Dynamic Stretching

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Dynamic Stretching: 

(1)  World’s Greatest Stretch: Lunge forward and push your inside elbow against the inside of your calf. Then lean back, putting most of your weight on your back foot. You should feel it in your inner quad. Repeat with other side multiple times.

(2)  Quad Stretch: Bring your heel to your butt and lean forward with your opposite hand out in front of you. This is kind of like a yoga pose. Then repeat with other leg multiple times.

(3)  Backward Lunge Twist: It looks just like it sounds. You do a backward lunge and then twist your upper body (torso) parallel to the wall with both arms straight out to the side. Repeat with other side multiple times.

(4)  Lateral Right/Left Front Stretch: Stand with your feet about two-three shoulder widths apart then lean over to your right side stretching the inner thy muscle. Then lean over to the left side doing to same thing. The last thing you do is go back to the middle position and do a deep squat. Repeat a couple times.

(5)  Frankenstein Stretch: Swing your right leg up and touch your toes with the opposite arm. Then bring the leg slowly back down to the ground. Do the same thing with the left leg. You are moving forward with every step. Repeat multiple times.

(6)  Windshield Wipers: Lay on the ground with your arms straight out to the side and your legs straight in the air. Then rotate your hips so your legs touch the ground. Then swing them back over to the other side making a half arc like motion. Repeat 10 times.

(7)  Scorpions: Lie on the ground face down with your arms out to the sides and swing your right leg over to your left side. You want your leg to barely touch the ground and then bring it back over and do the same thing with your left leg. Repeat 10 times.

(8)  Sumo Stretch: Stand with your feet about a shoulder width apart with your toes slightly pointed outwards. Then bend down with your legs straight and wrap your fingers around the tips of your toes. You never let go of your toes. Then go down as far as you can in a deep squat position. Then stand up slowly with your fingers still wrapped around your toes until you can’t straighten your legs anymore. Repeat 10 times.

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