Education & Injury Prevention Committee Heart of Texas Regional Advisory Council (hotrac) – tsa m june 3, 2014

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Education & Injury Prevention Committee

Heart of Texas Regional Advisory Council (HOTRAC) – TSA M

June 3, 2014
Members Present:

Steve Clinkscales, AEL Christy Jordan, AEL Barry Westcott, CareFlite

Bill Bonny, CareFlite Robert Tarbet, Crawford EMS Richard Strohacker, ETMC-EMS

Susan Hyles, FCH Casandra Cox, GWHA Janice Markwardt, HRH

Joe Dale, Hillcrest Chelsea Yerger, LMC Donna George, MCC

Justin Lawson, MCC Mike Clements, Mexia Fire Marcy McFarland, PRH

Kay Gann, PHC Rachel Kronke, PHC Teresa Gilliam, PHC

Alicia Hernandez, WMCPHD ?????, West EMS

Staff Present:

Christine Reeves, Executive Director

Brian Martin, Deputy Director

  1. Welcome & IntroductionsDr. Donna George, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:31pm. Introductions were made.

  1. Updates from State MeetingsMs. Reeves reported that the GETAC summary was provided to the Committee. She highlighted the discussion on ETOH blood draws.

  1. Emergency Healthcare System Issues

A. RAC Funding Cuts – Ms. Reeves updated the group on the significant funding cuts the RACs were receiving in Hospital Preparedness, Tobacco, and EMS/RAC.

  1. Action and/or Discussion on the Following Items

  1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes – 3.4.14 – Ms. McFarland motioned to accept the minutes as presented. Ms. Markwardt seconded the motion. Motion carried.

  2. Election of Vice Chair – Ms. Gilliam announced that she would be able to continue as Vice Chair due to changes at her facility. No election was needed.

  3. UPDATE: HOTRAC Road Show – Ms. Reeves reported that Mr. Mike Kaiser and herself had been attending the County Fire Association meetings. It would be a slow process but so far things were moving forward. HOTRAC has visited Hill, Limestone, and McLennan Counties.

  4. Regional Events Update

  1. Education

  1. ICD-10 Coding Workshop - CANCELLEDMs. Reeves reported that the course has been rescheduled to June 2015 due to expected changes in the coding.

  2. Laerdal Simulator – Mr. Clinkscales reported that Ms. Sue Parrigin would get with HOTRAC later this month to work out the process. Ms. Reeves noted that the simulator is available to be checked out by persons already trained in its use.

  3. HOTSymposium – Ms. Reeves reported that the cardiac portion was cancelled due to conflict for the cardiologists. She stated the RAC would look at hosting a cardiac workshop in the fall. She reminded everyone to register.

  1. Injury Prevention

  1. UPDATE: “Hard Hats for Little Heads” – Ms. McFarland stated she spoke briefly with Dr. Thetford Smith but needs to discuss further. She stated that Dr. Smith is interested in helping with this project. She will provide an update at the September meeting.

  2. Forever 15 – Whitney Lake – Ms. Reeves updated that the program went very well. She would be posting the video once it is ready.

  1. Regional Reports

  1. Education – No additional information provided.

  2. Injury Prevention

  1. Take 10 – Ms. McFarland stated that she was working with Mexia ISD to train all teachers and students. Ms. Markwardt noted the same with Hillsboro ISD.

  2. Stomp Out Stroke – Ms. Reeves reported that there had been no change in this project at this point.

  3. HOT Child Abuse Walk – Ms. Reeves reported that the walk would take place on October 18, 2014 at most likely the Cameron Park Zoo.

3. Hillcrest – TeenSafe/KidSafe – The Committee was provided the reports received from Hillcrest’s Injury Prevention Team. Mr. Dale was available for questions and to provide clarification on these reports. He noted a safety day was being scheduled with Coolidge ISD.

  1. Upcoming Educational Opportunities – Ms. Reeves reported there will be a lot of mass fatality training was being held on the next few months as well as ICS 300 and 400.

  2. Upcoming Injury Prevention Activities – None were provided.

  1. Additional Announcements, Comments, etc.

  1. Child Fatality Review Team – Ms. Reeves noted that suicide was still a priority of the team. The team would be reviewing the suicide cases from the previous 5 years to figure out who and how to address this issue.

  2. Drowning Prevention Coalition – Ms. Reeves reported that the first Forever 15 at the Cliffs at Whitney Lake was the following week.

  3. Pediatric Considerations – Ms. Reeves reported that the PAC would be reviewing potential pediatric EMS protocols recommended by the GETAC Pediatric Committee.

Ms. Reeves updated the Committee that a Heart of Texas SANE workgroup would be meeting soon to review the recent statue change and what that means to this Region. She also noted that the Regional Psych Forum was being revitalized. She hoped to partner with the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children to hold a Violence Workshop soon.

  1. Next Meeting – September 9, 2014 at HOTRAC Offices.

  1. AdjournWith no additional comments, the meeting adjourned at 2:15pm.


Dr. Donna George

Committee Chair

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