Education: 2/91 Ph. D., Public Administration Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service New York University

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2/91 Ph.D., Public Administration

Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

New York University

Fields: Policy Analysis, Management and Organizational Analysis, Public Finance

5/77 M.S., Urban and Policy Sciences

State University of New York at Stony Brook

Morgan Guaranty Internship (6/76-8/76)

5/75 B.A., Colgate University

Fields: Mathematics, Political Science


09/08 to Assistant Professor of Political Science

Present Department of Social Sciences

University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Teach courses in the masters in public administration/leadership program (e.g., public

budgeting, organizational leadership and administration, analytical techniques) and in the

undergraduate political science program (e.g., state and local politics, public policy).

Current research is in public health management and policy (e.g., multivariate analysis

of the influence of clinical and policy affectable factors on survival of out of hospital

cardiac arrests responded to by Boston Emergency Medical Services from 2004-2007 ).

10/95 Manager of Data Analysis

to 8/08 Boston Emergency Medical Services

Boston Public Health Commission

Coordinated management report development, strategic planning of resource deployment and utilization, and statistical analysis of operational efficiency and effectiveness. Included:

* Identifying and analyzing ways to improve response time to emergency medical


* Developing analytic justifications for key budget initiatives.

* Serving as an agency representative on external committees (e.g., interagency

task force to reduce motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents in Boston).

* Coordinating the design of quality improvement studies and analyses.

* Conducting the validation of the agency’s management information system.

* Facilitating the design, implementation, and utilization of management indicator

reports to monitor system performance and identify important trends.

* Managing graduate student applied research projects (e.g., Harvard JFK School of

Government study of emergency room turnaround time).

* Presenting special analyses(e.g.,cardiac arrest save rates, heroin overdose patterns) to EMTs and Paramedics during required in-service continuing education sessions.

9/00 Visiting Assistant Professor

to 05/08 Masters in Public Administration Program

Division of Graduate and Continuing Education

Framingham State College

Taught one course per semester; both are required core courses.

Courses are: Techniques of Policy Analysis

Techniques of Public Budgeting and Resource Management

(Part-Time Position Overlapping With Above Position at Boston EMS)

6/94 Assistant Professor

to 6/95 Department of Public Administration

University of North Texas

Taught graduate courses in governmental budgeting, and emergency management; and taught introductory public administration at graduate and undergraduate levels.

11/88 Director of Management Analysis and Planning

to 3/94 New York City Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

EMS ambulances respond to over 1,000,000 medical emergency incidents annually. Was responsible for directing a wide range of operations analysis, capital budgeting, policy planning, and grant development efforts.

Specific responsibilities included:

* Advising senior managers and directing internal task forces.

* Coordinating the development of capital budget proposals.

* Coordinating initiative to link non-emergency, repeat EMS users to appropriate primary care.

* Supervising the development of multi-year projections of future demand and capabilities required to meet response time goals.

* Overseeing the strategic deployment of ambulance tours.

* Supervising the design and implementation of management indicator reports to monitor system performance and identify important trends.
1/84 Director of Operations Analysis

to 11/88 Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services (JBFCS)

JBFCS, a JCAHO-accredited agency in New York City, operates over 60 mental health and social service programs serving approximately 40,000 clients annually. Was responsible for:

* Presenting key trends and management issues to agency management.

* Managing the development and maintenance of computerized information systems on client characteristics and services provided; and supervising statistical review of clinical operations.

* Performing management analyses (e.g. staff turnover).

* General operational problem-solving (e.g. design and implementation of a productivity planning and monitoring system for JBFCS clinics).

* Assisting in the preparation of program contracts and serving as liaison to funding and regulatory agencies.

3/83 Project Director

to 1/84 Citizens' Committee for Children of New York

Directed a study about the adequacy of services to prepare New York City foster care youngsters for independent living.

3/80 Project Manager

to 8/83 Social Policy Research Institute

Graduate School of Management and Urban Professions

New School for Social Research

Managed the New York City operations of two Statewide planning studies on the characteristics and the appropriateness of placement of children residing in State-supported programs (e.g. foster homes, psychiatric centers). Responsible for supervising social work and research staff, serving as liaison to voluntary and public agencies, and contract/budget negotiation and monitoring.
8/78 Director of Research

to 3/80 Child Care Indicators Project

New York State Board of Social Welfare

Designed and implemented a series of computerized management reports to assess and assist the efforts of service providers to achieve permanent homes for children in foster care.

7/77 Assistant to the President

to 8/78 State University of New York at Stony Brook

Organized the content and logistics of a major conference cosponsored by NEWSDAY, the Long Island Regional Planning Board, the Long Island Association of Commerce and Industry, and the University on how to promote the retention and proper development of business and industry on Long Island.
Assistant Director of Communications, National Coordinating Center for Curriculum Development

College of Engineering, SUNY at Stony Brook (concurrent with the above position in the President's Office)

Designed and implemented evaluation and feedback systems to gauge the effectiveness of the Center's educational materials in increasing minority high school student capability for and interest in engineering.

October 2005 EMS Research Group Award/ Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services

Council, Inc.

May 2001 Special Citation/Boston Emergency Medical Services Relief Association Annual Awards Ceremony

March 1989 Pre-Hospital Save Commendation / New York City Emergency Medical Service

1975-1977 Graduate Council Fellowship/State University of New York at Stony Brook


American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)

ASPA Section Member: Public Budgeting and Finance, Ethics, Intergovernmental

Administration and Management


Division of Liberal Arts, Mt. Ida College

Fall 1999 Course:Approaches to the Social Sciences

Spring 1999 Course:State and Local Government

Department of Mathematics, Dean College

Spring 1998 Course: Quantitative Analysis I

Graduate School of Management & Urban Policy, New School for Social Research

Fall 1992 Course: Managing Public Resources


Abrams, H., McNally, B., Ong, M., Moyer, P., & Dyer, K. (2013). A composite model of survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest using the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES). Resuscitation, 84 (8), 1093-1098.

Abrams, H., Moyer, P., & Dyer, K. (2013). A participatory approach to generating front line interest and support for the development of a performance indicators report: the case of Boston Emergency Medical Services response to cardiac arrests. Public Performance & Management Review,36(4), 529-543.
Abrams, H., Moyer P. & Dyer, K. (2011). A model of survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest using the

Boston EMS arrest registry. Resuscitation, 82(8), 999-1003.


PA Times is a publication of the American Society for Public Administration(ASPA); Ethics Today is a publication of ASPA’s Ethics Section.>
Abrams, H.C. (2007, Fall). Who is the Client of a Government Attorney – A Response. Ethics Today.
Abrams, H.C. (2006, Summer) Learning to Swim With the Sharks. Ethics Today.
Abrams, H.C.& Rosenbloom, D.R. (2005, September) Point/Counterpoint—The Ethics of Privatizing Prison Services. PA Times.
Abrams, H.C.(2005, July) Establishing a Beachhead for Ethical Reflection. PA Times.

Abrams, H.C. Mini-Cases in the Ethics Moment section of PA Times

----“Going Along to Get Along” (1998, October)

----“When the Findings Don’t Jibe!” (1998, January ).

Abrams, H.C. (1991) Nonprofit Service Providers and Local Government Social Service Provision Levels:

The Case of Foster Care. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, New York University.

New York State Council on Children and Families. (1980). Criteria for Defining Appropriateness of

Placements for Children in New York State. Albany, New York: Cocozza, J., Ingalls, R., Abrams, H.,

Bradley, C., Dulberg, B. & Kail, B.

New York State Board of Social Welfare. (1978).Child Care Indicator Reports User's Manual. New York,

New York: McAdam, B., Emmerth, B, & Abrams, H.

Abrams, H.& Eisenstadt, H.(1976). A Framework for the Evaluation of Child Welfare Services in New York State. Stony Brook, New York: State University of New York at Stony Brook, Harriman School of Urban and Policy Sciences. (Supported by grant from New York State Legislative Institute).

Panels Organized and Moderated for the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Annual National Conference:

Organizing Networks for Bioterrorism Response (April 2, 2006 in Denver, Colorado)

Issues in Systematically Planning Emergency Response to a Bioterrorist Attack (April 4, 2005 in

Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Issues in Emergency Response Planning for a Bioterrorist Attack in an Urban Area (March 28, 2004

in Portland, Oregon)


Abrams, H.C. Paper Presentation--- A Composite Model of Survival from Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Using CARES Data. 5th Annual Conference on Medicine, Social Sciences, and the Humanities. Sam Houston State University. Huntsville, Texas. February 1, 2013.

Abrams, H.C. Paper Presentation—Multiple Uses and Purposes of Performance Measurement

Information: The Case of Boston Emergency Medical Services. ASPA Annual National Conference.

San Jose, California. April 12, 2010.
Abrams, H.C. Paper Presentation-- A Participatory Approach To Generating Line Level Interest in the Development and Use of a Performance Indicators Report: The Case of Boston Emergency Medical Services

Response to Cardiac Arrests. ASPA Annual National Conference. Miami, Florida. March 23, 2009.

Abrams, H.C. Using Boston EMS Data to Assess and Address Heroin Use in the City’s Neighborhoods. No Drug Coalition Conference sponsored by the Boston Public Health Commission, Boston, MA, February 11, 2005.
Abrams, H.C. Putting Local Data to Work for Pedestrian Safety: Lessons from Boston. Moving Together Conference sponsored by Mass Highway, Massachusetts Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Worcester, MA, October 22, 2003.

Abrams, H.C. Using Boston EMS Data to Plan and Assess the Boston Pedestrian Protection Program.

Moving Together Conference sponsored by Mass Highway, Massachusetts Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Worcester, MA, October 23, 2002.
Abrams, H.C. Using a Tour Scheduler Model for Ambulance Deployment in New York City. Joint National Meeting of the Operations Research Society of America & The Institute of Management Sciences,

Anaheim, California, November 1991.

Abrams, H.C., & Larson, R.C. . Hypercube III: Computer-based Ambulance Deployment in New York City. Joint National Meeting of the Operations Research Society of America & The Institute of Management Sciences, New York, New York, October 1989.

Conference Workshops Facilitated at Annual National Conference on Socially Responsible & Collaborative Leadership Sponsored by Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, MA

Using Mini-Cases to Foster Class Discussion About Leadership Ethics (April 8, 2000)

Prudence and Leadership Ethics (April 11, 1999)

Reconciling Self-Interest, Organizational Interest, and Public Interest (April 4, 1998)

Policy Ethics for Public Administrators (June 6, 1997).
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