Dwc 101 006 Guiseppe Butera Seminar Reflection I

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Seminar Reflection 1

Elisa Davalos
DWC 101 006
Guiseppe Butera
Seminar Reflection I
A distinctive idea that Homer explains in The Iliad is the distinction between soul and body. The author exemplifies how the body is real life and how the soul is gone after death. From that idea, the purpose of the distinction between body and soul in comparison to real life is a question that embarks on my mind. According to Homer, what happens to the body after death is what really matters and, on that occasion, the soul is impacted. In Book 16, Homer states, But once his soul and the life force have left him, send Death to carry him home, send soothing Sleep, all the way till they reach the broad land of Lycia.” (538-540) to explain what happened to the soul after death. Homer also discusses how the fate of the gods impacts the soul of their body such as in Book 6. Accordingly, the question of what the impact of fate on gods is, arises on my mind. When the author states, No man will hurl me down to Death, against my fate. And fate No one alive has ever escaped it, neither brave man nor coward (581-583) he explains the importance of fate in gods. These ideas that are presented in The Iliad have an impact on the purpose of the whole book.

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