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ried; Dr. David Caldwell, Jr., a physician, Inarried Susan Clark

in 1811 ; Thomas married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Doak,

in 1813 ; John W. married first Martha Davis in 1800, and sec-

ond Margaret Cabe, of Orange County, in 1822 ; Robert C. mar-

ried first Maria B. Latta, of Orange County, in 1823, and sec-

ond Marjory, daughter of Robert Woodburn, in 1850, and third

Mary Clancy in 1855.

Col. Daniel Gillespie (1743-1829), a brother of Col. John,

secured a grant from Earl Granville on South Buffalo, just

south of Greensboro, about 1765. His wife was Margaret Hall,

and their children were Daniel, John, James, Nancy, Anne,

Robert, Patrick and Thankful. Daniel married and died before

his father, leaving two children, Daniel and Peggy ; John became

a Presbyterian minister ; James moved to Tennessee after the

War ; Nancy married George Rankin, son of Robert, in 1791 ;

Anne married William Anderson, son of John ; Robert married

Nancy, daughter of Robert Hanner ; Patrick married Margaret,

daughter of Patrick McGibbony ; Thankful married Col. William

Doak, son of Robert, in 1802.

John Rankin (1736-1814), son of Joseph of Delaware,

bought of Alexander McKnight 511 acres on the north side of

Buffalo Creek in 1765. He married Hannah Carson in 1765,

Col. Daniel Gillespie

1743- 182Q

Members of the Congregation 39

and their children were Rebecca, Samuel, Jane, Abigail, Joseph,

Nancy, Robert, Hannah, Polly, Margaret, Anna and Ruth.

Rebecca married Rev. John Rankin, son of George, in 1786, and

moved to Tennessee ; Samuel married Mary, daughter of William

Scott, in 1800, and located three miles north of the church ;

Jane married John Paisley, son of William, Jr., in 1790 ; Abigail

married Cunningham Smith, son of William, in 1794, and moved

to Decatur County, Illinois ; Joseph married first Mary, daugh-

ter of James Donnell, in 1805, and second Nancy, daughter of

Andrew Donnell, in 1828, and lived near Alamance Church ;

Nancy married Thomas Donnell, son of James, in 1800 ; Robert

married first Margaret, daughter of William Scott, in 1805,

and second Margaret, daughter of William Patterson, in 1827 ;

Hannah married Thomas Denny, son of George, in 1803 ; Polly

married first Samuel Thom, son of John, and second Adam

Scott, son of William, in 1827 ; Margaret married John Nelson,

son of William, in 1799, and lived near High Rock on Haw

River ; Anna married David Wilson, son of Andrew, in 1829 ;

Ruth married Joseph Hanner, son of Robert, in 1807.
For the history of the Ranlvins and the complete genealogy

of the John Rankin family see "Rankin and Wharton Families

and Their Genealogy," by S. M. Rankin.
James Archer secured a section of 640 acres on Horsepen

Creek in 1765 and located there. His wife was Catherine, and

their children were David, Sarah, John, Mary, Thomas and

Elizabeth. John married Agnes McCain in 1783, a sister of

Hance. James Archer died in 1799.
John Gilchrist, the son of William, of Lancaster County, Pa.,

was here in 1766. He was then a very young man and his

father may have been living here at that date. In a dispute about

a farm boundary line in 1795, John Gilchrist testified that the

line had been pointed out to him in 1766, so he was here at that

date. In 1788 William Gilchrist, of Lancaster, County, Pa.,

gave John the 640 acres on Reedy Fork on which John was then

living. His wife was Jean, and their children were John, Wil-

liam, Robert, Samuel, and three daughters, one of whom, Han-

nah, married William Montgomery, Sr.

Francis Cummins bought of Thomas Donnell, Sr., 400 acres

on South Buffalo in 1766 and located here. Some of his chil-

40 History of Buffalo Presbyterian CfdurcJy and Her People

dren were married when he came. His wife was Jean, and

their children were Thomas, Francis, Anne, Martha, Thankful

and Elijah. Thomas located further east on Buffalo Creek, and

his children were Thomas, Samuel, Robert, David, Anne, Rachel,

Mary and three other daughters, one of whom married Samuel

Climer ; another married James F. McCauley ; and another R. B.

Barkmon; Francis, Jr., became a Presbyterian minister; Anne

married David Mebane, son of "William ; Elijah located south-

west of Greensboro, and died in 1818, leaving the following chil-

dren : Millikan, Martha, Enos, Jean and Anne. Francis, Sr.,

died in 1799, and Thomas, Sr., died in 1808.
David Allison came from Orange County, N. C, and bought

of William Trousdale 490 acres on the headwaters of North

Buffalo in 1767. His wife was Jennet, and their children were

John, Alexander, Samuel and others. John was already mar-

ried when they came to Guilford, and he lived southeast of the

church ; Alexander lived near the church ; and Samuel located on

the south side of Buffalo Creek on Blackwood Branch.
John Chambers (1720-1806) bought of Thomas Flack 481

acres on Walnut Branch, two or three miles north of the church,

in 1773, and located there. But he had been here for some years

before this date, for he was a ruling elder in Buffalo in 1773.

His wife was Elizabeth, and their children, when he made his

will in 1800, were Agnes and Jane. He may have had some sons

who were killed in the War. Agnes married Andrew Wilson,

son of Andrew, Sr. ; Jane married William Rankin, son of

William Rankin (1744-1804), son of Joseph, of Newark, Del-

aware, came in 1768, and lived with his brother John for three

or four years, then bought the eastern part of John's farm, and

located there. He married Jane, daughter of John Chambers,

in 1772, and their children were Elizabeth, Nancy, Sarah, John

Chambers, Anne, Thomas, Jane, Robert C. and William, Jr.

Elizabeth married Elam Wharton, son of Watson, in 1791 ;

Nancy married John Schoolfield in 1800 ; Sarah married John

Wharton, son of Watson, in 1800; John C. married Tabitha,

daughter of Watson Wharton, in 1801 ; Anne married Samuel

E. Donnell, son of James, Sr., in 1800; Thomas married first

Hannah, daughter of John Smith, and second Patsy, daughter

Af embers of the Congregation 41

of Moses McQuiston, in 1812, and located near Alamance

Church ; Jane married Eli Smith, son of John, in 1810 ; Robert

C. married Sarah, daughter of Joshua Lee, in 1813, and located

at Benaja ; William, Jr., married Thankful, daughter of John

Smith, in 1812, and lived at the home place.
For the history of the Rankins and a complete genealogy

of the William Rankin family see "Rankin and Wharton Fami-

lies and Their Genealogy," by S. M. Rankin.
Hugh Mecklin located north of the church about 1770. There

were at least two sons, James and Hugh, Jr. Hugh, Jr., mar-

ried Agnes, daughter of William Anderson, Jr., and became a

Cumberland Presbyterian minister. All of the Mecklin family

moved to Tennessee after the War. Robert Mecklin was or-

dained to the ministry by Orange Presbytery in 1783, and he

may have been a son of Hugh, Sr.
Three Nelson families located in Guilford. David on South

Buffalo in 1758, William in the northeast part of the county in

1770, and Alexander on Brush Creek in 1770. Alexander had

at least seven children : George, John, James, Robert, Elizabeth,

Ruth and Isabell. Dr. Caldwell preached occasionally on Brush

Creek, and this family must have been members of the Buffalo

William Scott, son of Samuel, Sr., located here in 1770. His

father was a member of the Nottingham Colony, but had re-

turned to Pennsylvania. Samuel, Sr., gave to his son William

640 acres on the waters of the Reedy Fork in 1770. William

had also returned to Pennsylvania with his father and had per-

haps married there before coming back to North Carolina. His

wife was Rebecca, and their children were Samuel, Thomas,

Adam, William, Mary, Margaret, Rebecca and Nancy. Samuel

married Mary Bell in 1793 and moved to Tennessee ; Thomas

married Sarah Lemmons ; Adam married first Mary, daughter

of William and Mary Bell Donnell, second Mrs. Jane Barr

Walker, daughter of James Barr, Sr., and third Mrs. Polly

Rankin Thom, widow of Samuel Thom and daughter of John

Rankin ; William married Martha, daughter of William Don-

nell, and moved to Tennessee; Mary married Samuel Rankin,

son of John, in 1800 ; Margaret married Robert Rankin, son of

John, in 1805 ; Rebecca married James White and moved to

42 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

Tennessee ; Nancy married James Donnell, son of Major John,

in 1807. William Scott, Sr., died in 1801.

AValter Denny was born in Ireland in 1730, married Mar-

garet Smart there in 1755, came to Pennsylvania in 1760, came

to North Carolina in 1770, and located on the north side of

Reedy Fork, east of Doggett 's Mill. Their children Avere Joseph,

John, William, and Rachel. Joseph married Sarah, daughter

of Alexander Gray, Sr., in 1791 ; John moved away after the

War ; William married Jane, daughter of Alexander Gray, Sr.,

in 1796 ; Rachel married her first cousin, Robert Hatrick, in

1791. AValter Denny died in 1805.
Samuel Duck, a young man, located on Richland Creek about
1770. He married Mary, daughter of James Denny, Sr., and

they had at least two sons and one daughter. In 1796 he sold

his land here and moved to Tennessee.
Alexander Caldwell, a brother of Dr. David Caldwell, bought

275 acres on North Buffalo in 1771 and located here. He lost

his health by exposure in the army and died shortly after the

War. His widow and children moved to Tennessee.

Robert Donnell, the second, came from York County, Penn-

sylvania, and located on the north side of North Buffalo in

1771. His wife was Mary, and their children appear to have

been William, Elizabeth, Daniel, Samuel, Sarah, Robert and

George. AVilliam married Mary, daughter of Samuel Bell, in

1773 and moved to Tennessee in 1797 ; Elizabeth married Rob-

ert Donnell, son of Thomas, Sr., in 1775 ; Daniel married first

Mary, daughter of Robert Ervin, and second Catherine, daugh-

ter of Ralph Gorrell, Sr., in 1816; Samuel became a Presby-

terian minister and was pastor of Spring Creek Church, Tenn-

essee; Sarah married John Donnell, son of Robert, Sr., in 1779;

Robert married first Jennie Morrison, in 1790, and second Mrs.

Nancy Cabe Latta, daughter of John and Mary Strayhorn Cabe,

of Orange County, in 1820 ; George married Lydia, daughter of

Arthur and Lydia Forbis, and located on the Reedy Fork.
The four Donnell families that located here must have been

closely related. Thomas, Sr., and Robert, Sr., who came in 1753,

were brothers ; James, Sr., who came in 1760, and Robert, the

second, who came in 1771, may have been nephews of Thomas and

Members of the Congregation 43

Robert, Sr. In 1790 the Donnell families had a great reunion,

and one of the old men laughingly asked, "What do you sup-

pose has become of the '0' we cast overboard at sea, by this

time?" This would indicate that they all came overseas to-

gether, and that the name was 'Donnell in Ireland. They were

all descendants, or related to, Donald I (861-863), King of

Scotland. The writer was told by the late Dr. John A. McDon-

ald, editor of the Toronto Globe, Toronto, Canada, that the Don-

nells, O'Donnells, Donalds, and McDonalds were all of the same

blood with a common ancestor.

Moses McLean located here on the head waters of North

Buffalo in 1772. His first wife was Mary, and in 1796 he mar-

ried Susannah Dick, perhaps a daughter of William. His chil-

dren by his first wife were John, William, Samuel, and perhaps

others, and by his second wife, Benjamin F. John and William

moved to Tennessee after the War ; Samuel remained here and

his children were James, Carrol, John Calvin, Zilla, Serena,

Joseph Addison, Fountain B. and Elizabeth. James and Carrol

moved to the far west ; John Calvin married Rebecca, daughter

of Samuel Rankin, in 1829 ; Zilla married first William Rankin,

son of Samuel, in 1827, and second Frank Roberts in 1832 ;

Serena married Eli Denny, son of Thomas, in 1834; Joseph

Addison married first Matilda Doak in 1825, and second Martha

D., daughter of John and Sarah McAdoo Hanner, in 1836 ;

Fountain B. married first Hannah, daughter of William and

Anne Hatrick Donnell, in 1828, and second Mrs. Malinda Foust,

daughter of John and Rhoda Webb Wharton, in 1870 ; Elizabeth

married John Denny, son of Thomas, in 1841. Benjamin F.,

the youngest son of Moses, married Isabella, daughter of Wil-

liam Denny, in 1824.

Governor Alexander Martin was the son of Rev. Hugh Mar-

tin, a Presbyterian minister of New Jersey. He was educated

at Princeton, N. J, He came to North Carolina in 1762 and

located on the Dan River. There he erected a handsome home

and named it Danbury. In 1772 he bought a home at Guilford

Court House, and lived there part of the time. The name of the

village was changed to Martinsville in his honor. He accom-

panied Dr. Caldwell to Gov. Tryon's camp the day before the

Alamance battle, and Dr. Caruthers says he and Dr. Caldwell

44 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

"were very intimate." He must have been a member of the

Buffalo congregation while he was living at Martinsville, only

four miles from the church.
John Maxwell located on the Reedy Fork in 1772. Some of

his children were John, Samuel and Thomas. Samuel lived at

the home place and died there about 1806, and his children were

Robert, Samuel, Alexander, Margaret, Elizabeth, Hannah, James

and Catherine. Samuel, Jr., married Mary, daughter of Ralph

Gorrell, Sr. ; Margaret married William Phibbs ; Elizabeth mar-

ried Thomas McNeeley; Hannah married William Lockhart.

These were all members of the Buffalo congregation. Some of

the Maxwell family located farther east and united with the

Haw River Church. In 1808 the heirs of Samuel Maxwell, Sr.,

sold to Newton and Clement Cannon, uncles of Joseph G. Can-

non, United States Congressman from Illinois, 1,720 acres in

Williamson County, Tennessee. The Maxwells must have gotten

this land in payment for war service.

William Dent, son of Peter and Mary Brooke Dent, of Mary-

land, came to North Carolina about 1773 and located at Guilford

Court House. He was a member of the county court for many

years. He had married Virlinda Bell in Maryland in 1759, and

their children were Mary, William, Peter, Samuel and Anne.

Mary married first Major James Campbell in 1777, and second

Smith Moore, son of Risdon and Mary Smith Moore ; Anne mar-

ried Risdon Moore, son of diaries and Mary Cooper Moore. All

of these except the Smith Moore family moved to Hancock

County, Ga., about 1790. There Col. William Dent died about

1805, and in 1813 most of these Georgia families moved to Illi-

nois. Charles S. Deneen, a great-great-grandson of Col. William

Dent, was governor of Illinois, 1905-1909, and later United

States Senator.

There appears to have been two Russell brothers, David and

William, who settled here about 1772 ; David on the Alamance

and William on the Reedy Fork. William's wife was Eleanor

and their children were Robert, William, Jr., John, David,

James, Alexander, Elizabeth and Martha. This family later

became affiliated with the Haw River Church. Robert D., the

son of William, Jr., became a Presbyterian minister.

Members of the Congregation 45

William Gowdy, Esq., located here before 1773. He was a

ruling elder at that date. His second wife was Mrs. Jane Pais-

ley White, widow of John White and sister of Col. John Paisley.

His children by his first wife were Elizabeth, Sarah, Robert,

John, William, Jr., James and Rebecca. Elizabeth married

Henry Billingslej^ in 1784; Sarah married John Anderson in

1793 ; Robert and John moved to Sumner County, Tenn. ; Wil-

liam, Jr., married Anne Anderson in 1792 and moved to South

Carolina; James married Rebecca, daughter of John Ross, in

1795 and died shortly thereafter ; Rebecca married Joel Murray.

William Gowdy, Sr., died in 1795.
Henry, James and John Ross appear to have been brothers.

All lived on Horsepen Creek about 1773. Their father may

have been located here, but no record of him has been found.

Henry married a daughter of ruling elder John Anderson, and

moved to Tennessee about 1797 ; James married and lived just

across the road from the new Battle Ground Methodist Church ;

John married Mary, daughter of Robert Mitchell, and their

children were Rebecca, Nancy, Margaret, Mary, Jane, Thomas,

John, James and Andrew.
Joseph McDowell came from Pennsylvania and located on

Richland Creek about 1774. His children were Joseph, Mary,

Elizabeth, Hannah, James and John. Joseph, Jr., married Mar-

tha, daughter of John and Jane Paisley White ; Elizabeth mar-

ried Mr. Duff : Hannah married Mr. Ferguson ; James returned

from the army after his father 's death ; John was killed or died

in the army. Joseph, Sr., died in 1797 and the family moved to

Tennessee and later to Kentucky.

John White married Jane, daughter of William Paisley, Sr.,

in Pennsylvania and came to North Carolina about 1774 and

located on Richland Creek. Their children were William and

Martha. William died young; Martha married Joseph McDow-

ell, Jr., and their children were Joseph, Martha, Jane, Eliza-

beth, James and Abner. In 1801 this family moved to Ken-

tucky. John White died in 1787, and his widow became the

second wife of William Gowdy, Esq.

James White, perhaps a nephew of John, came to North Car-

olina about the same time John came. He married Rebecca,

46 History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People

daughter of William Scott, and in 1791 he sold out and moved

to Tennessee.

John McMurray located on Horsepen Creek in 1774. His

wife was Ewing, and their children were James, Elizabeth, Mar-

garet, John, William, Jean and Robert. James married first

Elizabeth L., daughter of Nathaniel Brown, in 1774, and sec-

ond Elizabeth, daughter of John Smith, Sr., in 1795. He lived

on Mears Fork for a while and in 1795 located on Rock Creek ;

Elizabeth married John Kerr; Margaret married Samuel

Mitchell, son of Adam, in 1795 ; John married Mary, daughter

of Adam Mitchell, and died without issue; William's wife was

Margaret and he lived at the home place and reared a family ;

Robert married Mary, daughter of Samuel Scott, Jr., in 1791

and moved to Tennessee. John McMurray, Sr., died in 1789.

Daniel Daugherty settled on the Reedy Fork about 1774,

His wife was Elizabeth, and their children were James, John,

William, Daniel, Hannah, and perhaps others. He died in 1786.
Patrick McGibbony located on the Reedy Fork about 1776.

After the War he located on the head waters of Sout|i Buffalo

where J. B. Stroud now lives. He married Margaret Denny

in 1783, and their children were David, John, Margaret, Jane,

Isabel and Martha. David married Elizabeth Elliot and left

several children, one of whom, Jane, married Emsley Armfield ;

John moved to Mecklenburg County ; Margaret married Pat-

rick Gillespie, son of Col. Daniel ; Jane married Isaiah

Weatherly ; Isabel married John McClintock, Jr. ; Martha mar-

ried John B. Stafford. Capt. Patrick McGibbony and Col.

Daniel Gillespie were specially good friends and war cronies.

Capt. McGibbony willed Col. Gillespie a slave to wait on him,

and Col. Gillespie named one of his sons Patrick.
James Cami^bell was living at the Court House in 1777. He

may have located there earlier. He married Mary Dent in 1777

and died in 1781. He may have been killed in the War. He had

at least one son, John. He may have received a grant of land

in Tennessee for war service, for in 1795 John sells to John

Smith 1,000 acres on Duck River there.

Major John Campbell was living at the Court House at the

same time. James and John were no doubt brothers. These

Members of the Congregation 47

families moved away before 1800 and we have not been able to

trace them.

John Burney located on Sugar Tree Creek in 1777, securing

from the state a grant for 640 acres. His wife was Catherine,

and their children were Elizabeth, Rebecca, Robert, John, Wil-

liam, Samuel and Mary.

Charles Burney, a brother of John, located on the north side

of South Buffalo Creek about 1778. Charles died in 1787, leav-

ing the following children : William, Rebecca, Jane, Robert and

Thomas Henderson, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Williams

Henderson, of Granville County, located on the Dan River in

what is now Rockingham County. In 1778 he married Jane, a

sister of Gov. Alexander Martin. He was clerk of the Guilford

County Court from 1778 to 1785, and made his home at Mar-

tinsville part of the time. Their children were Alexander, Sam-

uel, Polly, Jane, Nathaniel and Eanny. In as much as the wife

and mother in the home was a daughter of a Presbyterian min-

ister the - family must have attended Buffalo while living at

There appears to have been two Weatherly brothers, Edward

and William, who settled between North Buffalo and Reedy Fork

about 1778, and there was another Weatherly family on South'


Edward Weatherly 's wife was Henrietta, and their children

were Mark, Edward, William, Martin, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary,

Henrietta and Deborah. Sarah married William McClintock in

1793 ; Elizabeth became the second wife of Samuel Fulton in

1796 ; Mary married Aaron Bishop ; Henrietta married James

Stafford ; Deborah married Elkanah Chilcutt.

William Weatherly located on the Reedy Fork and his chil-

dren were Abner, Joseph and others. Abner was sheriff of the

county. He married Jane, daughter of Samuel Fulton, and

their children were Abner, Jr., Andrew, Peter, William and

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