Eaas 2014 Conference Program (Excerpt) April 3-6, 2014

Workshop 24 [Friday 13:30-15:30; 16:00-18:00]

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Workshop 24 [Friday 13:30-15:30; 16:00-18:00]
From the New Orleans Riot to the Million Hoodie March: Racial Conflict and Racial Justice in the Deep South Since the Civil War”

(Maarten Zwiers, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and Clive Webb, University of Sussex, UK)

Session 1

Stephen Berrey (University of Michigan, USA): “Black Criminality and the National Narratives of Race in 1950s Mississippi”

Laurie Green (University of Texas at Austin, USA): “What's Race Got to Do With It? The Politics of Hunger in America, 1967-1977”

Christine Knauer (University of Tübingen, Germany): “ ‘Crimes in Which Negroes Are the Victims’: Lynching and the White South after 1945”

Gretchen Long (Williams College, USA): “Medical Justice in the Post-Civil War South”
Session 2

Kathryn Tucker (University of Georgia, USA): “Crossing Jim Crow: Legal Proscription versus Community Toleration of Interracial Relationships in the Jim Crow South”

Mark de Vries (Leiden University, The Netherlands): “Conservative Intentions, Radical Outcome: The Free Labor Ideology and the Freedmen’s Bureau in Northwestern Louisiana”
Maarten Zwiers (University of Groningen, The Netherlands): “The Iron Curtain and the Color Line: Cold War Politics and Segregation in the Deep South”

Evening: [Friday]

Finding the Light”: Performance by Lisa Hayes. Photographs by Melissa Roth (AvB Auditorium)

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