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2361.7 - Cultural Resource Data System.

1. Automated Information System. Records necessary for cultural resource management and planning must be maintained as part of the Cultural Resource Automated Information System as described in the Region3 Procedural Guide For Computer Coding, Archeological and Historical Site Inventory, form R3-FS-2300-2, Inventory Standards And Accounting (IS&A), form R3-FS-2300-4, and Using The Cultural Resources Automated File System.

Data from IS&A forms will be entered into the Automated Cultural Resource Information System by December 31 of each year for the preceeding fiscalyear.

2. Cultural Resource Atlas. Each Supervisor's Office shall maintain a separate set of topographic maps or overlays to record cultural resource information. Information recorded on the maps shall include location of inventoried cultural resources and areas where field inventories have been conducted, including type and extent of field coverage. This information shall be keyed to cultural resource inventory forms and appropriate reports.

2361.71 - Storage.

The Region will use a mixed physical and automated file system. All sites, surveys and clearances shall be part of the Regional automated system. Physical files of these and other cultural resource data may be used by each Forest to meet its specific needs. Line officers shall ensure restricted access to site locational information and maps (FSM 2361.28).

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