Effective use of the everyday writer handbook: some examples

Audience, format, and language

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Audience, format, and language:

I am your audience. I have asked for 3 citations and 5 brief paragraphs; 2-2½ pages should be enough to provide a complete response. I prefer a typed response, but I will accept a legible handwritten one. In the upper left corner, provide the following:

Your Name


Library Exercise #2

The Date, 2008

Informal language is fine. Some of these things don’t even require complete sentences.
Assessment and grading:

When I assess these exercises I will be looking for accuracy and evidence of care and thought in pursuing the analytical portion. You will receive a + if the exercise has been completed in an unusually thoughtful manner. You will receive a if everything meets the basic expectations. You will receive an X only if you do not complete some portion of the exercise, or complete something in a manner that is inaccurate or generally not up to college level work.

Submitted by Dr. Becky Fremo, English Department and Director of the Writing Center

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