Early Middle Ages

Leonardo Pisano (of Pisa) called Fibonacci

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Leonardo Pisano (of Pisa) called Fibonacci (son of Bonacci family) 1170-1250

Liber Abaci (Book of Calculation) 1202: Hindo-Arabic numerals Modus Indorum (Method of Indians)

Many arithmetical and algebraic examples: a problem about rabbits leaded to the Fibonacci sequence 1,2,3,5,8,13,… problems about perfect numbers, Chineese remainder theorem, sum of arith/geom series

Practica geometriae 1220: geometry problems based on Euclid’s Elements

Flos 1220: approximation to a root of 10x+2x2+x3=20 (asked by Johannes of Palermo, problem from Omar Khayyam’s book)

Liber Quadratorium 1225 the most impressive work: 1+3+5+…; on Pythagorean triples; both x2+y2 and x2-y2 cannot be squares at the same time; x4-y4 cannot be a square; (a2+b2)(c2+d2)=(ab+cd)2+(ad-bc)2

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