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2361.27 - Enhancement.

Cultural resource sites should be managed so as to realize their recreation and education values to the public. Enhancement should be an important goal of the Regional and Forest cultural resources and interpretive services programs. In addition to in-Service funding, explore available opportunities for out-Service funding and cooperation. Enhancement programs may include various approaches, including brochures, slide shows, on-site developments, interpretive signs and trails, exhibits in administrative sites, and education and VIS programs. Consider all potential approaches to increasing the public's awareness and use of cultural resources as a recreational experience.

Cultural resource developments can also provide an opportunity to inform the public about other Forest Service resources, activities, and multiple use management. Interpreting the scientific and heritage values of cultural resources can be one of the most effective means of curtailing vandalism and commercial exploitation of cultural resource sites.

Identify opportunities and priorities for interpretation of cultural resources for public education and enjoyment in the cultural resources planning assessment (FSM 2361.21).

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