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Assignment for Nobel Conference

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Assignment for Nobel Conference

In groups of 4, you will do an 8-10 minute oral presentation on one of the lectures from the Nobel Conference. Either attend the lecture in the Lund Center or watch the video being displayed in Alumni Hall, Wallenberg Auditorium, or other locations on campus. Your group will be responsible for reporting on this lecture to the rest of the class. All members of the group must speak during the presentation.

Before attending the lecture, be sure to read The Everyday Writer, Chapter 13 Constructing Arguments, pp. 126-146.

  1. What are the principal new findings or arguments that the speaker is trying to communicate? How do they differ from older or alternative arguments?

  1. What strategies does the speaker use to try to persuade the audience? In particular, what kinds of appeals (ethical, logical, emotional) does the speaker use?

  1. How well did the speaker’s style fit the situation? For example, was the delivery too formal or informal? Was a broad audience able to understand the speaker? Did the speaker use visual aids effectively?

*Used four groups/four students per group.

Guidelines for Evaluating Nobel Conference Presentations

(adapted from Matthew Duncan and Gustav W. Friedrich, Oral Presentations in the Composition Course: A Brief Guide, pp. 82-86)


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