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William Dixon located on the Reedy Fork in 1778. He had

two sons and four daughters. Some of this family are buried

in Buffalo cemetery. In 1807 he sold his farm and moved away.

48 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

Nathan Lester came from Pennsylvania and located on North

Buffalo during the Revolutionary War. He died in 1790, leav-

ing at least two children, Nathan, Jr., and Reuben. The wife of

Nathan, Jr., was Millie, and their children were Elizabeth, Ibby,

Margaret and William. Elizabeth married Mr. Ozment ; Ibby

married Mr. Harris ; and Margaret married James Spence, son

of Nathan; William (1796-1834) was a successful teacher.

Nathan, Sr., may have been the son of Joseph, who was living

at Martinsville in 1784.
John Hancock located here in 1778. His children were Jehu

and Patsy Anne. Jehu sold the home place to Joseph Donnell

in 1840 and located somewhere else. John Hancock died in

The Creswell family, consisting of the mother, Jean, and

children, Margaret, James, William and Mary, located on Reedy

Fork about 1778. This may have been the widow and children

of Rev. James Creswell, former pastor of Haw River Church.

Margaret married Mr. Short ; James and William never mar-

ried; Mary became the second wife of Andrew Donnell. James

died in 1822 and left a bequest to the church, and in appre-

ciation of this the congregation erected a stone at his grave.
James McGready, of Pennsylvania, located on Brush Creek

about 1778, buying a farm on Brush Creek from Dr. Caldwell.

His wife was Jean, and their children were William, John,

James, David, Samuel, Moses, Juda, Aaron, Israel and Hannah.

(Notice the Bible names in this family.) William and John

first located on North Buffalo just west of Walter L. Wharton's,

and in 1797 sold out and moved to Sumner County, Tennessee ;

James became the great evangelistic preacher. The story of his

life says he joined Buffalo at the age of seventeen. Most of the

McGready families followed Rev. James to Tennessee and Ken-

tucky in 1797.
John Christopher located on North Buffalo in 1779. His

wife was Jean. They were members of the church. In 1800

they sold out and moved away.
Thomas Lindsay was operating a store at the Court House

in 1779. He may have been an older brother of Robert, or he

may have been an uncle. Thomas Lindsay either was killed in

the War or died about 1781. His wife's name was Mary.

Members of the Congregation 49

Alexander Gray located on E-eedy Fork in 1780. In 1782 he

secured from the state 850 acres on the south side of Buffalo

Creek and located there. Part of this land is still owned by his

great-great-grandson, Walter A. Montgomery. His wife was

Margaret, and their children were Alexander, Jane, Anne,

Thomas, Margaret, Elizabeth, James and Sarah. Alexander mar-

ried Mary, daughter of Thomas Hamilton ; Jane married Wil-

liam Denny, son of Walter ; Anne married John Starrett, son of

James; Thomas married and located just east of his father's

place ; Margaret married Mr. Walker ; Elizabeth never married ;

James married and located near Bethel Church ; Sarah married

Joseph Denny, son of Walter. Alexander Gray, Sr., died in

John Dunlap located on North Buffalo in 1783. He died in

1805, leaving the following children : John, Margaret and Rob-

ert. There was a Mr. Dunlap here near the close of the War

who had married a sister of Mrs. David Caldwell, and this may

have been the brother-in-law of Dr. Caldwell.
General Andrew Jackson was admitted to the bar in Guil-

ford County in 1787. He lived in the home of Francis McNairy,

a member of Buffalo, and must have attended the preaching of

Dr. Caldwell. He joined the Presbyterian Church later in life.

He and John McNairy went to Tennessee in 1788 ; McNairy

as the judge in the western district, and Jackson as the prose-

cuting attorney. He was president of the United States two

terms, 1829-1837.

Hance McCain lived near the Court House. He married

Jennet, daughter of ruling elder Arthur Forbis, in 1788. He

may have been here a few years before that. Their children

were Mary, Hugh, John, Hance, George, Forbis, Guy, Green,

William and Lydia.
Alexander and Hugh McCain, brothers of Hance, also lo-

cated here about 1787, and reared families. Their father may

have located here at an earlier period, but no record of him has

been found. These were all Scotch-Irish Presbyterians ; and

they and their families were members of the Buffalo congrega-

Watson Wharton, son of Hinmon, of Sussex County, Dela-

ware, came here in 1787. He first located on Buffalo Creek,

50 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

the Dan R. Huffines place. In 1796 he bought of Robert Smith

a farm on both sides of North Buffalo, where Walter L. Wharton

now lives. His first wife was Martha Evans, and his second

wife was Mrs. Angeletta Evans Schoolfield. The children by

the first marriage were Elam, Jesse, Elisha, Tabitha, John,

Anne, Gideon, and Martha, and by the second marriage Evans.

Elam married Elizabeth, daughter of William Rankin, in 1791,

and lived on Reedy Fork, and owned what was later known as

the Doggett 's Mill ; Jesse died young ; Elisha married first Eliza-

beth Schoolfield, a daughter of his father's second wife, in

1796, and second Mrs. Martha Young Porter, sister of Col.

Matthew Young, in 1818, and lived on Buffalo Creek where

Montford Huffines now lives ; Tabitha married John Chambers

Rankin, son of William, in 1801, and lived at the old John

Chambers place, three miles north of the church ; John married

Sarah, daughter of William Rankin, in 1800, and lived for thirty

years near Alamance Church, then moved west ; Anne married

Col. William Gott and lived in Greensboro ; Gideon married

Mary, daughter of Thomas Woodburn, and lived two miles east

of his father's place; Martha married Arthur Woodburn, son

of Thomas, in 1805 ; Evans married Benitha, daughter of Leven

Caulk, in 1808, and lived at the home place. Watson Wharton

died in 1813.
For the history of the Whartons and the complete genealogy

of the Watson Wharton family see ' ' Rankin and Wharton Fam-

ilies and Their Genealogy," by S. M. Rankin.
John Schoolfield came to North Carolina from Delaware with

his stepfather, Watson Wharton, in 1787. He married first

Agnes, daughter of William Rankin, in 1800, and located three

miles northeast of the church. Their children were Betsy Ann,

Sarah, Joseph, William, Jane, John E., Ranl^in C, Nancy*,

Daniel G. and Samuel. His second wife was Mary Climer, and

their children were Angeletta and Mary. Betsy Ann married

Jeremiah Dean in 1820 ; Sarah was the second wife of Samuel

Hatrick, son of Robert ; Joseph moved to Tennessee ; William

married Rlioda Webb, and moved to Kentucky; Jane and John

E. died unmarried; Rankin C. married Sarah, daughter of Sam-

uel Cummins, and moved to Clay County, Mo. ; Nancy died

young; Daniel G. married first Elizabeth King, second Lavinia

Brewer, and third Elizabeth Wooters in 1856 ; Dr. Samuel mar-

Members of the Congregation 51

ried Bettie Freeland, and lived near Bethel Church for a while,

afterwards moved to Mississippi, and later to Illinois, where he

Benjamin Aydelotte, a young man, came to North Carolina

from Maryland, and bought a farm of Francis Bell on Sugar

Tree Creek (now Jordan's Branch), a mile and a half north-

east of the church in 1789. He married Tabitha, daughter of

Nathan Hill, and their children were Parker, Shealy, Shadrack,

Leven, Lucy and Sarah. Parker married Mary Shaw in 1803 ;

Shealy married Joseph Spruce in 1797 ; Shadrack moved to

California ; Leven married Lavenia, daughter of James Coots,

and James B. Minor is a grandson of that union ; Lucy married

William Covey in 1817 ; Sarah married Mr. Wooters. There

were other Aydelotte families in the county before Benjamin

came. He died in 1813.

William Gorrell, son of Ralph, Sr., of Alamance Church,

married Jean, daughter of George Black, in 1791, and located

about three miles north of Buffalo Church. Their children were

Agnes, Ralph, Catherine, Jennie and Marianna. Agnes mar-

ried in Staunton, Va. ; Ralph married Deborah Busick in 1822 ;

Catherine married John Davis in 1819 ; Jane married Caleb

Dean in 1826. William Gorrell died in 1816.
Robert Doak, son of John, of Alamance Church section,

bought of James McQuiston a farm on the head waters of North

Buffalo in 1795 and located there. His wife was Hannah, and

their children were Rebecca, John, James, Robert, William,

Hannah, Elizabeth, Daniel and Mary. Rebecca married Robert

Gorrell, son of Ralph, Sr. ; Col. William married Thankful,

youngest daughter of Col. Daniel Gillespie, in 1802 ; Hannah

never married ; Elizabeth married Thomas Caldwell, son of Rev.

Dr. Caldwell ; Mary married David Gorrell, son of Ralph, Sr.,

and died shortly thereafter.

Nathan Spence located on the Reedy Fork in 1796, buying

there 500 acres. He died about 1800, leaving two children,

James and Polly, and perhaps others. Polly married John

Donaldson in 1799 ; James married M'argaret, daughter of

Nathan and Millie Lester. James died in 1826, leaving one

child, Eliza, who married Lorenzo D. Orrell. Mrs. Margaret

52 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

Spence was for many years the senior living member on the

Buffalo Church roll.

Robert Lindsay (1776-1818), son of Robert, Sr., located at

the Court House about 1797, and operated a store. His father

lived ten miles southwest of the church. As he was a Scotch-

Irish Presbyterian, he must have attended Buffalo Church.

Robert, Jr., married Letitia, daughter of Jeduthan Harper, of

Randolph County, in 1803, and their children were Jeduthan H.,

Jesse H., Robert G., Anne Eliza and Mary. Jeduthan H. mar-

ried Miss Strange ; Jesse H. married Amelia Gazel Ellison ;

Robert G. married Miss Marianna P. Austin and lived in Greens-

boro ; Anne Eliza married Governor John M. Morehead ; Mary

married James Turner Morehead. Robert Lindsay died in 1818

and is buried in Buffalo Cemetery.

James Doak, son of John, of Alamance Church, bought of

Rebecca, James and Jean Boyd a farm on Reedy Fork and

located there in 1799. He had married Mary, daughter of Wil-

liam Paisley, Sr., in 1775. Their children were Eleanor, Mary,

John, Jean, Martha, William P., Robert and James W. Eleanor

married Thomas Blair, Jr., 1800 ; Mary married Alexander

Whem. All of these with the exception of James W. went to

Tennessee to lands willed them by tlieir father. James Doak,

Sr., died in 1806.
William Woodburn, son of Thomas, of Alamance Church

section, married Thankful, daughter of William Cusack, in 1798,

and located two miles northeast of Buffalo Church. He died in

1806, leaving one child, Anne, who married David Wiley, of

Alamance Church, and was the mother of Dr. Calvin H. Wiley

and Mrs. Ascenith Denny, wife of George A. Denny.

David Woodburn, son of Thomas, of the Alamance Church

section, married Sarah, daughter of Andrew Donnell, in 1799,

and located on North Buffalo. Their children were Nancy, Rob-

ert T., Ascenith, Elial, Sarah, Anna and James Morrison.

Nancy married James Weatherly, Jr. ; Robert T. married Bra-

zilla, daughter of Joseph Ranl^in, in 1829 ; Asenith married

David Forbis, son of Hugh, in 1826 ; Elial moved to Wades-

boro ; Anna and James Morrison died unmarried. David Wood-

burn died in 1834.

Members of the Congregation 53

Col. William Ryan, son of John and Nellie McAdoo Ryan,

married Mrs. Jane McAdoo Scott, widow of Samuel Scott,

Jr. Jr., and daughter of James McAdoo, Sr., in 1799, and

located on Richland Creek. Their children were Eliza and

Jane. Eliza married John M. Gilchrist, and Jane married Col.

William Denny. Col. Ryan died in 1843.

The first we know of Thomas McNeely is his marriage to

Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Maxwell, about 1800. It is

thought he came from Rockingham County. Their children

were James, Samuel, Alexander and Easter. James married

first Lavenia, daughter of Adam Scott, in 1828, and second Isa-

bella, daughter of Adam Mitchell, in 1846 ; Alexander married

first Epsy Caroline, daughter of Thomas Scott, in 1838, and

second Malvina, daughter of James and Nancy Scott Donnell,

in 1843 ; Easter married John V. Jones. Several of the

McNeely families later went to the Methodist church.

Samuel Rankin, son of John and Hannah Carson Rankin,

married Mary, daughter of William and Rebecca Scott, in 1800,

and located two miles north of the church. Their children were

William, Hannah, Alexander, John Scott, Rebecca, Margaret

and Nancy. William married Zillah, daughter of Samuel

McLean, in 1827 ; Hannah married Rankin Donnell, son of

Thomas and Nancy Rankin Donnell, in 1823 ; John Scott mar-

ried Almira Matilda Alexander, of Mecklenburg County, in

1833 and located there ; Rebecca married John Calvin McLean,

son of Samuel, in 1829 ; Margaret married Dr. William D. Scott,

son of Adam, in 1836; Nancy married Roddy E. Hanner, son of

John and Sarah McAdoo Hanner, in 1841 ; Alexander died

John Chambers Rankin, son of William, married Tabitha,

daughter of Watson Wharton, in 1801, and located at the home

place of his grandfather, John Chambers, north of the church.

Their children were Jesse, Jane, William, Martha, Malinda, John

C, Jr., Watson W., Tabitha and Samuel D. Rev. Jesse married

first Polly M., daughter of Rev. William D. Paisley, in 1825, and

second Anne Delight, daughter of David D. Salmon, of Fay-

etteville, in 1831 ; Jane married James Wharton, son of Elisha, in

1822 ; William died at the age of seventeen years ; Martha mar-

ried Ibson Cannon, of Cabarrus County, in 1830 ; Malinda mar-

54 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

ried Watson W. Wharton, son of Elisha, in 1832 ; Rev. Dr.

John C. married first Sarah Comfort, of New Jersey, in 1840,

and second Mrs. Callie Donnell Scales, daughter of James and

Nancy Scott Donnell; Dr. Watson W. married Sarah E., daugh-

ter of J. R. Alexander, of Rowan County; Tabitha married

Richard Cowan, of Rowan County, in 1847 ; Dr. Samuel D. mar-

ried Mary Ella, daughter of Robert Gillespie, of Rowan County,

in 1843. John C. Rankin, Sr., died in 1858.

John Banner, son of Robert, married Anna, daughter of Col.

John Gillespie, in 1802, and that same year bought of Col. Gil-

lespie a farm on the south side of South Buffalo, later known

as the John A. Young nursery tract. Their children were Jane,

Alfred E., John G., Orpheus S., Malinda, Daniel J., Anne Eliza,

Allen A., Caroline and two others who died young. Jane mar-

ried Joseph Armfield; Col. Alfred E. died unmarried; Dr. John

G. moved to Chatham County; Orpheus S. married Margaret E.

Goldston ; Daniel J. married Susan J., daughter of Col. Matthew

Young ; Anne Eliza married William G. Tucker in 1859 ; Caro-

line married Robert C. Young, son of Col. Matthew; Malinda

and Allen A. never married. John Hanner, Sr., died in 1850.

Robert Hatrick bought of John Nicks 400 acres south of

North Buffalo, where the Liberty Hill store stands, in 1804 and

located there. He was born in Ireland in 1757, and was the son

of Samuel and Christianna Smart Hatrick. He came to Guil-

ford in 1776 and shortly thereafter married his first cousin,

Rachel, daughter of Walter Denny. Their children were Eliza-

beth M., Anna, Sarah G., Samuel and Isabella. Elizabeth and

Isabella never married ; Anna married William Donnell, son of

Andrew, in 1824; Sarah G. married Samuel H. Denny, son of

William, in 1830 ; Samuel married first Lucinda, daughter of

Evans Wharton, in 1829; and second Sarah, daughter of John

Schoolfield, in 1843. Robert Hatrick died in 1838.

Dr. William Tease bought of William Dick a home in Mar-

tinsville in 1805, and located there for the practice of medicine.

A number of the wills and deeds of the Buffalo members were

witnessed by him. He must have been a member of the con-

Hugh Kirkpatrick bought a farm on the Reedy Pork in

1806. John Kirkpatrick secured from Earl Granville 300 acres

Judge John McClintock Dick

1791 - ISol

Members of the Congregation 55

on North Buffalo in 1756. This Hugh may have been a son of

John, We have found no papers of the settlement of John's

estate. Hugh married Martha Nelson, and their children were

William, Hugh, Naomi, Sarah, Ruth and Martha. William mar-

ried Rebecca , and died, leaving one child, Elizabeth ;
Hugh, Jr., moved to Kentucky ; Naomi married Francis Walker ;

Sarah married Isaac Warf ord ; Ruth married James Fitzgerald.

Hugh, Sr., died in 1832. Elijah may have been a brother of

Hugh, Sr., as his name appears on the court house records about

the same time.
Simeon Geren was living at the John C. Wharton place, one

mile east of Greensboro, in 1809. He and his son Abraham sold

this place to Reuben Dick in 1827. Abraham's wife, Rebecca

(1786-1822) is buried in our cemetery, and the family must

have been members of Buffalo. Eliza C, a sister of Abraham,

married William N. Gibson in 1826 ; another sister, Polly, mar-

ried Isaac Gibson in 1827. Simeon and Abraham Geren were

merchants in Greensboro. Simeon Geren was sheriff of the

county in 1812.
Robert Moderwell came to Greensboro from Staunton, Va., in

1814 and operated a store. He had married Martha Shields.

They united with Buffalo. There were no children. Robert

Moderwell died in 1836.

Judge John M. Dick, son of James, of the Rock Creek sec-

tion, located in Greensboro for the practice of law in 1816. He

married Parthenia Paine Williamson, of Person County, and

their children were James W., Robert P., John G. A., William

A., Edward L., Fred N., Susan, Mildred J. and Annie W. James

W. married first Bettie G. Wright, and second Lucy M. Brown ;

Judge Robert P. married Mary Eloise, daughter of George

Adams, of Pittsylvania County, Va., in 1848 ; John G. A. mar-

ried Mary E. Dodson in 1861 ; William A. married Miss

McQueen, of Wilmington ; we have no record of Fred N. ; Susan

married first Absolom T. Humphreys, son of Henry, in 1842,

second Dr. D. P. Weir, and third David B. Bell, of Enfield,

N. C, in 1881 ; Mildred J. married Col. William S. Rankin, son

of John Calvin, in 1867 ; Edward L. and Annie W. died un-


56 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

Daniel Albright, son of Jacob, of Orange County, bought

600 acres two miles west of the church and located here in 1817.

He married Katie Loy, and their children were Jacob, George,

William, Soj)hia, Daniel, Henry, Lewis, Elias and Joel. Jacob

is the one who secured the contract and erected the present

church building in 1827. He married Sarah Albright, of

Orange County ; George married Patsy Albright, and their son,

James W., is the one who wrote the history of Greensboro ;

Sophia married Daniel Albright, of Orange County (now Ala-

mance) ; Daniel married Millie Holt; Henry married Letty

Foust ; Lewis married Elizabeth Albright ; Elias married first

Tempe Hobbs, and second Mary Woodburn. We have no record

of William and Joel,
Jacob Albright, the oldest son of Daniel, is the one most

closely associated with Buffalo. The children of Jacob and

Sarah were Elizabeth C, Rebecca J., Sarah P., Daniel E., George

W., Julia A. and William M. Daniel Albright, Sr., died in

Henry Humphreys came from Maryland and located first at

Jamestown, and in 1817 he came to Greensboro. He was a suc-

cessful business man, and in 1833 put in operation a steam

cotton mill, the first in the south. He married first Mary Bald-

win, of Caswell County, and second Mrs. Letitia Harper Lind-

say. His children by the first marriage were Annie and Louisa,

and by the second marriage Absolom T., Sarah and Henry P.

Annie married Thomas R. Tate; Absolom T. married Susan,

daughter of Judge John M. Dick, in 1842 ; Sarah married Capt.

W. H. Walton, of Carthage, Tenn., in 1849 ; Louisa and Henry

P. died unmarried. Henry Humphreys died in 1840.
Rev. William D. Paisley, son of Col. John and Marianna

Denny Paisley, located in the village of Greensboro in 1820,

and taught a school. He also bought a farm between Greens-

boro and the church. There was no church in Greensboro and

his family united with Buffalo. Three of his daughters are

buried in the cemetery here. He married Frances, daughter of

General Alexander Mebane, and their children were Polly M.,

Mary Ann, Julianna, Harriet J. and Sarah J. Polly M. mar-

ried Rev. Jesse Rankin, son of John Chambers Ranlvin, in 1825 ;

Julianna married Congressman John A. Gilmer, son of Robert

Henry Humphreys

Members of the Congregation 57

S., in 1832; Sarah J. married Robert M. Sloan, son of John, of

Lexington, Va., in 1836 ; Mary Anne and Harriet J. died young.

Mr. Paisley's family moved their membership to Greensboro

when their father organized the First Presbyterian Church there

in 1824. Mr. Paisley often preached at Buffalo. It was his

mother's church.

James Baker married Katherine, daughter of William Pat-

terson, of the Rock Creek section, in 1821, and located on North

Buffalo. His name appears as one of those who paid pew rent

in 1830. They had several children. This family moved to

Tennessee in 1840.
Bryant Piercy bought of "William Donnell 246 acres east of

the church — the Sikes place — in 1821, and located here. He

married Lydia, daughter of George and Lydia Forbis Donnell,

in 1821, and their children were Milton, Parthenia, Pleasant,

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