Due Date: Chapter 21

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A. Communist Feminism

  1. What opportunities did women gain in the following places as a result of Communist takeover?

    1. Soviet Union:

    2. China:

  1. What barriers did women still face in both China and the Soviet Union even after Communism took hold?

  2. B. Socialism in the Countryside

  3. What similarities and differences existed between China and the Soviet Union’s processes of collectivization?

    1. Similarities:

    2. Differences:

    1. C. Communism and Industrial Development

  1. Describe the Soviet Union’s (And later China’s) model of industrializing their country.

  2. Over time what happened to equality in the Soviet Union’s society? How did Stalin respond to this?

  3. How did Mao Zedong in China attempt to prevent social inequalities?

  4. Describe the goals of the Great leap forward.

  5. Describe the purpose of the Cultural revolution in China.

  6. How did Communist regimes impact the environments of the countries they controlled?

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