'Economic Interests and European Integration’ Research project of the eusa political Economy Section

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'Economic Interests and European Integration’

Research project of the EUSA Political Economy Section

David Howarth, University of Edinburgh

Tal Sadeh, University of Tel Aviv
Project Report
A critical, comparative, multi-sector and multi-country study of the impact of economic interests on EU-level policies and European integration more broadly does not yet exist in the literature. Our project examined how economic interests shape government policies on EU-level policy developments: the dependent variable of the study being European policy developments; the intermediary variable being government policy; and the independent variable being economic interests and their preferences. The operational definitions of these variables were left to the authors.
Our first call for papers attracted a considerable amount of interest. The Section’s members were invited to submit abstracts of proposed papers dealing with the role of economic interests in European integration. Based on these abstracts eleven short-listed contributions were accepted at the beginning of September according to their ‘goodness of fit’.
Full version drafts were presented in a workshop in Edinburgh on 8 April 2006 (see workshop program). The workshop was also attended by a number of leading British political scientists and allowed fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas among participants.
Final drafts were submitted for review by up to four referees each during the fall of 2006. After some further revisions and vetting, seven of the contributions appeared in a special edition of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, in its February 2008 issue (vol. 10, no. 1). We also sponsored two panels drawing on papers from the project at EUSA’s tenth biennial conference in Montreal in May 2007.

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