Early Civilization

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Contemporary World

European Union

Ethnic Cleansing

Partition of India – muslims make Pakistan, hindus have Inda

Gandhi- non agreesive techniques to gain India’s independence from Britain (1947)

Nelson Mandela

Apartheid – legal separation of Africans from whites in South Africa



Fidel Castro- communist leader of Cuba

NAFTA – encouraged free trade among US, Canada and Mexico, great for US, bad for NC (textile jobs)

War on Terror – created Patriot Act

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Sahara Desert – larges desert in the world, mid/northern area of Africa

Peninsula – water on 3 sides (examples: Italy, Florida)

Subcontinent – all the characteristics of a continent but still on a continent (India)


Cultural Diffusion – traditions and rituals from one culture are used by another culture (ex. Greek and Roman Gods)

Types of Governments

Monarchy – dynasty of rulers from one family (King, Queen)

Oligarchy – ruled by a small group


Direct Democracy – each person has a direct vote (ex. New England Town Meetings, referendums)

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