Edmodo Code of Conduct

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***This is a sample Code of Conduct. The content of this form was gathered from various samples found in the Edmodo Communities. This form should be customized to reflect the policies set forth by your school or district. ***
Edmodo Code of Conduct


  1. I will use one of the avatars included with Edmodo for my profile picture or use one that I have appropriate legal permission to use (i.e. in the public domain).

  2. I will use posts to discuss school-related content only.

  3. I will use a respectful tone of voice when posting.  All school rules and consequences related to harassment apply.

  4. I will use appropriate grammar instead of texting language.

  5. I will not use my posts to promote personal websites or chat rooms.

  6. I will limit my use of sarcasm to avoid misinterpretations.

  7. I will not reveal any personal information on Edmodo. This includes telephone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.

  8. I will not post photos or videos showing myself or classmates without permission.

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