Eaas 2014 Conference Program (Excerpt) April 3-6, 2014

Workshop 3 [Friday 13:30-15:30; 16:00-18:00]

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Workshop 3 [Friday 13:30-15:30; 16:00-18:00]
Writing and Visualizing Justice, War, and Peace in the American West: Local, Regional, National, and Global Perspectives”

(Neil Campbell, University of Derby, UK, and David Rio, University of the Basque Country, Spain)

Session 1

Jesús A. González (University of Cantabria, Spain): “Transnational Postwesterns: Enrique Urbizu’s Films”

Marek Paryz (University of Warsaw, Poland): “Modern Terrorism in the Old West: The War on Terror and Intersecting Film Genres in Jonah Hex
J. E. Smyth (University of Warwick, UK): “The Un-American Western: High Noon (1952), Genre Cleansing and the Body of the Cold Warrior”
Matt Carter (University of Essex, UK): “ ‘This Country's Hard on People’: No Country for Old Men as Political Allegory of 9/11”
Session 2

Christine Bold (University of Guelph, Canada): “Vaudeville, Violence, and Indigenizing the Western”

Janne Lahti (University of Helsinki, Finland): “Hiding Violence: Everyday Life, Colonial Power, and Military Conquest in America’s Southwest Borderlands”

Petr Kopecký (University of Ostrava, Czech Republic): “The Grapes of War: Jeffers, Steinbeck and the National Narrative”

Ángel Chaparro (UPV/EHU, University of the Basque Country, Spain): “Loggers and Lovers: A Musical Story of Love and Violence in the American West”

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