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2361.03 - Policies

1. Provide for the active management of cultural resources to serve as a source of knowledge about the nation's cultural heritage, to provide recreational opportunities for the public, and to facilitate the management of other Forest resources.
2. Emphasize the importance of protection of cultural resourc from the standpoint of long-term cultural and societal values, not just to make way for other activities.

3. Integrate cultural resource management in project planning so that 36 CFR 800 procedures are implemented to ensure compliance without project delays.

4. Protect cultural resources from damage by project activities or vandalism through project design, individual site identification, protection measures, training, monitoring and coordination with the Law Enforcement Staff.

5. If cultural resource damage is discovered, take action to prevent further deterioration through prompt damage assessment action,collection of damages, restoration and repair, and funding of stabilization priorities.

6. National Register sites should have the highest priority for necessary stabilization. Procedures are in FSM 2361.28.

7. Consider restoration and repair of damaged sites to be a 36 CFR 800 "undertaking."

8. Encourage protection of non-federally owned sites located within or adjacent to National Forest boundaries as required by Executive Order 11593 and Public Law 94-422.

9. In accordance with Forest plans, prepare and implement a planning assessment identifying Forest priorities for cultural resources management, including interpretive opportunities (FSM 2361.21).

10. Conduct all National Forest activities and programs in compliance with the Settlement Order and Agreement dated September 10, 1986 (FSM 2361.05, item 10).

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