Early Renaissance Art in Italy Spring 2003

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January 16

Art in Context. P/R 12-27; MB 1-28.

Week 2:

January 21

The Tools of the Trade. P/R 27-41; Cennini The Craftsman’s Handbook

January 23

The Thirteenth Century: Venice, Florence and Siena. P/R 43-63; Peter Burke, “The Uses of Works of Art” (CP)

Week 3:

January 28

The Thirteenth Century continued. Creighton Gilbert, “The Pisa Baptistery Pulpit Addresses its Public” (CP)

January 30

Rome in the Thirteenth Century. P/R 63-77

Week 4:

February 4

Museum Trip – Meet at the Philadelphia Museum of Art . Time and Date to be announces. MB 29-108.

February 6

Giotto and the Rebirth of Art. P/R 78-92, Vasari “Life of Giotto” (CP); Hans Belting, “The New Role of Narrative in Public Painting of the Trecento: Historia and Allegory,” Studies in the History of Art, Vol. 16, 1985. (CP)

Week 5:

February 11

The Fourteenth Century in Florence and Siena. P/R 92-110

February 13

The Fourteenth Century in Milan and Naples. P/R 111-127

Week 6:

February 18

Republican Art of the Later Fourteenth Century. P/R 129-160

February 20

Art in the Fourteenth Century Court. P/R 160-192

Week 7:

February 25

Florence and Siena in the Fifteenth Century. P/R 192-227; Lorenzo Ghiberti: “The Commentaries”(CP); Eloise M. Angiola, “Gates of Paradise” and the Florentine Baptistery,” The Art Bulletin (CP).

February 27

Florence continued. Paul Watson: “Brunelleschi’s Cupola, A Great Hill of Earth, and the Pantheon” (CP); Antonio Manetti: “The Life of Ser Brunellesco” (CP); MB 109-153.

Week 8:

March 4


March 6

Florence Under the Medici. P/R 229-253; Sarah Blake McHam, “Donatello’s Bronze David and Judith and Metaphors of Medici Rule in Florence” (CP)

March 11-13


Week 9:

March 18

Houses and Gardens. Matthew G. Looper, “Political Messages in the Medici Palace Garden” (CP); Evelyn Welch, “The Domestic Setting” (CP)

March 20

Fifteenth-Century Rome. P/R 253-263

Week 10:

March 25

Fifteenth-Century Courts. 279-298; Alberti: “On Architecture”

March 27


Week 11:

April 1

Fifteenth-Century Venice. P/R 264-277, 298-308

April 3

Venice, continued. P/R 331-345; Patricia Fortini Brown, “Painting and History in Renaissance Venice” (CP).

Week 12:

April 8

Late Fifteenth-Century Florence. P/R 309-320

April 10

Late Fifteenth-Century Rome. P/R 320-330; Carol Lewine, The Sistine Chapel Walls and the Roman Liturgy, pp. 1-20 and 103-114 (RR); Leopold Ettlinger, The Sistine Chapel Before Michelangelo, pp. 31-42 and 104-119 (RR)

Week 13:

April 15

Late Fifteenth-Century Milan. P/R 320-345

April 17

Leonardo and The High Renaissance. P/R 347-356, Vasari “Life of Leonardo” (CP)

Week 14:

April 22

The Imperial Papacy. P/R 356-373; Partridge/Starn, A Renaissance Likeness, Chs. 1 & 2, pp. 1-74 (RR)

April 24

Review Session



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