E. W. Marland used his fortune to beautify which city?

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Pre-AP Oklahoma History Name:
Unit 6 Study Guide= Chapters 18, 19, and 20

  1. Who was the first elected governor of Oklahoma?

  2. Why were literacy test laws passed?

  3. The capital of Oklahoma was moved from ______________ to __________________________.

  4. What ideas were advocated by Oklahoma Socialists?

  5. Describe the numbers of Socialist party members in Oklahoma in 1910.

  6. Why did the Socialist party not survive after WWI?

  7. What was the result of the Green Corn Rebellion?

  8. Why did the legislature not stop the Ku Klux Klan?

  9. What is martial law?

  10. What was the result of Governor Walton’s impeachment and trial?

  11. Why was Henry Johnston removed from office?

  12. What was a major contradiction of Alice Mary Robertson’s life?

  13. Why was Kate Barnard’s work in the Department of Charities and Corrections shut down?

  14. Who was the founder of the 101 Ranch?

  15. Why did the 101 Ranch gain international fame?

  16. What kinds of problems did the 101 Ranch face in the 1930s?

  17. How did large-scale ranching change in the 1920s?

  18. The most prominent new breed of cattle was the _________________.

  19. The land, climate, and crops in north-central Oklahoma were most similar to the land, climate, and crops of ______________________________________________________________________.

  20. Only Texas and Mississippi produced more __________________ than Oklahoma.

  21. What caused a boom in the production of wheat in Oklahoma?

  22. How did Oklahoma rank in national oil production at the time of statehood?

  23. E.W. Marland used his fortune to beautify which city?

  24. How did E.W. Marland lose his oil fortune and mansion?

  25. What controversy surrounded E.W. Marland’s later life?

  26. Why is the land that the Osage Indians were forced to buy said to be one of the best real estate deals in American history?

  27. How did Oklahoma rank in national oil production in the 1920s?

  28. For what is Elva Shartel Ferguson known?

  29. What were Elva Shartel Ferguson’s feelings toward Edna Ferber?

  30. Describe the social classes of Oklahoma in early statehood.

  31. Why was there such great inequity between rich and poor in former Indian Territory?

  32. What is a sharecropper?

  33. Who was Pretty Boy Floyd?

  34. Which Oklahoma town was called the “Oil Capital of the World”?

  35. Describe oil boomtowns.

  36. How did race affect work in the oilfields?

  37. How did black Oklahomans try to cope with segregation in the 1920s?

  38. What was the Tulsa Race Riot?

  39. What caused the Tulsa Race Riot?

  40. What questions have not been answered about the Tulsa Race Riot?

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