Due: December 5, 2012

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American Symbol Project


Due: December 5, 2012
The topic for our first project is American Symbols. We have discussed these symbols in class. Some examples of American Symbols are:

  • US Flag;

  • Statue of Liberty;

  • Liberty Bell;

  • Washington Monument;

  • Lincoln Memorial;

  • Bald Eagle;

  • White House.

Your child is required to make a replica of the symbol they choose. Be creative! Use construction paper, poster board, paper mache, clay, etc. Students must also tell 3 facts about their symbol and explain how they created it.

Grading rubric:



Needs Improvement

Explanation of Project

Student clearly explains how the project was created.

Student explains how the project was created with some prompting.

Student is unable to explain how project was created.

Knowledge of the Symbol

Student is able to tell 3 or more facts about the symbol.

Student is able to tell 3 facts about the symbol.

Student is able to tell only 1 or 2 facts about the symbol.


Student uses a variety of materials and/or is creative in approach to creating symbol.

Limited variety of materials or creative approach to creating symbol.

Student was not involved in the creation of the project.

Submitted on Time

Project was submitted on time.

Project was turned in late.

The Kindergarten Team has created a web page for you to use as a resource for this project. Visit it for ideas and to see what we’ve been doing in class:


Download 8.63 Kb.

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