Early History of Telecommunications Early Methods of Communication

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Early History of Telecommunications
Early Methods of Communication
Early methods of coded communication consisted primarily of:

  • Signs

  • Gestures

  • Facial expressions

  • Beating and tapping sounds

These elementary, nonverbal methods are still effective means of communication and form the basis for signaling in modern telecommunications.

Early History of the Telegraph
Samuel Morse – Well-known and respected portraitist, Professor of Painting and Sculpture at the University of the City of New York and President of the National Academy of Design from 1826 to 1845.
Ran for mayor of New York City on the Nativist Party ticket. Came in fourth of four candidates and lost badly.
The Morse telegraph

  • Prior to the telegraph – just the postal service

  • Morse perfected the Telegraph and Morse Code in 1837

  • The first public was use in 1844

  • “What hath God wrought?”

  • Morse became a hero of science in both the U.S. and Europe and was a millionaire when he died.

  • The development of the telegraph revolutionized communications

  • Railroads

  • Newspapers

  • Associated Press

  • Politics

  • Civil War years saw dramatic use of the telegraph

  • Helped the North win

  • The war made some companies and sank others

  • Western Union, founded 1856, emerged from the war years as the nation's largest corporation and its first powerful monopoly.

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