E wo/pbc/23/3 original: english date: june 4, 2015 Program and Budget Committee Twenty-Third Session Geneva, July 13 to 17, 2015


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    1. The increasing imprint of the DA on the Organization’s work and the corresponding needs and requests of Member States will be the driving force for the Program’s activities in the 2016/17 biennium. Considerable progress has been made in previous biennia in the implementation of DA Recommendations, notably through the implementation of DA projects with a more mature project management methodology including systematic monitoring and evaluation of all DA projects mainstreaming of completed project activities into the Organization’s regular activities, implementation of the Coordination Mechanisms and Monitoring, Assessing and Reporting Modalities (‘Coordination Mechanism’) as approved by Member States in the form of progress and evaluation reports, undertaking of the Independent Review of the implementation of the DA Recommendations, and an increased involvement of Member States, in particular, developing countries and LDCs.

    1. The continuation of the mainstreaming of the DA and the realization of its goals will continue to guide the expanding developmental landscape of the Organization’s work during the biennium.


    1. The Program will continue to ensure that DA Recommendations and principles are mainstreamed in an appropriate, responsive and sustainable manner throughout the Organization’s development-related work. To this end, it will continue to coordinate and facilitate the work of other programs in the implementation of the DA Recommendations. The Program will facilitate the implementation of the decisions of the WIPO General Assembly and the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) through active coordination across all WIPO sectors, and by working collaboratively and proactively with Member States. In this regard, the Program will support new projects and activities proposed by Member States and their implementation by the concerned Programs in the Organization.

    1. The work of the CDIP will continue to be supported, in particular, through facilitating negotiation processes among Member States; developing strategies for the implementation of DA Recommendations; coordinating the management and effective implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of DA projects and mainstreamed DA-related activities; implementing recommendations and activities arising from the Independent Review; and supporting the dissemination of information and awareness raising on DA-related matters. DA projects, including subsequent phases of ongoing projects approved by the CDIP will continue to be fully funded in accordance with the Budgetary Process Applied to Projects, contained in document A/48/5/Rev., as approved by Member States in 2010.

    1. The biennium 2016/17 will see the organization of an International Conference on IP and Development. In addition, the Program will continue to facilitate the discussion and implementation of any new activities related to IP and development as requested by the CDIP and the WIPO General Assembly.




Divergent Member States' views regarding the mainstreaming of DA recommendations in the work of WIPO

Engage in regular consultations with Member States aiming at facilitating the convergence of Member State views on the mainstreaming of DA recommendations.


Expected Results

Performance Indicators



III.3 Mainstreaming of the DA recommendations in the work of WIPO

Development principles included in the DA recommendations effectively integrated in the work of WIPO programs

n/a (new PI)

Enhanced mainstreaming of principles included in the 45 DA recommendations into WIPO's programs


Effective follow up to the implementation of the recommendations of the Independent Review of the DA

n/a (new PI)

WIPO has in place an effective system to monitor the implementation of the recommendations emanating from the review


Improved mechanism for the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation of and reporting on, new DA projects and activities

n/a (new PI)

New mechanism that takes into account recommendations emanating from the evaluations of DA Projects discussed during the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th sessions of the CDIP.

III.5 Enhanced understanding of the DA by Member States, IGOs, civil society and other stakeholders

Technical assistance activities undertaken by WIPO reflect the Development Agenda dimension and outcomes of DA projects.

n/a (new PI)

System developed to ensure that all technical assistance activities undertaken are in compliance with the DA principles


% of satisfied participants in events on the WIPO Development Agenda targeting Member States, Civil Society, IGOs and stakeholders

n/a in 2014 (per PPR 2014)



    1. The overall resources for Program 8 in the 2016/17 biennium remain at the same level as the 2014/15 Budget after Transfers. The variances in resources across Expected Results III.3 and III.5 are primarily due to the postponement of the International Conference on IP and Development from 2014/15 to 2016/17 and increased focus on events on the WIPO Development Agenda targeting Member States, IGOs, civil society and other stakeholders. As a result, additional resources are directed towards activities under Expected Result III.5.

Program 8: Resources by Result

(in thousands of Swiss francs)

Program 8: Resources by Object of Expenditure

(in thousands of Swiss francs)

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