Echoes of Hope – When bad things happen to Spiritual-But-Not-Religious people Introduction

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A sense of being empowered

“I believe I am in control of my spirit and destiny.”

A democratic, participatory attitude

“The beauty of spirituality is that anybody can engage in it, and it can help everybody in their own unique ways.”

The Self as the starting point and focus

“Ultimately, I believe that everybody needs something to believe in to live a happy life, even if it is a belief in one’s own self.”

A desire for control

“Religion does not define you. You define it.”

Parents should not determine their children’s religious lives

“Religion should not be forced on another person, or assumed by parents for their children. It should be entered into freely, based on personal beliefs.”

A negative view of institutional religion…

“Religion is more harmful than helpful.”

at both the macro level (society)

“Although religion can bring people together, that does not outweigh all of the bad that has come from religion including wars, death, and justification of horrible things.”

and the micro level (the individual)…

“Religion takes away personal choice and the will of a person.”

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