Early Renaissance Art in Italy Spring 2003

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There will be a Midterm and a Final Exam. The Midterm will include slide identifications (artist, title of work, date, location, patron, and one significant fact) as well as two comparison essays. The Final Exam will be cumulative and will include three comparisons, several short answers and one essay. The essays will require you to know the assigned readings and may, in fact, focus directly on material covered in the reserve reading.


Formal Analysis Paper 10%, Comparative Paper 35%, Midterm: 15%, Final Exam: 40%. In addition up to 5 points will be available for Class Participation during section meetings. Class Participation cannot lower your grade, it can only improve your overall situation. Attendance, while mandatory, does not count toward the five points; the points will be given based on your participation in classroom discussion about the readings and in response to issues raised by the lectures and section readings.

Week 1:

January 14

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