EC3311 Labour Economics

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Chapter 6: Empirical Estimates of the Union Wage Differential.


Seminar 4: Unemployment Insurance

Topic: Unemployment Insurance and the Duration of Unemployment

Papers to be presented

· Woodbury, S. & Spiegelman, R. (1987), ‘Bonuses to workers and employers to reduce unemployment: Randomized trials in illinois’, American Economic Review 77, 513–530.


Seminar 5: Active Labour Market Policy

Topic: The New Deal

Papers to be presented

· Van Reenen, J. (2001), No More Skivvy Schemes? Active Labour Market Policies and the British New Deal for Young Unemployed in Context. The Institute for Fiscal Studies WP01/09.
Seminar 6: Inequality

Topic: Changes in the UK Income Distribution during the 1980s

Paper to be presented

· Jenkins S.P. (1996), Recent Trends in the UK Income Distribution: What Happened and Why? Oxford Review of Economic Policy 12, 29-46.


Seminar 7: Inequality and Institutional Changes

Topic: The impact of the decline in the real value of the minimum wage and of the decline in unionization on wage inequality.

Paper to be presented

· Fortin, N.M. and T. Lemieux (1997) Institutional Change and Rising Wage Inequality: Is there a Link? Journal of Economic Perspectives 11, 75-96.


Seminar 8: Low income dynamics in 1990s Britain

Topic: Low income dynamics in 1990s Britain

Papers to be presented

· Jarvis, S. and S. Jenkins (1997) Low income dynamics in 1990s Britain. Fiscal Studies 18, 123-142.


Seminar 9: Intergenerational Social Mobility

Topic: Has intergenerational social mobility in Britain changed over the recent decades?

Papers to be presented

· Blanden, J., A. Goodman, P. Gregg and S. Machin, (2002)  Changes in Intergenerational Mobility in Britain, Mimeo, University College London, available at:

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