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  1. This Program forms the basis of global infrastructure with the technical architecture of the IP system complementing the legal and operational architecture. The Program provides customized software solutions and associated training and project management services to support the efficient processing of IP applications in Member States, effective collaboration between IP Offices, and support to copyright collective management organizations (CMOs). The activities of the Program are targeted particularly for IP Offices in developing and least developed countries.

  1. All WIPO business solutions are provided at no cost, although the remaining project costs (for example IT hardware and staff costs) are borne by the IP Office. 17 of the IP Offices using WIPO software platforms are in LDCs. The systems provided include the IP Office Administration System (IPAS), WIPO Scan, WIPO EDMS (Electronic Document Management System). This Program also develops and provides international platforms for processing and prosecution of IP applications such as WIPO DAS (Digital Access Service for transmission of priority documents) and WIPO CASE (Central Access to Search and Examination dossier information) to facilitate international cooperation by IP Offices and to provide cost-effective and efficient services to global users of the IP system.


  1. In view of current trends and demands from IP Offices, it is expected that the growth in the number of IP Offices benefiting from the WIPO solutions will reach a total of around 80. While responding to new demands, implementation strategies will see a progressive shift towards improvement, consolidation and integration of WIPO’s software platforms and its services as well as resultant sustainability and ownerships of administration systems at IP Offices.

  1. The use of WIPO business solutions will continue to be a very cost-effective option for IP Offices, resulting in costs savings and lower risk than other available alternatives. WIPO’s business solutions will continue to be improved and its services consolidated.  The challenge for the biennium will be to continue the provision of high quality services in a cost-effective manner, while demand continues to increase.

  1. The following outlines the specific priorities for the biennium:

  • Sustainability of service levels and business continuity will continue to be enhanced by implementing a business continuity and contingency plan and by prioritizing knowledge transfer, training activities and reactive support services;

  • New software modules for online filing (WIPO File) and for online publication and data exchange (WIPO Publish) will be completed and made available to IP Offices that are ready to deploy them;

  • The IPAS system will be enhanced to support new features, including better support for Madrid and PCT applications, better support for industrial designs, and other features requested by users;

  • The AIPMS system will be phased out and replaced by IPAS which now fully supports the Arabic language;

  • Support processes will continue to be refined (online helpdesk);

  • A first version of the WCC (WIPO Copyright Connection) system will be made available to a first group of CMOs in developing countries or LDCs;

  • The WIPO CASE (Centralized Access to Search and Examination results) system will be extended to new participating offices and a public version will be developed to provide global access to the dossier content of participating offices;​

  • Technical assistance for IP Offices in LDCs for the digitization and data capturing of backlog IP records.

  1. The design, planning and implementation of activities undertaken by Program 15 are informed and guided by the relevant DA Recommendations in particular 1, 2 and 10. 

  1. Program 15 collaborates primarily with other Programs as illustrated below:




Inability of IP offices to sustain and continue self-supporting operation of WIPO software systems used for their core business.

Ensure training for local IP Office staff. Establish formal procedures for software support and maintenance.

Lack of access to technical and proprietary information held by relevant stakeholders, which may be required for the implementation of the WCC project.

Invite relevant stakeholders to participate in the WCC project Business expert Group meetings to share relevant information.


Expected Results

Performance Indicators



IV.4 Enhanced technical and knowledge infrastructure for IP Offices and other IP institutions leading to better services (cheaper, faster, higher quality) to their stakeholders and better outcome of IP Administration

No. of Offices using WIPO Infrastructure Platforms

22 Offices as of March 2015

Asia and the Pacific: 12

Transition countries: 1

Developed countries: 9

29 Offices end 2017

Average Service Level of IP Offices assisted (ranging from 1 to 5)

2.9 end 2015

3 end 2017

No. of Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) in developing countries and LDCs participating in regional and global networks facilitated by WIPO

Zero CMOs end 2015

7 CMOs end 2017


  1. The increase in the overall resources (both personnel and non-personnel resources) in 2016/17 compared to the 2014/15 Budget after Transfers reflects the transfer of responsibilities for the development, deployment of the WCC software platform and related support to CMOs from Program 3 (Copyright and Related rights) to the Program. In addition, the increase reflects the additional personnel resources deployed from Program 12 to reinforce the support to IP Offices globally.

Program 15: Resources by Result

(In thousands of Swiss francs)

Program 15: Resources by Object of Expenditure

(In thousands of Swiss francs)

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