Echoes of Hope – When bad things happen to Spiritual-But-Not-Religious people Introduction

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Tom So where do you find hope?

R558 Spirituality gives me hope. So does karma and an idea of an afterlife. Spirituality deals with true meaning. Spirituality for me means that a higher power exists, but who is to say what that power is like?

I come from a Catholic background, but I do not believe that sex before marriage or homosexual orientation makes you an immoral individual. Factors like this do not condemn you in eternity. Through good deeds and karma, I believe that individuals may choose their path in the afterlife. The Hindu concept of karma is believed to reward both good and bad deeds that an individual has committed. The concept makes sense to me.

After losing a close friend this past summer I believe that life after death is possible.

I believe that each individual holds a spiritual identity that is unique to their personality and acts as a transparent tool between life and death. The human body is designed to be left to the earth while the soul is meant to be transferred to the afterlife. Good people who have lived with compassion for others should be transferred with little trouble while those who have done wrong come with troubles.

R173 I have faith in myself.

I have faith in the earth, nature and (sometimes) in humanity. Although I believe in evolution, I strongly feel that there is “something” else out there. I cannot name or define it. If anything, it feels like the positive spirit of humanity, and to keep this spirit alive, we must all work together.

I strongly believe in the concept of karma. I don’t feel that you are automatically a “good” person if you follow the Bible, and in the same respect I don’t believe that you are automatically a “bad” person if you do not. I personally feel that if I live a good, honest and loving life then good things will come to me. I have never intentionally harmed anyone and do my best to work in service of others.

Although I am not religious, I do believe that there is something in the universe that is greater than ourselves, because to believe otherwise would make us inherently selfish. We must work to serve a purpose other than our own.

I know that as long as I continue to do good things in the world, as I continue to grow and help others to do the same, I have nothing to worry about. Maybe one day I will learn that I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe I’ve got it all right. But for now, I am content and to me, that’s a great thing.

R430 I did not grow up religiously, although we said we were Catholic. I have developed my own sense of spirituality. I love all life, especially plants and animals. I have come to believe that humans are greedy and often cruel, in spite of their intelligence. I believe I developed spirituality because, for me, it offers a holistic sense of understanding of life and death on earth. Holistic means to include all life on earth, and I believe all life on earth is important. Therefore, I believe in the preservation and respect of all the water, sky, plants, animals and people living on this earth.

Recently, I experienced the loss of a dear pet. My cat was there for me my whole childhood and into my adult life. I have never experienced the loss of a loved one before, and I can say now that it has deeply affected my level of belief in God, Heaven, the presence of angels and the meaning and practice of prayer. I have never believed in angels and Heaven so much as right now; I have never put so much trust in God as right now; I have never truly felt the presence or wanted to feel the presence of angels as I do right now.

My spirituality provides a sense of comfort about the unknown, particularly in relation to the meaning of life and death.

R478 In the last few years, I have identified myself as a spiritual person. A major reason I do not belong to a religion is because I do not want to live my life by a set of rules, but rather, live my life being the best person I can be by helping people, animals, and the planet we all live on. If you could compare my spirituality to a religion, I would most likely relate to Buddhism because I believe in such values as Karma and reincarnation. One way I strive to achieve good Karma and a guilt-free mindset is by adopting a vegan diet, which is my personal contribution to making my body better, and helping animals and the environment.

For me, doing good things, living my life and taking care of myself are all things that connect me with a higher existence, and I will continue to live my life the way I do, and be the best person I can be.

Some things in life can’t simply be explained. These include supernatural events, strange coincidences, mysteries in nature and simply why things are the way things are. The reasons for these things occurring, I believe is because of a creative force, which I like to call God.

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