of corruption and the establishment of a just regime governed by Shari'ah, spreading justice, instituting the shura [consultative concept of governance], and achieving the independence of the land, political freedom, and social justice. I continue my speech today, and I say the following:

To begin with, I hereby direct greetings to the honorable and freeborn people, who have been zealous about their religion, sanctities, lands, and pride among the sons of our ummah, those who have risen up against oppression, subjugation, tyranny, and subordination to the arrogant infidel foreigner, who has launched the modern Crusader war against our ummah and our Islam, in the name of "War on Terror." It is a greeting to these freeborn honorable ones who brought about the fall of two regimes from among the most corrupt regimes ruling over our lands: The regime of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia and the regime of Husni Mubarak in Egypt. They are trying today to bring about the fall of the regime of the corrupt and corruptive tyrant Al-Qadhafi in the patient and proud jihadist Libya. I ask God to have mercy on their martyrs, to heal their wounded, to hasten the release of their prisoners, and to grant them the best of rewards for what they have offered of sacrifices in the cause of support of their religion, their ummah, and the restoration of their honor and their glory. I ask God to grant them victory and empowerment, until our lands are liberated and the flags of Islam, glory, and pride wave over our territories.

I would also like, before undertaking the issue of this noble, honorable, proud, and glorious uprising that is sweeping our ummah, to congratulate the Muslim ummah for the beginning of the US withdrawal from the steadfast Afghanistan, for the US forces have begun to turn over various provinces to the miserable Afghan Army. Likewise, the US Secretary of Defense stated in Kabul in the first week of March that circumstances would become ready for the beginning of the withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan next July. After him, General Petraeus affirmed his commitment to the beginning of the withdrawal of forces next July. This is a disguised admittance of defeat from the United States, for the United States began to withdraw as the forces of the mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan], under the leadership of the Amir of the Believers, Mullah Muhammad Omar, may God protect him, have advanced from victory to victory, and have widened the regions of their influence day after day.

The breaking of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq is assistance and support to our peoples, who have risen up against the corrupt and corruptive tyrants. Indeed, our ummah is engaged in a single battle against the invaders of the modern Crusader campaign and against their proxies, our corrupt and corruptive rulers, and US abandonment of her allies one after the other is among the signs of its retreat from conceit and arrogance since it received the strikes in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania [the September 11 attacks]. The mujahidin pledge to their dear ummah that they will continue to launch strikes against the United States and its allies in the modern Crusader war until our ummah attains its freedom, achieves its sovereignty, and unites under the banner of the caliphate, by the grace of God and with His aid and support.

My Muslim brothers,

I seek your permission today to speak extensively, for the events are fast-paced and constantly renewed. Likewise, I hope that our Muslim brothers realize that our words might be slightly delayed or far between, due to the fierce war in which the mujahidin are engaged with the United States. I hope that our dear ummah realizes that our words reach them soaked in blood, punctured by wounds, and burdened with the chains of our prisoners, for in the cause of conveying the words of the mujahidin to their dear ummah, some mujahidin may fall martyrs, become wounded, or become captured. However, the mujahidin offer these sacrifices with pleasure and good spirit, so that the truth reach their ummah, the lies are exposed, deception is revealed, facts are clarified, and evidence becomes manifest.

I would like to divide my speech today into sections as follows:

The First Section: The events in the steadfast jihadist Libya.

The Second Section: The events in the uprising Egypt.

The Third Section: The events in the pioneering Tunisia.

The Fourth Section: Some messages.

The First Section; the events in the steadfast jihadist Libya:

To begin with, I would like to salute our people in beloved, steadfast, and patient Libya, who had been patient under subjugation, torture, oppression, lies, and repression for over forty years.

May God keep the descendants of Umar al-Mukhtar, God rest his soul, who defied with their bare chests the arrogance and tyranny of the tyrant Al-Qadhafi and his crimes. I ask God to have mercy on their martyrs; to heal their wounded; to hasten the release of their prisoners, and to grant them success in supporting their religion and their ummah. I ask god to support them in preserving their sanctities and honor; and to bless them with His glorious victory and His near relief.

The blood of hundreds of martyrs, who were killed by the regime of Al-Qadhafi in your blessed uprising, will not have been lost in vain, by the grace of God, and before them, the blood of the hundreds who were killed and the suffering of thousands imprisoned and tortured.

[Start of poetic verses:]

"You refused to give in as the sword rose above the head and gave generously of your soul, the giving of a freeborn man under oppression.

"O Umar al-Mukhtar, God has His wisdom for you to have met what you met unjustly.

"Thus, we promise you, and our words are our bond that we will stand by the brave and the valiant.

"From the beginning they were patient, and tasted the hated taste of death and wounds.

"And made tired the rest with pain and took the souls of those who were spared.

"They have transgressed against you, and how many examples have fallen of innocents and pure ones.

"Leave as honorable friends, for you are compensated. Be a dear guest for Al-Khattab if you wish.

"You have walked in the path of goodness attaining the hope imagined by inspiration.

"There is no ruler without the approval of your consciences. You watch, but you do not care for the governed.

"Your bones are destroyed without your approval, but ye do not grow weak; the will refuses to be broken."

[End of the poetic verses.]

Here I would like to incite my brothers among the people of Egypt, especially the tribes of the western desert, to aid and assist their brothers in Libya with money, medicine, food, and weapons, and to treat their wounded and fight with them against this tyrant, who corrupted the religion and this world.

[ 00:08:57 to 00:09:55: Footage from Al-Jazirah interview between a correspondent and a man identified by an onscreen text as "the jihadist Shaykh Hafiz Salamah, commander of the people's resistance in Suez against the Israeli forces in 1973." The correspondent asks if the rebels in Libya are in need for assistance, and if so, what kind. Salamah responds: "Very much so," noting the need for food and medical supplies. The correspondent asks if Egyptians are advised to offer this assistance, and Salamah responds that it is their duty to do so.]

[ 00:09:56 to 00:10:05: Al-Zawahiri:]

It is upon our people in Egypt and the tribes of the Western desert to save their brothers in Libya, for the Arab governments have forsaken them, and the Arab League has become satisfied with requesting the interference of the Security Council to impose a no-fly zone over Libya. Why did the Arabs faltered to intervene to save the Libyan people? Where are the Arab armies? Is their role limited only to the subjugation of the peoples? Or did they delegate the matter of intervention in Libya to foreign powers?

We must meet the needs our brothers in Libya so that the West will not use their tragedies as a justification for intervention in Libya and occupation and hegemony upon its affairs.

[ 00:10:06 to 00:10:58: Footage of Al-Jazirah of interview between a correspondent and Shaykh Hafiz Salamah. The correspondent asks if Salamah advised the rebels in Libya. Salamah responds that he warned them against an intervention by foreign forces, saying that foreign forces had betrayed them in Iraq and would conspire against them in Libya.]

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