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2361.23 - Evaluation.

Evaluation of cultural resources for the National Register of Historic Places requires that certain basic information beavailable, including nature of the resource, time periods represented,and the extent and depth of cultural deposits. When survey does not provide this information, additional investigation may be necessary.

This may include more indepth archival research, architectural study, or professional archeological test excavation. Forest Supervisors shall secure expertise of appropriate PCRS's in the evaluation process and in preparation of subsequent documentation.

1. Evaluation Procedure. Evaluation requires assessment by a PCRS and review and concurrence by the SHPO, or, if there is a question ordisagreement, a formal determination by the Keeper of the National Register (36 CFR 63).

Determination that a property is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places provides the same legal status as listing on theRegister.

2. Priorities for Evaluation. All cultural resources on National Forest lands are to be evaluated. The following order of priority is recommended:

a. Properties that may be adversely affected by proposed land management activities.

b. Properties undergoing deterioration due to vandalism, public use, erosion, or other forces.

c. Properties of known significance, for example, those recommended for evaluation in Forest cultural resource overviews.

d. Other cultural resources.

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