Education, Youth and Culture Ministry Research Report

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World In Chaos: Terrorism

Education, Youth and Culture Ministry Research Report

Cansu Dilek

Welcome Letter From The Vice-President
Dear delegates,

I welcome you all to the second session of ACIMGE conference and I am thrilled to serve you as your vice-president in this ministry. This year’s team is terrorism which is one of the major issues in today’s world. As we all know many terrorist activities are occurring nowadays and many ministries are working to decrease the effects of terrorism.

I believe ACIMGE 2016 Education, Youth and Culture Ministry will go great and we will find sustainable solutions to major world problems and have fruitful debates.
Brief Explanation of the Ministry
Being one of the most important ministries; Education, Youth and Culture Ministry is also one of the oldest. It is the executive branch of the European Union and is responsible for many affairs such as policy on education, culture, youth, languages, and sport. It also supports these issues through a variety of projects and programmes.

Its general education missions focuses primarily on policy cooperation; helping countries learn from one another and work together to improve education across Europe. Sample NGOs which also has the same goal that can be given are Association for Childhood Education (ACEI), Campaign for Awareness Resilience and Education (CARE), Children Education & Welfare Society (CEWS) and Youth Educational Network (YEN).

It also manages the Creative Europe Programme, which finances hundreds of programmes and supports many artists, actors, and musicians. The aim of the activities on culture is to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, culture as a catalyst for creativity, and European culture as a vital part of external relations.

The youth activities aim is to give young people a voice and a stake in society, strengthening their dialogue with policy makers and ensuring they are represented in EU policy-making. It has newly adopted resolutions on EU Work Plan for Youth which focuses on how to address more promptly and effectively the continuing high youth unemployment rates and the consequences of the crisis on young people and the support of the political participation of young people in European democratic life.

The Ministry’s Approach To This Year’s Crises Theme
This Year’s theme is "World in Chaos: Terrorism". Since the ministry is the Education, Youth and Culture ministry, it plays a key role. In case of a terrorist attack the ministry has the ability to inform and educate the citizens about the attack and also the terrorist groups. The ministry mainly takes action after terrorist attacks such as youth unemployment, education of migrants, youth policy and youth work with regards to migration, education, creating awareness and decreasing the cultural discriminations because of terrorist groups.

There was a bombing in Paris in November 2015 when ISIS killed 130 French civilians by only 9 people. The Education, Youth and Culture Ministry paid tribute to the victims with a minute of silence. All ministers addressed their condolences to the French minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, and to all the relatives of the victims. Luxemburg’s Education, Youth and Culture Minister Claude Meisch, stated that “We can prevent marginalisation and radicalisation of young people by reducing early school leaving and enabling all young people to participate in our societies, giving them the opportunity to foster our common European values.” And underlined the importance of education in an early age and teaching the European values which are the Education, Youth and Culture Ministry’s main goal.

Many terrorism acts are increasing in today’s world. Education Ministry of Malaysia incorporated anti-terrorism teachings into their education system. The Malaysian government has decided that lessons will be added to school’s subjects in order to teach the youth about terrorism in an early age. "We are ready to work with police to have briefings for our students," Malaysia's deputy education minister, Chong Sin Woon, told Channel NewsAsia. According to Chong, parents of school-going children are more than accepting of this new idea, with most asking the authorities to specifically educate the students on what these terrorists, especially members of the ISIS do. Just like the Malaysian Education Ministry, the same acts can be taken by the European Education Ministries as well. Although joining to the terrorist groups are less in Europe than Malaysia, to decrease the rate more, lessons or subjects may be added to school’s curriculum.

On May 2015 a meeting was organized by the French delegation after the terrorist attacks in Paris and a declaration which called the education ministries to play its part in preventing radicalisation by promoting citizenship and fostering social inclusion, and common European values such as tolerance and mutual respect also the French minister stated that employability can be promoted which the help of citizenship education.

The Commission included in its European Agenda on Security (8293/15) a reference to illicit trafficking of cultural objects as an area where additional measures might be needed to prevent terrorist financing. Europol has also set-up a specific task force to deal with the trafficking of cultural objects.
Case Study
Being the winner of the Cold War, US had become the super power before September 11, 2001. In economic terms US holded a large part of the world’s wealth and became the dominant force directing world politics and economic activities. US’s relation with the Islamic World wasn’t bright, and US was the major country which provided support to the dictatorial regimes in Islamic countries. However, some of the Islamic communities were not pleased with US’s imperial impositions. A significant majority of these impositions, especially among Muslims, found these unacceptable both socially and economically.

Not only the religious people were unhappy with US’s actions but also the terrorist groups were. Al Qaeda had their reasons for the attack in September 11. These claims are as follows; US was the reason for the exploitation of the wealth of Islamic countries for many years, stole oil from them, made sacred Mecca and Medina bases that violate sacred sites, started wars in many countries and caused many people’s deaths, attacked Iraq and killed many Muslims, caused approximately 500 thousand children’s deaths because of their embargos to Iran, used its veto power in the UN vote on every decision which was against Israel, supported Israel in military and economic ways, mercilessly killed thousands of people in Japan with their atom bomb, was a key supporter of the authoritarian rulers of Islamic countries. According to Al-Qaeda any of these actions taken by US was a valid reason to provide adequate justification and Islamic basis for the shooting of the US.

So how did Al Qaeda’s leader Osama bin Laden get the idea of hitting the twin towers? We can find the answer in Bin Laden’s October 2004 speech to American public where he highlighted September 11:

“In 1982, US gave permission for Israel to invade Lebanon and American 3rd filo assisted this occupation, killed many people by bombing them, scared them and left them homeless; this affected me a lot (Sabra and Shatila massacre). I still can’t forget the impressive landscapes; blood, mangled bodies, bodies of women and children spread all over... All of the houses were destroyed and bombs were dropping as if it was rain to the residents. The scene was like a child who got swallowed by a crocodile and had nothing to do besides screaming... Does a crocodile understand something other than a weapon? The whole world saw and heard these difficult moments, but I did not do anything beyond. At the time feelings that I cannot describe occurred to me. This; gave me a consciousness to strongly reject the persecution and aroused strong commitment on behalf of the punishment of oppressors.

When I look at the ruined towers in Lebanon I remember the cruelty they did and this gave me a strong desire to punish them with the same thing with what they have done. In order to deter them from killing our women and children I wanted them to at least taste a portion of our pain by destroying the twin towers. I thoroughly understood that in those days, the killing of innocent children and women and injustice 'based on the laws of the United States' threat of 'freedom and democracy', their possible resistance 'terrorism and backwardness'.

Millions were kept under embargo until death and persecution. Thanks to Bush Sr. because of the embargo on Iraq, millions of people and children died. Thus the history of mankind had witnessed the most horrible massacre of children. Millions of tons of bombs have been dropped on children to bring new collaborations and discharge former collaborators in Iraq which Bush Jr. did and as a result of more terrible views, in response to these major grievances; events of September 11 occurred. Can a man be reprimanded for his defense? Is self-defense and respond the same manner to injustice a condemned terror? If so, we have to do this. Here, this is the message we tried to convey to you verbally and practically for years before September 11. If you like you can see this message from our interviews in 1996 Times Magazine with Scott, in 1997 CNN with Peter Arnett, in 1998 with Johnny Hatter, or practically from my meeting with Nairobi, Tanzania, Aden or Abdulbari Atvan or even with my meeting with Robert Fist who I describe himself as neutral but he is actually on your side. I wonder if the freedom contenders in the White House and the channels which are submitted to them would give an interview about what they understood from our reasons of the war we started against you to the American public. If you steer clear of these reasons, you are on the right track to restore security in America before September 11.”

Although Osame bin Laden was declared as a terrorist by mainly the US and Western countries by many sectors; Vecdi Ganim -the Arab world’s reputable savant- made a speech about Laden’s death and stated that Laden’s reasons offered for his attacks in September 11 and his continuous general war were actually fully acceptable. Ganim made a reference to US’s persecution in Muslim lands and in the world saying: “Who is the terrorist who killed millions of children? Of course America! It is holding the crusader war! America, George Bush! Who occupied Afghanistan, Iraq? America! America! Who is helping the Jewish occupiers against our people in Palestine? Terrorist America! Who is bombing the weddings and condolence meetings with drones in Afghanistan? Terrorist America! The ones who are killing the innocents isn’t Osame bin Laden it is themselves. Who hit the Shifa pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan? Who is the only country to use the atomic bomb? America threw an atomic bomb during the 2nd World War to Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities. Who is the only country in the world to torture prisoners –in Guantanamo- without being taken into court? America! Which country entered into Pakistani territory in a barbaric way -Pakistan was also their ally in the operation- and attempted an operation? America!”

The attacks that took place in America in September 11, 2001 and resulted with the deaths of nearly 3000 people, the property damage was of course redoubtable. Al Qaeda’s leader bin Laden briefly referred these damages as follows;

Cost of attacks on US Economy
Destruction of goods due to the attacks, and the total cost of materials such tools is $ 100 billion. America's total loss due to the September 11 attacks has been calculated as $ 2 trillion. World Trade Centre was insured for $ 4 billion. 4 planes used in the attacks were 385 million dollars. $ 1 billion in damage occurred at the Pentagon. Cleaning costs held $ 1.3 billion. The money that was spent from the Emergency Fund was $ 40 billion. Immediately after the attack directly 83 thousand people lost their jobs and caused a damage of $ 17 billion.

Only the damage occurring for reasons such as infrastructure in the city of New York, lost business, and tax losses were $ 95 billion, insurance payments were $ 40 billion, tax losses due to the harm of the airlines was 10 billion dollars.

The September 11 attacks caused damage in the US stock market the most. US stocks suffered a loss in the first week of the attacks that was $ 1.4 trillion. This rate is equivalent to $ 1.74 trillion in today's conditions. US Airlines' passenger transport capacity, decreased by 20% due to the bankrupt of many airline companies.

In order to identify the damage caused by the attack a committee which was chaired by the professor of economics from University of Hawaii Carl Bonham prepared a report which stated; ‘Because of Al Qaeda’s attack it is described the devastating effects still continue losing blood and aggression.’

1,000 aircraft used in the aviation industry before September 11, has been parked in the hangar in the Arizona desert because of the bankruptcy of the company. The total loss in the aviation sector in US only in 2001, passed 11 billion dollars. The government has earmarked $ 15 billion for such purposes as tax relief and damages for this sector.
In the reports 24th page it is noted that the statistical tables of detailed figures, the number of international visitors to 51 million in the United States in 2000 seems to fall to 46 million. Therefore, the attack in the United States has lost 5 million tourists in 2001 and this continued until 2004 losses respectively. In 2002, 43,5 million (-7%); in 2003, 41,2 million (-10%) and in 2004, 46,1 million (-5%).

US’s loss after the attacks on foreign tourists has only reached 27 million in total until 2004. If every tourist spends an average of 5-7 thousand dollars -transportation and accommodation is included-, US’s only loss of tourism, is even billions of dollars.

Only the events of September 11 in New York due to the compensation of the damage, the construction of the destroyed Pentagon, the money paid to the victim and some other costs have been attributed to 296.2 billion dollars to the American government. This figure covers only the years of 2002-2003.

With the September 11 attacks; US’s budget for security inside the country has increased significantly from year to year. US spent internal security costs in total of 1 billion US dollars between 2001-2004, and respectively, this figure has increased as follows: In 2002, 20.7 million dollars, in 2003, 36.6 million dollars and in 2004, 41.3 million dollars.

These figures are the figures showing only the costs incurred until 2004. In the next 6 years, security weaknesses and threats to the US has grown and their costs have increased rapidly in parallel.
Health Care Costs
A report was prepared by Michael R. Bloomberg named ADDRESSING THE HEALTH IMPACTS OF 9/11 which examined the health costs due to the September 11 attacks. It was written that in only one year 392 million dollars were spent on the treatment of victims of the attacks. These chronic conditions excludes long-term treatment includes only short-term treatments. The last 10 years until 2011, and corresponds to 3.92 billion dollars.

The report states that to repair the collapsed debris removal of New York; $ 20 billion was spent. After September 11, it was determined that a total of 900 people died due to cancer, trauma and poisoning. These people are the ones that present an urgent response to the incident who are fire-fighters and rescue teams.

Because of the attack the insurance industry suffered between 58 and 30 billion dollars in losses. Al Qaeda prepared a report to present it to the American Congress in October 5, 2004 where they stated their strategy’s most important factor; undermine the American and European economies and make attacks harder to spawn and even the collapse of the functioning of the capitalist system which was ‘to break the enemy's economic waist’.

2,973 people lost their lives in the attacks and their future production value was calculated to be 7.8 billion dollars.

On September 11, 2001 the attacks in America’s New York and Manhattan states, was the reason to start a new era in the world, literally. The immediate aftermath of these events, the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq by the United States has occurred and this divided the Muslim world. Perhaps the most important reason for the September 11 events is that one part is defining it as 'the starting point' and the other part is defining it as a 'result'.

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