Effective use of the everyday writer handbook: some examples

Images and Figurative Language

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Images and Figurative Language

Do you see metaphors or other examples of figurative language here?


How does this writing "sound?" What makes it sound like that?


What's your attitude toward your subject matter? How is that attitude manifested?

Point of View

Do you use first, second, or third person? Why?

Submitted by Dr. Patricia A. Kazarow, Music Department


Library Worksheets: Resources for each of the four levels
In the essay, "The Power of Music," the effects of music were categorized on four levels: the physical, the psychological, the symbolic, and the transformational. Use these worksheets to record citations for journal articles, essays, sections of books, web sites, and other scholarly resources that describe issues, studies, questions, et al. related to each level. The resource for the physical level that you will present for RWA #1 may be chosen from these; the others may serve as resources for the assignments throughout the rest of the semester, including your semester research report. Consider these worksheets as brainstorm tools for you to gather your ideas. The contents of these worksheets will be shared in general discussions of topics.

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