Eastern Christendom after the fall of Rome

His realm became known as the Holy Roman Empire

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His realm became known as the Holy Roman Empire

Complete the graphic organizer below:

Significant Facts about Byzantine Empire:

Yet differences and conflicts with former Western Roman Empire:

And Impact of Rising Islamic civilization and empires on Byzantines:

Strayer Questions:

  • In what respects did Byzantium continue the patterns of the classical Roman Empire? In what ways did it diverge from those patterns?

  • How did Eastern Orthodox Christianity differ from Roman Catholicism?

  • In what ways was the Byzantine Empire linked to a wider world?

  • How did links to Byzantium transform the new civilization of Kievan Rus?

  • How did the historical development of the European West differ from that of Byzantium in the postclassical era?

  1. Which of the following European regions felt the influence of Byzantine civilization in the postclassical era?

  1. Russia

  2. The Balkans

  3. Ukraine

  4. Belarus

  5. All of the above

  1. After the fall of the western portion of the Roman Empire, the official tongue of Constantinople shifted from Latin to which of the following?

  1. Turkish

  2. Persian

  3. Chinese

  4. Arabic

  5. Greek

  1. The Byzantine Empire flourished as a crossroads of trade from which regions?

  1. Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Asia

  2. India, Mediterranean, and Asia

  3. Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and the Middle East

  4. The Middle East, Asia, and Scandinavia

  5. Scandinavia, Mediterranean, and India

  1. Which early Byzantine emperor had the longest lasting impact on civilization in the eastern Mediterranean and beyond?

  1. Diocletian

  2. Constantine

  3. Justinian

  4. Osman

  5. Muhammad

  1. Russian civilization emerged nearest to what modern-day city?

  1. St. Petersburg

  2. Kiev

  3. Moscow

  4. Warsaw

  5. Paris

  1. Throughout most of its history the capital of the Byzantine Empire was

  1. Baghdad

  2. Constantinople

  3. Rome

  4. Mecca

  5. Damascus

Thesis Practice: How did the Byzantine Empire change over time yet continue to influence world history after its collapse? ________________________________________________________________________

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