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The bookmobile went and lost a wheel

Crashed into my room

I fell in the book deposit bin

I could not swim

I was so scared so unprepared

I cried HELP
Ivan librarian gave me a card

He said this will take you places

Besides where you are

Head for the future

Or go to the past

A library card will get you there really fast
I decided to spread the word

About what I’d heard

So I fixed that wheel on the busted bookmobile

Backed out of my room

With good cheer I gathered all to hear

What I’d been told
(dewey, dewey, dewey, dewey, dewey decimal system, dewey)

Dewey has ten classes

each class has ten divisions

each divided on and on
First there’s generalities

Philosophy, psychology

Religion, social science, languages
Next up there’s math and science

Medicine, technology

Arts like music, clowns & puppetry
At the end there’s literature

Geography and history

The biography of Mr. Melvil Dewey...

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