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vard. Murriel married Charles C. Erwin, of Forest City, N. C,

in 1929 ; James N. married Lillian Allen in 1933,
John Earl Oakes, of Burlington, N. C, married Vera, daugh-

ter of James B. and Margaret Wrenn Apple, in 1916, and became

a member of the congregation ; his wife was already a member

of Buffalo. Their children are Shirley and Kenneth Kay.

Dr. Arthur 0. Spoon married Nannie Caffey, of High Point,

in 1915 and she united with Buffalo by certificate from the

Presbyterian Church at High Point. They have one son,

Arthur 0., Jr.

Patrick H. Cunningham, son of Andrew and Elizabeth Whit-

tington Cunningham, married Mrs. Alice Owen Mitchell, widow

Members of the Congregation 11

of Joseph, and daughter of Albert and Martha Owen, of Hali-

fax, Va., in 1897. He united with Buffalo on profession of faith

in 1915, and his wife by certificate from Bessemer Avenue Pres-

byterian Church. They had no children, but reared Everet

Cunningham and Evelyn Hupp, daughter of Andrew and

Myrtle Abbott Hupp.

W. B. Thacker, of Caswell County, located here in 1915, in

charge of the Textile Dairy. He married Lillian Charles, of High

Point, and their children are William C. and Mary Louise.

Mr. Thacker was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church,

but Mrs. Thacker and the children are members of Buffalo.
Edward P. Hancock, son of Calvin and Cynthia Lassiter

Hancock, married Margaret Vaughn, and they united with

Buffalo in 1915. Their children are Austin and Margaret.

Austin married lone Michael in 1923 and Margaret married

David Settle.
Leighton W. McFarland, son of John A. and Catherine

McArthur McFarland, of Cumberland County, united with

Buffalo by certificate from the Church of the Covenant, Fay-

etteville Presbytery, in 1916. He married Myrtle, daughter of

John Henry and Alice Leonard Clemmons, in 1908, and their

children are Lois V., Catherine E., and Leighton "W., Jr.

Mrs. Mary W. Rankin, daughter of William D. and Mary E.

Wharton- Wharton, united with Buffalo by certificate in 1916.

She had united with Buffalo in 1883, and was dismissed to Red

Springs, N. C, Presbyterian Church in 1894 when she married

Rev. S. M. Rankin, son of Robert C. and Mary McLean Rankin.
Jason H. Ham, son of William and Jane Davis Ham, of

Jamestown, married Mary, daughter of Addison and Cornelia

AUred, of Jamestown, in 1902, and their children are Mamie J.,

John W., Mittie A., and Woodrow W. Mamie J. married Rob-

ert Bachelor, and Mittie A. married Hampton Cook. Mr. Ham

united with Buffalo on profession of faith in 1916, and Mrs.

Ham by certificate from the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Rita H. Armfield, son of Needham and Frances Ward Arm-

field, of Jamestown, united with Buffalo on profession of faith

in 1916. He married Delia, daughter of Thomas E. and Frances

Haizlip Morphis, and their children are Frances, Elizabeth,

78 History of Buffalo Preshyterimi Church and Her People

Louise, Elsie Lee and Frederick S. This family later joined

the Baptist Church.

J, Leonard Perdew, sou of J. M. and Myrtle Hall Perdew, of

Rockingham County, married Annie, daughter of W. W. and

Mollie Robinson Newell, in 1917, and became identified with

Buffalo. Their children are Louise, J. Leonard, Jr., Katherine,

Myrtle and William.
Mrs. Pearl Tyson, widow of John W., united with Buffalo

by certificate from the Methodist Church in 1917. She is the

daughter of H. L. P. and Celestia Rankin Watson ; married

John W. Tyson in 1901, and their children are Paul H., Helen C,

Ruth F., Sadie V., and Johnnie W. Helen C. married Harold

C. Mills ; Ruth F. married James L. Jones ; Sadie V. married

Don C. Cox. Some of these are still members and others have

gone to other churches.

W. Vance Trollinger, son of Daniel M. and Annie Bell Rob-

inson Trollinger, of China Grove, N. C, united with Buffalo

by certificate from the Third Presbyterian Church, of Green-

ville, S. C, in 1918. He married first Ada L. Wrenn, and their

children were Ivey, Norma, Ada Bell, Nannie, North, Thelma M.,

and Vance. His second marriage was to Mrs. Lula Laughlin

Winecoff. His stepson, Fred W. Winecoff, also united with


William H. Wrenn, son of David and Nannie Foster Wrenn,

of Alamance County, became affiliated with Buffalo in 1918. He

married Mamie, daughter of W. H. and Eliza Stewart Sikes, and

their children are Howard H., Carl, Clarence, Clyde, James,

Ethel, Mildred and Ellen. Howard H. married Cornelia Wea-

ver ; Carl married first Lennie Hester, and second Romey Amick ;

Clarence married Beulah Squires.
Jarvis Hart, son of German and Mary Keck Hart, of Chat-

ham County, married Ola, daughter of A. E. and Ida Ward

Miller, in 1904, and united with Buffalo in 1918. Their child,

Irene, married D. J. Drake.

Luther J. Blackwood, son of Sydney and Catherine Lay-

cock Blackwood, of Orange County, married first Daisy G.

Allison, and second Clara, daughter of Jesse and Sarah Wil-

liams Waynick, in 1911. The children by the second marriage

Members of the Congregation 79

were Erwin S., Aldrow, Roger, George and James. Mr. Black-

wood and wife united with Buffalo in 1919.

R. D. Tucker came from China Grove in 1919 and united

with Buffalo. He married Bessie Smith, also of China Grove,

and their child is Fred W.
Milton C. Foust, son of Robert B. and Alice Starr Foust, of

the Mount Hope Church section, married Jessie, daughter of

Charles A. and Maggie Denny McNeely, in 1919, and united

with Buft'alo by certificate from Mount Hope Reformed Church.

Their children are Charles Robert and Milton McNeely.
John H. Coble, son of Eli and Betty Wilson Coble, of Ran-

dolph County, married Cornice, daughter of J. W. and Margaret

Oakley McAdams, in 1931. He became identified with Buffalo

in 1919. Their children are Maynard, Margurete and Meredith.

Vance H. Hart, son of German and Mary Keck Hart, of

Chatham County, married Martha, daughter of Henry and Ellie

Willett Morris, in 1910, and united with Buffalo in 1919. Their

children are Lessie, Virginia, jMagdalene and Vance H., Jr.

Neil A. McFarland, son of Neil A., of Cumberland County,

and nephew of Leighton W., united with Buffalo by certificate

from the Church of the Covenant, Fayetteville Presbytery, in

1920. He married Joy Rebecca, daughter of Daniel and May

Hudson Steele, in 1920, and their child is Neil A., Jr.
Neil A. McFarland 's brother, John Watson, and a sister,

Agnes, also united with Buffalo.

Thomas Howard Ward, son of T. Oscar and Minnie Spivey

Ward, united with Buffalo in 1921. He married Lillian, daugh-

ter of Samuel and Daisy Holder Ziglar, in 1928, and their

children are Thomas and Robert.

J. Lawson Dick, son of John C. and Susan Hanner Dick,

married Mary E., daughter of W. Julian and Mollie Cannon

Hendrix, in 1921, and united with Buffalo by certificate from

Bethel Presbyterian Church. In 1929 they were dismissed to

the Burlington Presbyterian Church.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Booth united with Buffalo by cer-

tificate from the Reformed Church, Somerville, N. J,, in 1921.

They were both born in Glossop, England. Mr. Booth is the son

80 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

of James and Martha Austin Booth, and Mrs. Booth is the

daughter of Edwin and Hannah Harrop Brooke, and their chil-

dren are Lydia H., who married Dr. William E. Garlick, and

Arthur J., who married Elizabeth Fogg. In 1933 they moved to

Wappinger's Falls, N. Y.
William A. and Fannie Norman Souther located in our midst

and their children are Maggie, 0. B. and Hobart. They did not

unite with Buffalo, but their children did. Maggie married J.

Herman Kellam ; 0. B. married Nellie, daughter of Robert L. and

Lillie Starr Schoolfield, in 1923".
Mrs. Nancy Dunn Pugh united with Buffalo in 1922. She is

the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Ward Dunn, and mar-

ried E. W. Pugh in 1892. He was the son of Frank and Louiza

Curtis Pugh, and their children are Swannie L. and Herbert L.

Miss Mary J. Wilson united with Buffalo by certificate from

Midway Presbyterian Church in 1922. She is the daughter of

Henry A. and Mary E. Climer Wilson, and her brothers and

sisters are Nannie B., Etha L., Henry L., lone, Allie, Charles,

and Herman C.
Miss Bettie Watt Jones united with Buffalo in 1922. She

is the daughter of E,. 0. and Sarah Morgan Jones, and her

brother and sisters are Samuel W., Mrs. Frank W. Smith and

Mrs. H. G. Ligons. This family came from Reidsville.

George D. Wyrick, son of Edward 0. and Margaret Loman

Wyrick, married Alice S., daughter of Oliver and Sarah Dan-

ielly Foster, in 1920, and their child is Jean Faye.
Andrew Jackson Swink, son of Thomas Robert and Rebecca

Parker Swink, of Salisbury, married Viola, daughter of Enoch

and Elizabeth Owen Spivey, of Randolph County, in 1915, and

later located in our midst and he and family united with Buffalo

in 1924. Their children are Leo and Ishmael.
Rev. A. P. Dickson became pastor in 1924. He is the son of

Dr. A. P. and Frances DeVane Dickson, of Raeford. He mar-

ried Maude Bragg, of Richmond, Va. Their children are Albert

P., Jr., and Maude Bragg.

Dr. Lacy D. Wharton (1869-1931), of Smithfield, son of

William D. and Mary E. AVharton- Wharton, moved his member-

ship back to the dear old church in 1925, and is buried here.

Members of the Congregation 81

He married first Lizzie, daiigliter of William P. and Jane Rankin

Wharton, in 1895, and second Lily Benton in 1902, and his

children are, by first marriage, William L., and by second mar-

riage D. Benton, L. Donnell, James Gilmer and Charles Watson.

Martin M. Manger, son of George, of Brooklyn, N. Y., came

to our midst as secretary of the Y. M. C. A. at White Oak, and

united with Buffalo by certificate from the Presbyterian Church

at Schenectady, N. Y. He had married Sarah Denell, of Nor-

folk, Va., and their children are Martin M., Jr., and George

Robert L. Schoolfield and family united with Buffalo by cer-

tificate from Hines' Chapel Christian Church in 1926. He was

the son of Daniel G. and Elizabeth Woofers Schoolfield ; he mar-

ried Lilly, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Low Starr, in 1888, and

their children are Sarah E., Charles A., Shirley M., Edward L.,

Nell A., Tyre S., Percy G., Nettie A., Paul A. and Ruth. Sarah

E. married Charles L. Donnell, son of William H. and Eliza-

beth Wilson Donnell, in 1919 ; Charles A. married Edith, daugh-

ter of Walter A. and Nannie Donnell Aydelotte, in 1916 ; Shirley

M. married Mary Forsythe in 1921 ; Edward L. married Lola

Pike in 1920 ; Nell A. married 0. B. Souther, son of William

and Fannie Norman Souther, in 1923 ; Tyre S. married Pearl

Terrell in 1922 ; Percy G. married Eva Matkins in 1925 ; Ruth

married H. W. Campbell in 1932; Paul A. (1909-1928). Nettie

is a trained nurse.

J. W. Terrell, son of W. A. and Martha Woods Terrell, of

Rockingham County, married Mary S., daughter of J. B. and

Sarah Phipps, and their children are Pearl Lee, John P., and

William B. Pearl Lee married Tyre S. Schoolfield in 1922 ;

John P. married Mozelle Cole in 1930 ; and William B. married

Hattie Ware. This family became identified with Buffalo in

Morris W. Fulp, son of J. R. and Minerva Haggerty Fulp,

of Clinton County, Ohio, located in our midst and united with

Buffalo in 1926. He married Emma Frances Ladd, and their

children are Curtis E., Morris E., Orvill W. and Willis K.

Z. R. Younts, son of Peter and Mary Younts, of Lexington,

N. C, married Lizzie, daughter of F. R. and Hattie Kirkman

82 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

Moize, in 1903. Their children are Bernard and Hennan.

Bernard united with Buffalo in 1926.

Turner S. Gregory, son of William H. and Jincie Jarvis

Gregory, of Iredell County, married Lillie, daughter of Elbert

D. and Amanda Harris Wooten, in 1919, and united with Buffalo

in 1926. They have one child, David L,

Walter Marshall, son of John and Mary Whitelow Marshall,

was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and came to this community

from Magog, Quebec, Canada, in 1926. He married Mary,

daughter of Aaron and Annie Hambleton Williamson, of Mott-

ram, England, and their children are Frederick W. and John W.
Harry F. Bynum, son of T. M. and Mattie Foust Bynum,

of Goldston, N. C, married Ortrude, daughter of James F. and

Nannie Dalton Doggett, in 1926, and united with Buffalo by

certificate. Their children are Harry F., Jr., and Merlin Robert.

Walter Thornton, son of M. L. Thornton, of South Carolina,

located in our midst and united with Buffalo in 1926. He mar-

ried Ola May Barber, daughter of J. W., in 1917, and their

children are Garland, Ethel, Virginia and Wallace.

Miss Annie May Martindale, daughter of John Lee and

Nancy M. Allred Martindale, united with Buffalo in 1926.

Miss Edwina Hilton, daughter of Charles M. and Alta L.

Wysong Hilton, united with Buffalo in 1926. She married J. L.

Bryant, son of S. F. and Nora John Bryant, in 1930, and their

child is Margaret McLean.

George R. McNeely, son of Rufus F. and Susan Bitting

McNeely, married Cora, daughter of John Henry and Emma

Gentry Neal, and their children are George R., Jr., Frances,

Marie, Emma Sue, Mildred and Neil B., who died young.

P. H. Norman, son of J. R. of Wilkes County, married Janet

McNeely, daughter of R. F., and their children are P. H., Jr.,

Suzanne and Elizabeth J.
Miss Phoebe Richards, daughter of Norman F. and Phoebe

Gibbes Richards, of Liberty, S. C, came here in 1928.

Mrs. Sarah J. Bangle, daughter of Thomas J. and Sarah E.

Allred-Allred, united with Buffalo in 1929. She had married

Thomas S. Bangle in 1900, son of William H. and Janie Jenkins

Bangle, and their children are Nellie, William G., who died

Members of the Congregation 83

young, Margaret A., Mary E. and Frances Jane. Nellie mar-

ried Roy G., son of John E. and Mary Rankin McKnight ; Mar-

garet A. married Charles Bird, son of Thomas and Helen Bird.
Charlie G. Wyrick, son of John H. and Louise J. Christo-

pher Wyrick, of Rockingham County, united with Buffalo in

1931. He married Jessie Lee, daughter of Eli and Sarah Hagin

Jenkins, and their children are William C. (1913-1930) and

Edna May.
Mrs. Hazel Wyrick, the sister of Charlie G., united with

Buffalo in 1926.

Carnie Lee and Lacy D. Wyrick, sons of Walter E. and

Ada Wrenn Wyrick, and nephews of Charlie G., became identi-

fied with Buffalo. Carnie Lee married Prestine Blakeney in

Mrs. Lena Woodell, widow of John W. Woodell, and daugh-

ter of John H. and Rosa Melton Yow, united with Buffalo in

1931. Their children are Ruby E. and Katherine May. Ruby E.

married Carl W. Reynolds.
Miss Mary E. Blake, daughter of James G. and Eveline

Powers Blake, of Pender County, located in our midst in 1930

and united with Buffalo.
Alonzo E. Howerton and his wife united with Buffalo by

certificate from Hines' Chapel in 1931. He is the son of Elijah

A. and Alice Wyrick Howerton, and he married Donnie Frances,

daughter of James W. and Ida Wall Barker, of Randolph

County, and their children are Swanna Margarie and Juanita H.
Frank Pearman, son of W. A. and Polly Tally Pearman, of

Rockinghm County, married Clara May, daughter of J. H. and

Delia Myers Gregory, in 1920, and united with Buffalo in 1931.

Their children are Lucile, Roy William, Delia L., J. C. and

Stella M.
Lizzie Pearman, a sister of Frank, became a member in 1931.

She married Martin Gantj and their children are Archie, Carl,

Clarence and Raymond.
A. G. Ligon, son of David C. and Emma Riggins Ligon, of

Wilmington, N. C, married Nettie, daughter of Roddy A. and

Rebecca Hanner, in 1917, and united with Buffalo in 1931.

Their children are Margaret L. and Mabel.

84 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

Moses K. Ranlvin, son of Nelson Eugene and Allie Kirkman

Ranl^in, united with Buffalo by certificate from Bessemer Pres-

byterian Church in 1932. He married Effie V., daughter of

James A. Clifton, in 1925, and their children are James Richard

and David Eugene. David Eugene was baptized by Rev.

Edward P. Rankin, of California, while here on a visit in 1930.

Alan J. Morrison, son of Alan and Katherine Cameron Mor-

rison, of Fayetteville, united with Buffalo in 1932. He married

first Margaret White, and their children are Beatrice, Burl,

Margaret, Walter and George ; he married second Carrie May

Nunnery, and their children are Maynard, Rothel, Frank,

Wakelon, Effie May, Virginia, Alan J. and Mary Katherine.

Mrs. Lena Maye Archer, widow of Wright R. Archer, united

with Buffalo in 1932. Her husband was the son of Henry 0.

and Isabel Wright Archer, and she was a daughter of Farral A.

and Annie Robinson Culbreth, and her child is Wright R., Jr.

Mrs. Etta Pickard, daughter of John W. and Mary Coley

Bouswell, and widow of Thomas J. Pickard, united with Buffalo

by certificate from Alamance Church in 1933. Mr. Pickard 's

adopted grandson, J. Frank Pickard, also joined Buffalo.

Charles E. Kerchner, son of George W. and Catherine Beuner

Kerchner, of Mifflintown, Pa., married Margaret, daughter of

George W. and Mary Calhoun Boyer, in 1917, united with

Buffalo by certificate from the Lutheran Church, Centre, Pa,, in

1933. Their children are Eleanor and Carrol Lois.
Hoyt Lee Cartledge, son of Ebb and Susan Stone Cartledge,

of Edgefield, S. C, located in our midst and united with Buffalo.

He married Cletus, daughter of Richard and Fannie Kenney

Woods, in 1915, and their children are Hammond Lee, Binford

M., Thad, Maxine Vanoy, Ishmel Dale and Jerrail Dane.
Rev. Wade C. Smith, son of Edward R. and Susan Cothran

Smith, of Rome, Ga., married Zadie, daughter of Judge James

W. and Sarah Pratt Lapsley, of Alabama, and their children are

Rev. Cothran G., Lapsley, Zadie and Elizabeth. Mr. Smith is a

general evangelist and his membership is in the Presbytery. His

wife and daughters united with Buffalo in 1933.

We have tried to give here the name of the head of the fam-

ily ; who his parents were ; whom he married ; the names of the

Members of the Congregation


parents of the one whom he married; the names of their chil-

dren, and whom they married. This is the foundation of the

genealogy in many of these families. This record is not as

complete in some of the families as we had wished. In some few

cases only one member of the family was an actual member of

the church. Of course many of these have moved away, but

they were all Buffalo folks.
More than 175 other names, separate and apart from the

families given, appear on the church roll from the time of the

first record in 1833 to 1934. The family names thus appearing


























Be as on









































































We have failed, after repeated efforts, to secure any infor-

mation about the families of these. We regret exceedingly that

we are compelled to omit their family data.


There were many other families who lived in the bounds

of Buffalo in the early years, and these must have been mem-

bers of the congregation, and no doubt some of them were

members of Buffalo Church. It is a pity we do not have the roll

of the early members. Kemember that there was no other church

within a territory of some eighteen miles square until near the

year 1800. We are giving here an alphabetical list of these

families, and the dates and location of their farms, as gathered

from the books in the office of the Register of Deeds. This list

is not complete. Many of these families have moved away, most

of them going to Tennessee after the Revolutionary War, and

we have not been able to trace them or to give the names of

their children.

John Adams was living near the church in 1817.
John Alcorn was born in Ireland in 1767, came here in 1789

and located on North Buffalo. He later moved to Rockingham

County where he died in 1851.
John Baker was living on Reedy Fork in 1785. He may have

been the father of Mary, who married John McMurray, and of

James Baker, who married Catherine Patterson in 1821.

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