Eere 358: U. S. Manufacturing Report

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EERE 358: U.S. Manufacturing Report

Version 1 ∙ Last Updated July 2013

NOTE: This EERE 358: U.S. Manufacturing Report template is provided as a convenient method of documenting the progress in implementing the U.S. Manufacturing Plan submitted as part of the full application for award funding. The use of the U.S. Manufacturing Report template is not required, but the data elements within the U.S. Manufacturing Report template are required.


Organizations (e.g., recipients and contractors, at all tiers) that submit a U.S. Manufacturing Plan as part of their application for funding from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), U.S. Department of Energy and are asserting any intellectual property protection (see further below for limited exceptions) over any part of the results from their funding agreements (referred to herein as “Protected Results”) are required to submit annual reports on compliance with the Plan for 5 years from the end date of the funding agreement.

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For the purpose of this report, intellectual property protection includes marking data as Protected Data, as defined in 10 CFR 600.325 Appendix A or asserting copyright protection on any works developed under the funding agreement, other than scientific and technical articles or in software that will be licensed as open source. If you are submitting Invention Utilization Reports, this U.S. Manufacturing Report is not required.

Download 257.3 Kb.

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