Early Human Beginnings to 1500 A. D. Spring 2012 Ms. Bell – Lafayette High School

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World History I

Early Human Beginnings to 1500 A.D.

Spring 2012

Ms. Bell – Lafayette High School Office F-2 Phone 565-0373


AVID Webpage: http://www.quia.com/pages/avidlhs.html

Textbook: Glencoe, McGraw Hill - World History: The Human Experience The Early Ages

There is an Online version of the student textbook. To access it, google /look up Glencoe, McGraw-Hill and the name of your textbook.

Your User Name to access the textbook is: WHEA

Your Password is: Ch4vu9EcLe

Course Description: World History to 1500 A.D. covers the historical development of people, places, and cultures from prehistory to 1500 A.D. Students will study the influences of geography, religion, the arts, and economics on the development of ancient civilizations. Students will use texts, maps, pictures, stories, diagrams, charts, chronological skills, research skills, writing skills, and technology skills to enhance their understanding of the ancient world and the roots of modern history.

Download 26.86 Kb.

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