Echoes of Hope – When bad things happen to Spiritual-But-Not-Religious people Introduction

Tom Some of you seem to have combined religious beliefs

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Tom Some of you seem to have combined religious beliefs.

R512 If I was pressed to describe my spirituality, “spiritual eclecticism” would be the label.

R516 I am of all religions.

In my early adolescence I read books on many subjects and became briefly enamored with Buddhism. The study was hardly serious and my Dharma practice waned in my teenage years. My spiritual leanings followed the music I preferred. Interests varied from various occult practices to Norse paganism. I did not take any of it terribly seriously.

At university I began to consider the similarities among various religions. I was struck by Buddhism and Hinduism. I researched and practiced what I could of their teachings and meditation techniques. My exploration led to discover the richness in Yoga, Kundalini energy, and the chakras. Certain experiences related to these disciplines birthed in me an interest in the mystic. I have come to realise the thread of truth running through all faiths and consider myself a student of all true religion.

The individual separations are just formalities. My own practices come from across the religious spectrum. I practice a few different meditation techniques, pray and seek guidance from above, trying to do well by the divine in as many forms as I can realise.

R476 I went through the Catholic educational system up until I graduated high school and despite Catholicism constantly being a factor in my life I never warmed up to the institution of the religion let alone the dogmatic principles, which is another matter entirely. My journey into spirituality started off with Buddhism. I was drawn to its mystique and overall positive feel, although it would prove to not be my religion but rather an adaptable spiritual practice in my life. I discovered I was neither a Buddhist nor a Catholic so my search continued for some concrete definition of what my faith was. I dived into Taoism. As it would turn out I was unable to call Taoism my religion, but I was able to see application for it in my life along with Buddhist thought.

At this point I think I’m agnostic with a splash of Taoism and Buddhism thrown in the mix.

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