Eaas 2014 Conference Program (Excerpt) April 3-6, 2014

Workshop 16 [Friday 13:30-15:30; 16:00-18:00

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Workshop 16 [Friday 13:30-15:30; 16:00-18:00
The Ethics of War and Conflict in Graphic Narratives”

(Rebecca Scherr, University of Oslo, Norway, and Mihaela Precup, University of Bucharest, Romania)

Session 1
Dana Mihăilescu (University of Bucharest, Romania): “Haunting Specters of World War II Memories from a Transgenerational Ethical Perspective in Miriam Katin’s We Are on Our Own and Letting It Go

Laurike in ‘t Veld (University of Chichester, UK): “ ‘Brotha’s’ and

Trauma: Juxtapositions of Violence in 99 Days

Katalin Orban (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary): “Mediating

Violence: Covering Local Conflict in Sacco’s Sarajevo and Stassen’s Rwanda”

Zeljka Svrljuga (University of Bergen, Norway): “Palimpsesting Nat Turner’s Rebellion”

Session 2
Michael Prince (University of Agder, Norway): “ ‘Whose Side Are You
on?’: Negotiations Between Individual Liberty and Collective Responsibility in Millar and McNiven’s Marvel Civil War”

Ian Lewis Gordon (National University of Singapore): “Superman Goes to War”

Francisco O. D. Veloso (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and John Bateman (University of Bremen, Germany): “A Not Very Civil War: Effecting Attitude Changes via Visual Narrative”

David Huxley (Manchester School of Art, UK): “The Making of a Man:

Heroic Bodies in Vietnam War Comics”

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