Early atomic structure and nuclear chemistry chapter 4 Sections 5, 6, 7, 8

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Unit 9


CHAPTER 4 Sections 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8

CHAPTER 19 All Sections


1. Define the term atom as understood today.

2. Define the term model.

3. Describe the history of the development and major attributes of each model leading to the present atomic model.

4. Summarize the parts of Dalton's Atomic Theory.

5. Know the three types of radiation and how to identify them experimentally.

6. Define the proton, neutron, and electron in terms of relative mass, charge, symbol and location in the atom.

7. Determine the atomic mass unit.

8. Determine the atomic number, mass number, and number of sub-atomic particles in a given atom of an element.

9. Know the atomic mass of an atom and how it is related to isotopes.

10. Define the term isotope.

11. Show how isotopes of an atom differ and are similar.

12. Use isotopic data to determine the average atomic mass of an element.

13. Identify the 3 major types of nuclear decay.

14. Understand the difference between fission and fusion.

15. Write and balance a nuclear equation.

16. Understand the process of nuclear decay and radioactive half-life.

17. Define the term radioisotope.

18. Explain the characteristics of a good medical radioisotope.

19. Identify where in the body different radioisotopes are used.

20. Explain how radioactivity is used in security.

21. Explain how radioactivity is used in industry.

22. Define the terms chain reaction, moderator, fuel rod.

23. Explain how a nuclear reactor works.

24. Explain how the atomic bombs worked.


2/27 Wednesday Unit 8 Test

HW: Read/Notes History Packet

2/28 Thursday History of Atomic Theory

HW: None
3/1 Friday Go Over Unit 8 Test

Continue History of Atomic Theory

HW: None
3/5 Tuesday TEACH DAY

Subatomic Particles

Atomic Number, Mass Number, Isotopes

HW: Wrksht: Subatomic Particles

3/6 Wednesday Go Over Wrksht

Atomic Mass

LAB 9.2: Isotopic Pennies

HW: Finish Isotopic Pennies Lab

3/7 Thursday Nuclear Reactions

Nuclear Decay

HW: Study For Quiz

Wrskht: Nuclear Reactions

Bring 2 pennies
3/8 Friday Quiz: Particles, Atomic Mass

Go Over Wrksht

Decay Series

Lab: Nuclear Decay Reactions

HW: Finish Decay Series Reactions
3/11 Monday Half-Life

HW: Wrksht: Half-Life

3/12 Tuesday Go Over Half- Life Wrksht

Lab: Understanding Radioactive Half-Life (page 183)

HW: Wrksht: More Half-Life
3/13 Wednesday Go Over Wrksht

Nuclear Reactors and Atomic Bombs

HW: Finish Half-Life Lab

3/14 Thursday Medical and Research uses for Nuclear Rxns

HW: Work on Review
3/15 Friday Video: Dirty Bomb

Medical and Research uses for Nuclear Rxns

HW: Work on Review
3/18 Monday Discuss Medical & Research Uses of Nuclear Rxns

HW: Work on Review

3/19 Tuesday Go Over Review

HW: Study For Unit 9 Test

3/20 Wednesday Unit 9 Test

HW: Bring Textbook

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