Due Date: Chapter 21

B. Nuclear Standoff and Third World Rivalry

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B. Nuclear Standoff and Third World Rivalry

  • How did military technology change during WWII and the Cold war?

  • Explain how nuclear weapons actually prevented an outbreak of war between the United States and the Soviets?

  • How were countries that just gained independence from colonial rule affected by the Cold war?

    1. C. The Cold War and the Superpowers

  • In what ways did the United States play a global role during the Cold war?

  • Describe the American economy after WWII.

  • Define “multi-national corporation” (Google it) and List some American multinational corporations mentioned in this section of your text.

  • List some of the weaknesses and strengths and of the communist world by 1970.

    1. Weaknesses: Strengths:

    2. V. Paths to the End of Communism p. 1061

  • Your text describes the end of global communism as occurring in 3 Acts (as in a play). List the 3 acts in order:

      1. Act one:

      2. Act two:

      3. Act three:

    1. On what date (day, month, year) did global communism and the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union officially end?

    2. A. China: Abandoning Communism and Maintaining the Party

    3. List some of the reforms that occurred in China under Deng Xiaoping’s leadership in the following categories:

      1. Cultural reforms:

      2. Social reforms:

      3. Economic reforms:

    1. What were some of the negative outcomes of these new reforms in China?

    2. In what ways did China’s government stay the same after Mao Zedong’s death?

    3. B. The Soviet Union: The Collapse of Communism and Country

    4. Who took over as head of the Soviet Union in the 1980s?

    5. Explain “perestroika”

    6. Explain “glasnost”

    7. Describe the Soviet economy in the 1980s.

    8. What happened to communist control in Eastern Europe during this time?

    9. How did the events in Eastern Europe lead to the fall of the Soviet Union?

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