Early Civilization

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Aztec - Cortes



Inca – Peru/Andes Mountains, Pizzarro

Quipu – counting divice, beads on a rope
Age of Exploration

Mercantilism – colonies exist for benefit of mother country

Jesuits – Catholic order of Brothers, wanted to educate, started many colleges and schools

Slave Trade

Triangular Trade

Italy- birthplace of Renaissance

Art- more secular (not religious-oriented)

Renaissance Man- talented in many areas (math, drawing, architecture, etc)

Leonardo – considered a true Renaissance man, painted Mona Lisa (perspective)

Michaelangelo – sculpted David, painted Sistine Chapel

Parton – one who pays for art (susually rich families)

Lorenzo de Medici – famous family who paid for art to be created

Protestant Reformation-break from Catholic Church, protestant religions,

Martin Luther – 95 Theses, complaints about Catholic Church (selling indulgences)

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