During the reading, find examples of medieval romance in the story

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (due at the end of class) Name ____________________________________

During the reading, find examples of medieval romance in the story:

Larger than Life character: __Green Knight

Hero who faces a challenge or test: ___Sir Gawin

Supernatural or magical elements: ___Green Knight is beheaded, yet still lives

Hidden or mistaken identity: ____Green Knight is really the lord of the castle

What do you think the holly is symbolic of (line 28)? ___Peace

Why is the Green Knight green? What does the color symbolize? __Green makes him a supernatural element to the romance. The color symbolizes are rebirth of Gawain as a knight

What is your impression of the Green Knight? He is arrogant

In lines 61-64, what is the Green Knight’s tone (attitude) as he is speaking to King Arthur and his men? He is taunting them and challenging their honor

What is knightly characteristic is the Green Knight challenging? If they are as honorable as everyone says they are

What is the challenge that the Green Knight proposes to King Arthur and his knights? Someone takes a stroke at him with the axe, he gets to return the stroke in one year and a day from then

Why does King Arthur accept the challenge? Because the Green Knight is challenging the integrity of the knights; he won’t let his code of chivalry be questioned

In lines 136-139, how does Sir Gawain’s explanation of himself reflect his role as a knight? He is very humble, talking about his heritage and how he became a knight. He is mindful of his allegiance to King Arthur

Why does Gawain wait to accept the challenge? He was sitting with Guinevere, so he may have been waiting for her approval to move. He may have thought the challenge a joke. He may have waited to see how is king would respond.

After the Green Knight leaves, why do King Arthur and Sir Gawain laugh in line 195? Most likely at the absurdity of the challenge. It was very hard to believe.

What does Sir Gawain’s agreement to remain silent about the gift (sash) suggest about his character? Depending upon how you look at it, it may make him seem like he is loyal to the lady or his is disloyal to the lord. He is loyal to the lady, because he keeps his word with her to not mention the sash. He is disloyal to the lord, because he promised the lord that he would reveal whatever treasures he received that day.

Why does he finally accept the gift? He believes the sash will protect him in his meeting with the Green Knight

Why doesn’t he tell the King about the sash? To honor the promise he made with the lady, and possibly because he is embarrassed that he has taken a token to help protect him

Is this honorable? All in how you look at it, similar to question above

Why does Gawain flinch at the first swing, what is his explanation? Because he is human and knows once his head rolls off it won’t’ be put back on

Why does the Green Knight mock Sir Gawain? Because he is being cowardly, which is not a knight’s trait

Why does the Knight stop his swing the second time? Because Sir Gawain was honest about the kisses

Why does the Green Knight scold Sir Gawain? Because he is trying to pick a fight with the Green Knight, which the knight was never trying to do with Gawain, he was merely posing a challenge

What does the Green Knight reveal about himself? He is the lord of the castle

Why is Sir Gawain upset with himself? He knows he failed as a knight by being weak and taking the sash

Why does the Green Knight forgive Sir Gawain? Because he confesses to everything at the end

Why does Sir Gawain decline the Green Knight in the end? Perhaps it is a reminder of a his failure or perhaps he wishes to return to court and be a noble knight again

Find three examples of alliteration in the poem:

“And fired of the flint flew out from the hooves of the foal.”

“And that blinding bit bites in at the knight’s bare neck-“

“Than to nick the nape of the neck, so it split to the skin.”

Situation irony is the contrast between what is expected from what actually occurs. What is ironic about Sir Gawain accepting the sash?

He takes the sash because he believes it will protect him in the challenge with the Green Knight, but in reality it is the reason why the Green Knight gives him the nick.

Is honor worth dying for? Personal opinion

What ideals has Sir Gawain betrayed or has he? personal opinion

Write a paragraph that supports or does not support Sir Gawain’s actions as a knight. Did he uphold the code of chivalry or do you feel that his actions betrayed the code?

Your paragraph should include your stance, at least two examples from the text to support your stance, and an explanation of how those examples support your stance.

Your response may be written neatly or typed. If I can’t read your writing, then I suggest you type up your response for full credit.
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