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STUFFED ANIMAL BOY (lyrics by Aidan & Tito Uquillas)
He does battle with the broccoli people

Man-eating Computer - he’s so evil

He’s saving the masses from Karate Sunglasses

He can talk to all of your toys!
Here he comes - Stuffed Animal Boy (x2)
Hiss of Death is one of his powers

Tail Whip is just one of his tools

He takes on evil with his Teeth Scratch

This crime-fighting Panda really rules!
Stuffed animal boy

Defender of the weak

Stuffed animal boy

Looks out for you and me

Stuffed animal boy...
Is that Action Figure Man? No...

Wind-up Robot? No...

Baby Cries-A-Lot? NO!

copyright 2007 Fausto G. Uquillas

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