*due upon return from summer vacation in your English class. Man’s Search for Meaning

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*DUE upon return from summer vacation in your English class.
Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl – black edition pagination
Reading Guide – Answer these questions on separate paper and in complete sentences. Responses hand written on this handout will not be accepted.
Part 1 – Experiences in a Concentration Camp
Answer the following questions as you read.

  1. How does logotherapy depart from traditional Freudian psychology? (97-99; 103; 153-154 ) will to meaning vs. the pleasure principle (99+)

  1. How is this book different from traditional holocaust literature? (opening passage, 3+)

  1. Identify and define the 3 phases of the inmate’s/victims’ mental reactions (otherwise known as a provisional existence). (8+, 20+, 84+)

  1. What is the role/importance of “choice” in logotherapy and existentialism as Frankl sees it? (65+)

  1. What is the theory of 2 races of men? (86+) How do you feel about it - EXPLAIN?
    Does the case of Dr. J. contradict the theory? (132)

  1. What are the potential psychological side effects (phase 3) for the released prisoner (holocaust survivor) and what is ironic about them? (87+)

  1. Additional relevant terminology to define (towards the end of part 1):

moral deformity

Part 2 – Logotherapy the Theory

Define the following….

  1. neuroses (101)

  1. the existential vacuum (106+)

3 facets of the existential vacuum (141)

  1. love (111) – Why isn’t this given more coverage? Is enough said?

  1. meaning in suffering (112)

happiness vs. suffering (113-114)

  1. the super-meaning: meaning vs. logic, which is greater and why? (118+)

  1. Explain the technique of paradoxical intention. Include in your response a brief explanation of hyper-intention (124+)

  1. nihilism (the neurosis of our age) (129)

  1. pan-determinism (BAD) (130+) vs. tragic optimism (GOOD) (137+)

  1. optimum human potential (137+)

  1. the essence of existence (109+)

    1. the categorical imperative (109) / Frankl’s imperative (150)

    2. self-actualization

  1. the meaning of life (108+) Does Frankl’s answer make sense, or is it a philosophical cop-out?

how to arrive at meaning (3 facets/ways) (111 and repeated 144+)

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