Effective use of the everyday writer handbook: some examples

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  • Do the speakers seem relaxed and comfortable?

  • Do the speakers avoid most filler words such as “uhh” and “umm”? Is the number of filler words distracting?

Engagement with the audience

  • Do the speakers make eye contact?

Have the speakers adapted the material well for the audience, including using visual aids (such as the blackboard or PowerPoint) where appropriate?

Submitted by Dr. Eric Carlson

FTS 100-041: Backing Hitler, Defying Hitler

Preparing for Research 10/13/08
Writing a thesis statement.

Read the introduction to the essay by Helen Boak on the back of this sheet.

What is the TOPIC of this essay?
What is her research question?

What is her thesis statement?

Formulating a research question. (See 16b [p. 142] in The Everyday Writer.)
TOPIC: The Hitler Youth


WORKING HYPOTHESIS (i.e. preliminary thesis):

Library Exercise #2

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