Early Civilization

Rise of Dictators / Totalitarians

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Rise of Dictators / Totalitarians

Great Depression 1920’s Germany – they owe so much money for WWI and they cannot pay

Beer Hall Putsch

Mein Kempf- Hitler’’s book, “My Struggle”, details how he will take over the world

Weimar Republic

Der Fuhrer- Adolf Hitler

Anti-Semitism- against Jewish people



World War II

Attack on Poland- 1939, Hitler tries to take over Poland, last straw, Britain declares war


Soviet Union- Stalin

Great Britain- Chamberlain and then Churchill

United States- FDR

Germany- Hitler

Italy- Mussolini


Stalingrad Germany vs Russia, Russia wins, Germany loses thousands in freezing winter

El Alamein- North Africa


Ardennes Forest

Nonaggression Pact – Germany signs with Britain BEFORE 1939 , Hitler [romising not to take anymore countries; Britain appeases Germany

Invasion of Poland – Hitler breaks the nonaggression pact and takes another country (Poland)

Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941 Japanese destroy American Navy, brings US into WW2

D-Day- June 6, 1944: allies invade French Coast to begin fighting Germany

Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Atomic Bombs dropped on Japan to end US war in the Pacific (it weas a way to save lives)

Yalta & Potsdam Conference


Holocaust- Hitler’s incarceration and murder of millions of Jew, Gypsies, Catholics – any undesirables

Final Solution- Hitler’s plan to rid the world of undesirables (Jews, etc)

Creation of Israel – homeland for Jewish people, created in 1948, took land from Palestinians

United Nations

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