Economics isu essay / Seminar Topics

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Economics ISU Essay / Seminar Topics

  1. Advertising – Good or Bad for the Canadian Economy?

  2. Agricultural Marketing Boards

  3. Agriculture – Problems and Programs

  4. Agriculture and Free Trade

  5. Automobile Industry in Ontario

  6. Bank of Canada and Monetary Policy – A Historical Evaluation

  7. Banking Systems, a Comparison of Canadian and American

  8. Banking Crisis, the International

  9. Canadian Establishment: Black, Bronfmans, Eatons, Molson, Thomson, Rogers

  10. Competition in the Canadian Economy

  11. Chartered Banks, The Changing Role of

  12. China’s Impact on the Canadian Economy

  13. Collective Bargaining in Canada

  14. Command Economies

  15. Concentration in Canadian business (Oligopolies)

  16. Defence Spending – Too Much or Too Little?

  17. Deficit Debate – Is the National Debt Out of Control?

  18. Developing Nations – Canada’s Role

  19. Economic Growth: Good or Bad?

  20. Elderly, the Aging Population Problem

  21. Energy in Canada, the Economics of

  22. Entrepreneurship in Canada

  23. Economic History: Theories of Smith, Marx, Keynes and the Canadian Economy

  24. Federal – Provincial Fiscal Relations

  25. Fiscal Policy in Canada Today: Good or Bad?

  26. Foreign Investment in Canada

  27. Friedman, Milton and the Monetarists

  28. Future Work

  29. Galbraith, J.K. An Evaluation of his Theories

  30. GATT, the Economic Role of

  31. Globalization’s Impact on Canada: Good or Bad?

  32. Government Ownership or Privatization?

  33. HealthCare in Canada: Sustainable?

  34. Immigration , the Economic Impact of

  35. Inflation in Canada

  36. Japan, A Model We Should Follow?

  37. Kyoto Accord: Good or Bad for the Canadian Economy?

  38. Monetary Policy in Canada Today: Good or Bad?

  39. Money - Exchange Rate’s Impact on the Economy Canadian

  40. Monopolies: A Case Study

  41. Multinational Corporations, the Economics of

  42. NAFTA’s Impact on the Canadian Economy: Good or Bad?

  43. OPEC’s Impact on the Canadian Economy

  44. Oligopolies: A Case Study


  1. Olympics Impact on Economy

  2. Poverty in Canada, The Economics of

  3. Pollution in Canada, The Economics of

  4. Regional Disparities in Canada

  5. Rent Controls: A Case Study

  6. Small Businesses in Canada

  7. Social Services in Canada – Economic Crisis?

  8. Strikes – Economic Consequences of

  9. Stock Market, A Historical Evaluation of the

  10. Stock Market, An Analysis of Investing in the

  11. Tax Structure in Canada: Good or Bad for the Economy?

  12. Technological Revolution – The Economics of Automation, Computerization, Robotics etc.

  13. Terrorism’s Impact on the Canadian Economy

  14. Trade – Canada’s International Trade

  15. Unemployment in Canada Today

  16. Unions in Canada – The Economic Role

  17. Unions in Canada – Still Needed?

  18. Wage and Price Controls, A Case Study

  19. Walmart’s Impact on the Canadian Economy

  20. Women in Canada, The Changing Economic Role of

  21. World Trade Organization (WTO): Good or Bad for the Canadian Economy?

Additional Topics: (Approved by Instructor)

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  2. _______________________________________________________

  3. _______________________________________________________

  4. _______________________________________________________

  5. _______________________________________________________

  6. _______________________________________________________

  7. _______________________________________________________

  8. _______________________________________________________

  9. _______________________________________________________

  10. _______________________________________________________

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